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  1. Havent posted here in months.... I was pretty well skilled back in the day. I played CTF,strafe jumped,wallfloated, pull kicked,all of it. I was the best Guns Force member inmy clan who only NF Dueled in WoW (All people do in WoW is NF sadly enough but they dont act like asses) All of that being said, here is my problem. All of you people still refer to "Fanboys" with the three lettered term that I held to a high value and extend when I graced the JKO world, and those letters are R P G. The True "RPers" of JKO, none of you ever saw, none of you ever met, because we held private Roleplaying Servers where we....get this.... *dramatic pause* Hated "Fanboys" Fanboys are those saber-down= no kill,and I followed that rule when on those kind of servers,but I never... *presses rewind button and turns volume up* NEVER...went to another person's server and tried to enforce those 'ways' upon others playing there. Fanboys get frustrated and talk crap after you beat them in a real game,but they also piss off "RPers" by acting OOC. How many Han Solo's do you know weild a lightdsaber adn say "Saber Down,and bow...BOW!" So please...for the sake of the nameless many that you do not know.the secret societ of 'True' "RPers" Never.....confuse a "Fanboy" with a "RPer". There are still a lot of these secret RPG clubs going on and you give them all a bad name by confusing the two.
  2. http://www.roleplayers.rocks.it/
  3. dont know who Madjai is but my friend is a modeler and he sent me a TGA file that had this in it http://www.roleplayersinc.com/ganphoto.jpg I dont know why he never released it in JKO...something I should ask him next time I see him.
  4. Any suggestions on my previous questions about why the NPCs are all grey and how I get to the right path for the default skin or whatever.
  5. Coolest= Entes Pad and Forbidden Twilight Most Fun= Xia,TMBJ, Labrynth Haloween special,and a few others.
  6. shocks got a point with the whole OGC thing in CS. This mod is never used for what its made for which is you peeps in Jedi Academy I dont think you should have released the mod nor VA theres foir that matter if you want a subadmin thing do that but only with the kick and ban commands. I play JKO a lot and a lot of times Ill go to a Server and they have JA Mod or VA Mod running,and yeah they are supposed to be mature admins,but the fact is hardly any of them are. Just last night I played on a server called Neutral GRounds which is hosted by the SA Clan and the only admin there was a good Gunner/force user and I enjoyed sparring with him,but he used a few of your Mods Exploits and it was quite lame. The Whole emote thing is really lame if you add that to your next release make it so you can still kill someone who is using an emote almost all the time they camp in the middle of bridge on Deathstar map using /amsit and when you come by the ggrip you and you cant do jack. Apparently you are immune to force when in emote form and even regular sabere,but not saber throw and explosives. Most of the time you join one of these server-side mod servers and if you kill the admin or any of his friends they break their own rules in the MOTD and silence you when you question it.then comes the invisible choke,sleeping,and exploding. After that I usually try to flood their server to crash it cause they are being Gay I have keys bound to namechanges IE bind d name CM_Ronin bind s name CM_Ronin and I rapidly press S to D to make their server lag then I actually see the /amkick option being used! OMGosh! Seriously most people use your mod cause they suck. They put these rules up that EVERYONE Else BUT Them has to follow so they can feel godlike. If you do make a future version dont make it server-side for the love of god! or take out the lame Admin cxommands /amkick and /amban are plenty
  7. I think the main problem with JA and VA is what some call its best feature and thats server-side. I like the idea of if you dont like a cetain mod just dont DL it and you cant play on that type of server without the mod this keeps people seperated into their categories that they need to be. VA and JA are just base JKO with emotes and Admin Commands which JKO doesnt Need. Its a Game not a place to have discussions if you dont want to shoot something or kill,but this mod allows people to 'torture' people who dont play by THIER rules and I follow the Basic Rules if its an RPG Server I RP if its CTF I capture the Flag if its a Free for All Gametype that means Anything Goes! If you want to Duel go play Duelers Mod or something JA and VA are ruining base JKO which quite frankly a lot of people like. Now what we should do instead of posting IPS of Bad Servers is post IPs of good ones with peeps who dont abuse admin and stuff that way the ones who like to play can do so without being lamed by some n00b who sux and has to use admin to win. Anyone with me on this?
  8. "f lame RPG'ers would try to make their gay saber code? " Note: They are called Fanboys not Lame RPGers these people are in no way RPing they think they are,but it only puts a bad name to the "true RPers" please dont attack the Cool ones who dont force their Ways of playing on you
  9. taken from _______ (<insert lame Mod Name here)) WRONG You say you are a Coder lmao. if you were then you would know that those 1080 animations werent taken from Omnimod they are in Base JKO....as well as all of the other features NPCs taken from omni and VA yeah right we are doing the npcs using g2animent (base JKO) and Bots combined so shut your hole. All of our Features are used using JKOs base we arent even using Jedimods Code So dont come to my Forums,read about my mod,and think you know it all so STFU....plz excuse the flaming,but you dont need to judge the mod Im helping with by thinking you know it all.
  10. *scans threw 16,478 Server IPs written on a piece of paper* *checks curretn server* Damn that one has lame Admins too! Post the IP lol seriously who keeps a notebook full of IPs with lamers and admin abusers. There is no such thing as a mature Admin....at least Ive never seen one before. No offense to your "hard work" (which was just adding a few minor addons to someone elses code) But your mod is never used in the right way. People who cant win use it and when you kill them they abuse admin powers. If you want suggestions for the next version make it so there are no admin commands and just a MOTD with the Rules of the server and if someone doesnt follow rules you can use the /amkick command (the only real wworthy admin command)
  11. *scans thru JKO Manual* Nope doesnt say anything about attacking while saber is down or chatbox is up.....play the game dont just stand there thats your fault for being "lame" If you want to Duel Join a Dueling Server (Gametype:Duel) Doint Join a FFA server and wait in line for your turn to duel on the pad in Bespin. Most people say Bespin Pad is the place to Duel I say you are wrong...on bespin FFA I force speed from Big Shield pickup area to pad turn speed off in mid-jump when I land I grab the nearest Guy and throw his Arse off the Pad...and its his fault for being that close to an edge...I mean he obviously must have wanted to jump or something why else fight so close to a cliff. FFA=Free for All aka Anything Goes Duel: Take Turns Dueling or some crap.
  12. something of what you ask is being worked on right now for JO and ideas of it for JA have already staretd to be thrown around.
  13. In one of Nutris old posts there was lniks to some Demo Recording Scripts on JK2files one being able to record up to 300 demos! Videomach you do need a Serial Number for I think,but I payed for it a long time ago when I was into making Counter-strike movies WAYYYYYYY before the JKO Movie making days (I dont even think JKO was out back then)
  14. world-wide used mod? You Wish VA/JA Mod is not the Most Used Mod its just the Most used Mod thats Server Side,but how many of those are there *counts* Oh Two! The Mod is quite cheap IMO I mean yeah it allows server admins to control their servers using user-friendly admin commands,but most clans/server admins only use it to abuse power. Omnimod didnt have an empower command neither only two mods have cause its a really cheap command and everyone knows it Yes very unfair just a way for Hosts/Admins to actually be able to get kills while using that immune to force,infinite force,2x damage crap.
  15. Bump ok My bud said he has started on it but there is a lot of work that needs to be done...mostly with the Bones and Tags or some crap (Im not a modeler) Ill ask him for update pics soon and uploadem to my site.
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