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  1. i skate, recently i ollied down some stairs and my 4 week old zero deck just snapped. now my question to you is should i get a cheap deck like a blank one or a boom one, or should i get the decks i want like an alien workshop og logo(aws) or a brian naderson dreamer(girl) or a mccrank scribble(girl)
  2. im not sure about downloadabe content but in a raw xbox game with no mods or anthing you have purple green blue yellow or red and thats it... personally i tihnk the yellow looks orangy but meh
  3. i love anything star wars for a start, i love rpgs especially turn based, the graphics were excellent the story was spectacular and the only glitch i had was one on manaan where i could kill cleaning bots and pointless characters.... now THAT was funny!
  4. the next kotor(mightnt be kotor but meh) definently should have more customization, side quests and freedom, not too much freedom... morrowind is a good game but too much freedom gets annoying! and a bigger story line... like it was either 20 or 40 hours of gameplay id like it to be 60 to 100 hours but thats me
  5. im sorry to be a nag but i couldnt get the screenshots to work, have you removed them or sometihng??
  6. awesome stuff dude i totally cant wait!!
  7. Crowy

    Darth Malak

    in addittion to the darth malak and maskless one will you include one of him as a jedi like what you see in the star forge visions??
  8. you have actually seen the cutscenes where you build your own lightsaber and have selected some powers right? im presuming so.... and are up to the grove.... if so your games screwy and you should either revert back to an older save or start the game again...
  9. goto a site like gamefaqs.com and get a walkthru... coz personally i cant be buggered explaining it
  10. looking very nice there, dumb question for you all.... what does at-st at-at and at pt and all that stand for! i cant remember!
  11. well have you got any saves before the air chamber like an auto save or sometihng... because if you have 6 seconds do do it in your screwed
  12. its simple... you bash the force feild down if your on xbox you look at the door and press up to go to bash i dont know about the cpu version but itd be simple enough also
  13. wow thats a purdy model! his species is zabrak and perhaps you could work with aaron smith and put his eeth koth on there with a few variants aswell... that would be awesome!!
  14. im not sure as i only have the xbox version, but if your using cheats or something that may have an effect on the game
  15. my girlfriends been giving me the sh*ts lately to say the least she wants me to save to buy a house and get married.... im only f#$%ing 18!!! its really getting me helluva pissed off shes getting ****ty "oh you dont love me coz you dont want to buy a house!" and so the question pops up... are girls really worth the trouble with their constant mood swings and bitching and all that stuff
  16. umm... have you ran into mission and zaalbar in the cantina?
  17. considering its on quinlan its quite a nice job
  18. i have an xbox.... but i would still hate them when i get more money im gunna get kotor for pc aswell, coz i could therefore hopefully mod the hell out of it which would rock hard!!!
  19. it is a rather short game, but thats why you start another one because theres like differnet endings for both light and dark side characters and stuff
  20. wel kevin that would have to be the most realistic looking player model i personally have ever seen!!
  21. do you have force persuade if so go to the hotel and you can get information about it from both the rodian guy and the pazaak guy, go with t3m4 to the republic base and hack one of the computer terminals.... and i beleive somewhere else theres something to do in the sith base.... there should be walkthrus around for it...
  22. Crowy


    same as what he said but you can use destroy droid, and there are some others that can work unless the pc versions different from the xbox version
  23. look through the instruction book.... that will tell you... if not look through the menu and on xbox to walk you hold the stick half down
  24. i would like it but in reality its highly improbable.... id rather make a completely new character with more options etc...
  25. Crowy

    WIP: Alaris

    its been a while since i felt a need to comment on models... but DAMN!!! thats a helluva model you have there!! for some reason it reminds of raiden(sp?) from metal gear solid II crossed between a shadow trooper and an old gi joe i vaguely remember
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