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  1. I'll be a sophmore in college but i'm not going anywhere, i go to a local branch of kent st. But i have more freedom than if i lived in a dorm, my girlfriend and i just rented a duplex before summer. Due to my full-time job being dayturn i can only pick up a few classes so that kinda sucks. Good luck to all you going off to college for the first time, leaving the house will be an experience you won't soon forget.
  2. outa college as of a week ago today. i'll stay at my full-time job and drop my part-time job, been workin both the last 2 months. just got back from Canada this past weekend and am going to North Carolina for a week in June. other than that i'm going to spend the summer paying for my rent and bills and playin 360, paintball, 4-wheelin etc.
  3. can't post pictures on the work computer but i just got crackdown for 360 on 5/15... for the game of course... but while i waited for the beta download to go active i played crackdown and actually liked it a bit. not a bad investment IMO. oh and... i just signed a lease for a 850sqft. duplex w/my girlfriend. two bedroom. in other words, one bedroom...one BIG SCREEN TV room!
  4. she deserves alot worst than 45 days or whatever it's cut down to now for DUS and probation violation. i think its pathetic that all the news channels are making a big deal about it. she is no different than the hundreds if not thousands of people that get DUS and PV's every week in this country.
  5. who'd a guessed -> Ebay= $719,364,000
  6. probably both, but if that kind of behavior floats his boat so be it...i bet he tries the matchbox car trick from jackass1 next.
  7. i contemplated getting a 360 this past spring but still havn't been pleased with all the reports bashing it. i got live last christmas but i dont have the high speed internet so i still havn't hooked it up yet for my original xbox. pathetic i know. so anyone that has a 360, how is it? good bad reveiws do tell? i may get one after christmas. its either that or a new paintball gun.
  8. glad to see things goin well for you. prob dont remember me, i was around the kotor forums big time when the first one was about to come out then i discovered the swamp but i havn't been around lucasforums much at all in the last year and a half or so. life comes at ya fast.
  9. lol. i personally think they deserve the shame they get but instead of sueing a film company they should just stop drinking or take it a bit easier next time. i know Cohen pissid off alot of people when making/releasing that movie but it was after all just intended to be a joke.
  10. i found mos eisely to be very easy. start as imp or rebel. if imp start at command post closest to the cantina and work your way to the skiff. if rebel start at the cantina or the far north command post and work your way around taking the imps out. it worked for me and i got all of them there.
  11. i know there is no infinate xp for respawning enemies but isn't their other places such as nar shadaa that have conversations or other such things which can be redone granting unlimited xp? i heard this somewhere else but cant find the thread.
  12. thanks, is there a way to do it on Nar shadaa as well? i heard their was.
  13. sorry to bring an old thread to life again, but i was wondering exactly how this glitch works in getting unlimited xp? i used to be here alot when kotor 1 was out but i kinda have been absent. just a quick q that's all. thanks in advance. ps, this is for xbox version.
  14. nice. once in a while its fun not to remember who you are. but not good to make it a habit.
  15. don't have a girlfriend anymore, broke up and are "best friends" some of you should know how that goes. anyway i worked yesterday so i skipped a few periods of school today and we hung out. breakfast, stuff like that.
  16. i joined jan. 31, 2003, don't know why it says feb but oh well, for the KOTOR forums and later found out how the rest of lucasforums was just as good if not better so here's to more fun for all of us! sober or not...
  17. revan was right. And as revealed in the plotline of KOTOR, he still had good in him enough for the playable character to make a choice, even after he found out his identity. he wasn't some crazy leader hell bent on the destruction of the jedi and the republic but he was more concerned about reorginizing, reforming, and reestablishing the order and republic. his decision may not have been the best but his intentions were for the benefit of the galaxy.(or so he thought). but i believe that the bad link in the chain was malak and his overzelous takeover of all that revan had built and planned and turning it into to a much worst scenario. on a sidenote, the whole meaning behind the genahoradan(sp) (bounty hunting guild) from KOTOR was a little odd, i can't make a decision on whether it was good or bad. any opinions?
  18. that question will be answered by the end of the game anyway so i don't even know why the developer's had us worrying about gaining the influence w/her in that particular case. about the only thing she is good for w/ influence is her ability to shape the playable character's unique crystal. (no pun intended) pervs...
  19. a much wider variety of species this time around but still minimal changes in alien voice acting ie. it all repeats regularly and sound very similar.
  20. were the bothon and imperial officer just replaced by the probe droid?
  21. don't forget the rebels also have to contest constantly with the tusken raiders. which hinders your reenforcements and i'm sure the stupid AI for both sides gets caught by the sarlaac alot. all the imperials have to do for that map is take the spawn point to the upper right of the map and its an easy victory.
  22. Great Kid, don't get cocky! -(han solo,ep.4) good job, i have not yet accomplished such a feat. but i couldn't wait to jump on the quote.
  23. yeah, they were just way to short. in general i hope new planets or a crap load of new maps are released by pandemic after awhile. BTW good thoughts.
  24. to quote quagmire from Family Guy: "heh heh, aaalriiiight." "giggidy giggidy giggidy giggidy." (this message paid for by a proud american whom owns a xbox).
  25. sith. joking aside, the sith as a species no longer exist but rather it is now a religion which is practiced by dark force users, whom do not necessarilly have to be lords but just dark jedi as KOTOR pointed out.
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