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  1. Believe it or not guys almost all of this stuff is already programmed into the game... all we need to do is figure out how to manipulate the files for the sabers.
  2. Dooku, I think you should shut your piehole.... Tercs version was near completion and if I can help him recover it then by all means I will. Dont you even think about disrespecting a modeler because of unforseen circumstances that have occured. The only person who would do something like that is a complete idiot. (the kind that comes into servers, breaks all the rules and gets banned). So why dont u shut up, and leave us alone.
  3. Actually the other night i was trying to help him through recovery. I have a few advanced techniques that may be able to save his HD. They involve partition magic and a linux rescue disk. (Ive completely wiped a partition off my drive and recovered it using this method, so i know it works) Anyways, hopefully if tercero ever gets back to me on AIM again i can help him out.
  4. NeoMarz1: Ive got milkshape registered. If you want, i'll export the rifle to any format u want. Just give me instructions on how. I've also got some nice sounds from the movie in the Episode II Weapons Pack included with OmniMOD II
  5. Welp, unfortunately I side with both sides... Terc; i feel ya man.. with the old comp and the new comp and getting it up.. God damn pain in the ass.. Takes an act of god just to setup a new hard drive. And i also feel bad for those who think this model is taking too long, but Ive moved my sympathy over to Terc. I managed to see the most recent screens and it seems that Terc is going for photo-realistic quality. At that point it can be 6 months or even a year to get perfection, even if its only for one game. Rock on Terc! On a off-topic but related note.. Terc; Your combat system, it may not have to go to waste. If i had a little info about it as to how it works along with the ability to allow server admins to use it or not... Id gladly add it into OmniMOD, and since its got a kinda Ep2 Theme to it, Anakin and OmniMOD would work along together (the Ep2 Weapons Pack is included in OmniMOD 1.5 and later. Current version is OmniMOD II, but it hasnt been submitted to jediknightii.net. Ya wanna check it out, follow this link: Oblivion Clan Site, then go to downloads, jedi outcast, mods. Ull find a link to it there.) Phoenix (Formerly Spectrum and DeadlyBOFH)
  6. What games is terc making the model for other than JKII out of curiousity?
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