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  1. It was bound to be released on PC so that's not a surprise, but it's great that it will be released simultaneously! I hope they release some more details on the remake soon, screenshots, release date, etc.
  2. I was also very excited when I heard this, in fact I can't remember anything else that came out of E3 after hearing about the remake. The PS4/Vita exclusivity doesn't bother me, it will come to PC eventually. I'd rather have Grim exclusive to PS4 for a while than it being left buried in Disney's basement forever. In fact, I believe that it was probably only by using the leverage of Sony that Tim Schafer and DF managed to convince them to licence Grim at all. Now I eagerly await the release date and the merchandise (where the real money is made)
  3. It does, I'm not sure if my original problem was to blame on Vista or 64-bit OS, or a combination of both. Nevertheless, the main issue right now is, as you say, the 8800 problem.
  4. Ok, I've experimented around a bit, and here's what I found out. First up, I wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything wrong with my discs, so I installed the game on my laptop which runs XP. Everything worked fine, I used the original game installer and downloaded the patch, which applied without any issues and the game started perfectly. Then I used the launcher/installer from bgbennyboy, installed the game without any problems but when I was going to install the patch, I got the same error as on my other computer. Grim Fandango is already up to date. The game data is more recent than this update. The game still starts without a problem though. So, if I use the launcher/installer, I cannot apply the patch normally, neither on Vista nor on XP. My guess was that it had something to do with the registry, so I did a little trial and error on the entries there, and found the problem. There is a dword named "MAGIC" and it was set to 00016382 for me. When I deleted this parameter, the patch would install without a problem, both on Vista and XP. After the patch was installed the "MAGIC" parameter appeared again, with a different value (00092774). And as for my other problems, I don't know if I should blame it on Vista or 64-bit OS or both... So, to sum up! To get Grim Fandango to run on my 64-bit Vista system I had to: Install the game using bgbennyboy's launcher Remove the "MAGIC" dword from the registry Install the patch (using the launcher or manually) Launch the game One more thing, Vista has a funny way of putting stuff in the registry, it doesn't put the Lucasarts stuff under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\, but instead under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\. More Vista magic Jona, your DVD installer sounds interesting, I look forward to trying it
  5. Sure, but I don't think that there's anything special about my version... I haven't had any problems since I upgraded my system to new hardware and Vista. I bought it in Sweden so it's ingame language is in English, The language on the back of the box is in Swedish, Danish, Norweigan and Finnish. Date on box...ehhm? Where is the date? I can't find it...
  6. Ok, here we go... Uninstall Grim Fandango and delete the directory..........Check Verify that the registry is clear......Check, no hits on "Lucasarts" or "Fandango" Install the game using the launcher.....Check Start the game.....Failed, error message: Grim Fandango could not find files! Please make sure that the game is properly installed and that the CD is in your drive. Install patch via laucher......Failed, error message: Grim Fandango is already up to date. The game data is more recent than this update. Unpacked Jona's homemade modified version.......Success! The game starts and runs beautifully... So I can't even start the game before I've patched it, and I can't patch the game using the normal updater... I can't even begin to come up with an explanation for this...
  7. I plan to do that later today... First uninstall the game completely, removing the directory and registry settings, then reinstalling the game using bgbennyboy's launcher. Then I will start the game, if that's not working, then I'll install the patch. If patching fails, I'll try Jona's homemade modified version and then try to run the game again... If that fails...well, then I'll probably come back here to rant a bit more Just one thing, where are all the regestry settings located? I want to make sure I get them all...
  8. I wouldn't say that I need to patch it bad, I mostly want it to run... As it is now, I can't even get the game to start by using the Launcher... Thanks for the file, I'll give it a try later when I'm back from work.
  9. You were right, after leaving it running for a while (while ignoring Vista's claim that it was "Not responding"), it produced an error message: File not found patches/pc/GFupd101.exe I tried to download it manually from Lucasarts and it worked fine... It seems like Vista might not allow the launcher to get the patch (which would not surprise me at all, considering how much Vista blocks). [uPDATE:] Yep, it was the firewall that blocked the ftp connection from the Launcher...figures... Anyway, even with that out of the way, the problem remains, as soon as the launcher has downloaded the patch, I get the same errormessage:
  10. I gave it a try, only thing I got was an error message: Grim Fandango could not find files! Please make sure that the game is properly installed and that the CD is in your drive. Also, I'm sure that there isn't anything wrong with the launcher/installer, it seems solid in everything else... So, to sum up. I can install the game using the launcher/installer, but when I try and run it, I get the error message above and when I try to patch it (using the launcher), the program hangs... [EDIT:] I checked the properties of GrimFandango.exe and both File vesion and Product version are blank. Also, I don't have any Patch05.bin in the GF folder.
  11. No, I get the same message if I try to install the patch directly after installing the game (via the setup/launcher). It could be that the launcher software modifies the registry to think that you have installed the patch, I don't know exactly what it does. And it does not download the patch, the progress indicator of the launcher never moves before the program "hangs". And every time I start the launcher, it prompts me to install the patch.
  12. So, it was that time again...time to dig up Grim Fandango and once again relive the epic tale of crime and corruption in the land of the dead... However, naive as I was, I didn't really spend much thought to the fact that the game is 10(!) years old and that I'm running an OS that has an incredible hard time running older software. So naturally, nothing worked. But only after a few minutes of browsing around here, I found the excellent setup/installer by bgbennyboy which seemed to be all that I needed. And true, it installed the game alright but when I start the launcher, it tells me that I should install the patch and when I click yes, it tries to download the patch from Lucasarts...and that's it...then the launcher hangs and becomes non-responsive. I've tried to manually apply the patch, but I only get a error message saying that the game is already a later version than the patch (which of course it isn't). So, I could use some help here... Has anyone got the game to work on a 64-bit Vista? Has anyone encountered this issue before? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Great, I've been looking everywhere for the CD as well! It would be great to get a hold of the uncompressed wav-files, will you make them available for everyone?
  14. Oh, you're probably right, I was just speaking from the top of my head Cool to hear that you're redoing grimfandango.net, really looking forward to seeing the result. Thanks for your help
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