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  1. I'm not sure if I got a bug or if it's just my machine. But when I give the bots a number five in the fm_classes.cfg to make them a trooper, they all come out as heavy troopers. So instead of stormtroopers using blasters they all start with rocket launchers and repeaters then start flying everywhere. very annoying so if you could fix it up I'd appreciate it. Thanking you in advance, Littleman
  2. When I said maybe a later release, I didnt mean pospone the date, I know that'd be stupid, I meant a later VERSION of the mod. Like you said version 3 or something. Sorry about the mix up. I'm all for releasing as soon as possible and an extra 2 months would be pointless. Ditto to that aswell
  3. I know its abit late, but maybe for a later release, could you take advantage of the ability to add in animations. I'm sure it'd be quite an undertaking, but just giving two sabers one stance each, which really makes trhe most of the extra weapon. Say edit green style for two sabers, which rely could give increased blocking as well as utilising a contineous style of fighting, where instead of performing amazing moves, the wielder goes for more of a "hit-him so much he won't be able to block" style. Also force powers like push and pull could have one level taken off as the Jedi uses his mind alone, no hand movements (he's holding a saber in the offhand ) to make the telekenetic attack. Each saber attack could also do slightly less damage then other sabers as theres only one arms strength behind each blade. Saber throw should be hampered as well, it's just a bit hard to concieve some one guiding a weapon with their mind while foreseeing incoming attacks. Maybe cap it at level one, as this is a simple toss. The double-bladed saber could use an edited version of the purple style, where moves are more or less copied by darth maul, meaning quick attacks which utilize both blades. Blocking chances against ranged weapons could be decreased as the blades wouldn't be as effective for defence, the weapons is a sith's and probably designed for slicing up an enemy as quickly as possible. Force powers would not hampered like using two sabers, but the decrease in defence should compensate for this. I think this would be a great add on to your all ready col mod, as the extra blades would actually be put to use, sure the sabers LOOK cool now but one of the attacks are really DESIGNED for them, so the extra combat potential more or less goes to waste. Could you please tell me what you think on these ideas, I know its alot to ask but I think it'd be a great addition. And I'd like to know if anyone cares at all, as last time I posted a rant I got no reply, if its not gonna happen ( my idea) just tell me.
  4. Padawan, although I dont expect you to believe me or accept it, I'm sorry. I'm an ******* naturally, 'd had a ****ty day, I triedx to kill my brother was pissed off about being a piece of **** and took it out on you, sorry.
  5. Padawan, would you stop winging, heres a bunch of the bugs you reported, and they're all bull****. Grapple not extending or retracting, Azymn's said he's working on this a million times, stop repeating everyone else. Shield recharge has a transparent green box. THATS NOT A BUG!!! It's just the icon you dumbass. No space between "weapons:Sniper Rifle" Who cares, you can still see what weapons your getting, why does it matter AT ALL? Dual firearms, special mercs only. Heavy soldiers are one of therse special mercs! It says in there weapons dual pistols!!! It's not a bug if its MEANt to be that way. Start with a stun baton, who cares. Cycle to the next weapon(s) and your fine. Switching mercs gets you starting with different weapons, its becasueit their highest powered weapon. Who cares, same solution as above, change guns!!! Troopers have unlimited ammo, it says that in their description. Thats why he/she never ran out. It does save our colours, default is just white. all you need to do is go into the TCK saber menu for literally a split second so it refreshes your saber to those settings. No dramas there. Double tap for front on wall run. Sorry if I insulted you as I'm sure I have, but complain about something important and actually check the stuff your complaining about.
  6. Yeah It's fixed now but when I first started playing the bots would all use jet packs. Well all the merc ones atleast. I set it to mandalorian mercs only for bots and players and they still used them. I had to edit the .cfg to fix it up, which I didnt mind doin ut your askin for bugs so there ya go. Also the grappling hook looks fine, I can see it all but it isnt working right. The retract and antonym of retract(cant remember the word) dont work and the swinging seems to have gotten a bit messed up. My game never crashes by the way and I can hold down crouch and keep going. Couple requests, could you ban mercs from "force flipping" onto there feet after being pushed or pulled over, and could you tweak the flying animationa little, just so the characters arms arent out sideways. All the menu's work fine with me, theres the force saving problem but I don mind. If possible, could you make it when you fall on people from a reasonable height, under any circumstance (force jump, turning off your jet pack, just jumpingoff a cliff) the person is knocked odwn like in single player. Maybe if your a merc you can fall over to as there not as agile as a jedi. BTW this mod rules! Love the acrobatics, and saber blade selection, they all look so much better then the original. GREAT WORK!!!!
  7. Yeah just another idea, seeing as you got SFX, try it out in single player. See how the sabers stuck to his foot? well If you turn it off it actually looks okay down there, maybe you could change the way sabers work so when deactivated they attach themselves to somewhere else, so it looks holstered, just a thought, and as always: GREAT MOD!
  8. okay, sorry about that, just its been deleting my posts all night. Okay, i got this idea okay, why not remove stun baton as mercs weapon and instead have some halfarsed punch animation in first person, and use the punch emote whenever you attack, therefore mercs could punch without holdin some stinky stun baton. Also I figured If you played half of the cartwheel animation in reverse (if this is possible, as technically your stickin anythin new in) it could come out as a kick as a front kick, then if you combine this with saber defence idea you could give jedi a kick to(just attack while holding saber defence down, or while holding walk or crouch or soimethin). It could do a bit of knockback and say 5 or so damage, after all its just a kick, shields negate it to. This'd be nice i reckon, and would be much better then gay old stun baton, finally, how about using the head of the stun baton(the 'prongs') as a 'hook' on the end of the grappling cable? Also you could a\lways use the walk key to activate saber defence if you wanna keep throw in. One last thing, can you make missile launcher completely blow poeple up, i.e all their pieces which can be dismemebered fly everywhere? Thatd be brilliat and make more sense, after all they just got hit by a large explosive. For the two (three if you ditch saber throw) new force powers you mentioned earlier, here my ideas: 1.LIGHTSIDE POWER:Force projection( you know the halucination grenades from team fortress? if not then just look at thre description) which basically means puttin all these extra explosions in the players screen and random projectiles flyin around, maybe a few fak eplayer models spawn and start atacking(obviously they cant hurt the person) and only the affected person can see them. So as you get it to higher levels and more stuff is generated for the person effected (and them only) I know this would probably be laggy but it'd be good and confuse the enemy, especially if it created 'clones' of the person using the power. 2.DARKSIDE POWER: Wasnt really sure, but I thought a return of destruction would be brilliant! It'd use up all force and not have a huge explosion, but rather be a beam about a metre wide that engulfed everythin in a straight line for about 5m, Doin quite a bit of damage and mayeb drainin force but not givin any to the user. Or it could slow the target for a while or knock them down. 3.NEUTRAL POWER(if saber throw is chucked) Your idea for a force dodge kinda power, ,maybe force forsight, which ups saber offence and defence(u can see whats about to happen and anticipate it) and give the jedi a basic dodge chance of i dunno, say 5-10 times their forsight level. How about that? I reckon their alright? By the way the new dark and light powers would be the best of their sides, their fore they would cost more then anything else, and maybe have a prerequisite force level to use, just a thought. These are some of the ideas i came up with and sorry for the long post, I just when i start ramblin i really cant stop! BYE!
  9. Sorry,. I just GOTTA join in, the forces difficulty to use is not dependent on mass, but rather someones belief in it being more difficult due to mass. And its obvious everyone thinks like this, if its bigger, then its heavir. Just look in AOTC, yoda picks up his walkin stick easy as pie but when a giant tower thing is falling, he desnt just snap his fingers and throw it at dooku's ship does he? Also, it takes a hell of a lot of concentration to do anything telekenisis wise with it(the force) other than launch everthing in front of you away from you. Just look, you dont see jedi taking droids guns from their hands turning them arund(the guns) and opening fire, because it's to hard! They need concentration to do something, so they couldn't just fly a saber around as it would simply be to difficult to concentrate on aiming your saber while its in mid flight -and you diving out of the way of balster fire- at your opponents face, jedi maybe really wise but they cant multi task there brain! I say sabre throw goes with razoraces idea of a normal throw, not force guided. Anyways, I've said my piece, so I bid you adue, sorry just wanted to say that.
  10. Nice to know I'm bein noticed, and I'm pretty sure i've said it before, but just incase: Your MOD rules! Awesome Job, Your the best! Firstly, Anyway you can put descriptions in the big blank blue space when your schoosing your merc specialty? Secondly, can you put saber defence mode in instead of throw?(sorry, just its REALLY cool) adn then you could try blood riots idea of using defence and roll together to do cartwheels, so mercs could jedi while could do rolls OR cartwheels as the situation dictates. Could you take a look at the SFX2 mod, because the sabers in that look really cool and I reckon you should have a look at em, if possible get them in this mod and it's got cool gun effects, and I really like the lightning in that, If you could check it out. I'll go now before I start rambling to much but great job so far, can't wait to see what extra powers you put in, and you ridea for a force dodge would be cool, sorry rambling, Great work, BYE!
  11. THIS MOD ROCKS! however.... 1) bugs: Okay, firstly, when ever I play as a merc I'm stuck as espionage It says I'm bounty hunter, heavy soldier hat ever, but i get espionage equipment and abilities. This is annoying coz i really wanna try out the other classes. And secondly i get the same problem as i think lionking said it, that when i try to join it says i can't change teams more then once every 5 seconds, then wont let me join until i boot every one. Thirdly, espionage starts with no blaster ammo with me. 2)likes/dislikes: I love basically everything you've done, merc and jedi classes are cool and the menu's are done excellently(that even a word?). HOWEVER, I'm sure some other people have mentioned it, the saber cores are just to FAT. thin is larger then the original size, and if you ask me, it should be thinner(call me crazy). I got that line flaoting next to the blade with a thin core aswell. Are you able to give the grappling hook textures? Because I think it'd be nice if it looked like a steel cable(nothin fancy, basically just a grey cord), also I like someones idea(sorry cant remember who) to make it use the saber throw animation, because it would look great coming from the hand. Also how about lightning being able to zap explosives outta the air, It'd be a nice secondary use for it. Finally whats the tazer mentioned in the readme? i got no idea what it is. Could someone enlighten me?
  12. Yeah i know i can edit the sabre colours and such, but as far as i know i have to edit the pk3 meaning i cant play online then because mine is different. And yeah i know that he didnt set it but considering how easy it is to change, why not change it? FYI I'm pretty sure its been like that since jedimod v1.1. and yeah sorry about putting all these ideas in this thread, just I tend to ramble on alot. By the way this mod is AWESOME and i reckon your idea to add in two more powers ROCKS! Great work again and thank you for getting me back into this game!, p.s may aswell have it come with ep2 weapons just so we get jango usin his OWN guns:D sorry rambling again.
  13. Whats with all the saber colours? I cant stand desann with that purple and tavion with the aqua-thing! And why's he got double bladed saber!? Maul doesnt even have the "remove line fr normal saber crap" why the hell does some retarded dinosaur? Again, reborn with green shadow trooper with aqua-turquoise ****! Sith's should have red's oranges etc, jedi have the green's and purple's! Sorry about that i just get really, really worked up by small things. Awesome mod though and i reckonm that idea for Saber defence replacing throw is really good! It just makes sense! What kinda tool throws his defense at the enemy? How many cops tak off there kevlar and throw it? Because its the same thing, well more or less anyway. Quick idea, how about you make it so you can ONLY use your favourite weapon(double, dual or single), or to be a little less cruel animations are slowed down when using something other than it. So your favourite gets an added bonus of damage AND speed. Finally the exmoves mod i got rules! Looks cool when Jedi are doin cartwheels and flips, unfotunately mercs look like tools. IF you could some how get it so mercs do normal rolls where as Jedi do flips it would be great. By the way it also changes idle stances to look cooler.
  14. The mods works great as far as i can tell, the only problem is, after a while the bots start becoming invulnerable, I think its jstones who use guns. It's happened in massassi temple, bespin streets and nar shaddaa maps and I've got no idea why, everything just hits them and makes the effect as if they were a wall. It's rather annoying as you have to kick every bot when they become invulnerable and also suicide when you do(or you can be gay and keep playin). Tried turing off cangod, command and not surprisingly didnt work. This was in the mercmod mode and maybe normal jediVmerc as well. No other mods installed. Also basically everybot uses sabers and guns or just guns(obviously these guys are mercs). I'd say this is becasue sabers&guns are the basic choices for favourite weapon. If possible could you change this on bots as you find desann carrying around a fletchette, I mean what kinda sith lord needs a gun. Also force heal is kinda useless now as it takes about 15 seconds to heal up so you cant use it in battle anymore. Takin time i alright but i think it should be an advantage. That is, it takes about a a second to heal, but you only lose mana proportional to what you are healed(so if you heal 5 hp you dont lose half your mana). Lighting is still to good at level four. How about you get rid of invulnerability to other lightning(thats what absorbs for) and make it knock them dpwn or something (emperor got luke to the ground in seconds) lvl 4 push and pull should maybe hold them down longer, instead of just throwing them a few kilometres. Force speed is much abetter with 2 second timer, mayeb you could multiply the speed factor by 1.5 or so. Destroying second saber doesnt actually get rid of it, same with guns it just damages the holder. Jetpack worked though and that was good. Also, with me couldnt move while zoomed in using anyone(including espionage), and everyone gt duel pistopls and blasters(every merc that is),which was kinda annoying. As far as i can tell, every merc got all the merc powers ( cloaking, flamethrower etc.) Also, seeing is too good and makes espionage merc basically useless, as their main advantage s sniper movement however lvl 4 seeing means u automatically didge all their attacks. Just an idea and I dont expect you to do it in this version as its probably difficult, make speed and seeing give u a 10% chance to doge per lvl, i.e lvl 1 on each is 20 %, lvl 2 and 1 is 30% etc. Or maybe its a 50% chance to dodge 100% if your targeting the attacker(like blocking lightning). Turned on however he'll always dodge(as is the norm). Also, getting rid of saber throw on dual wielders, and instead making secondary attack swing second saber, could make some cool comboes that way. Plus it's annoying the way if you throw one you cant block with the other. OR you could just make him throw both sabers. The green special attack is a bit useless unless you have a roof a foot above you as you jump to high to hit with the first spin and it it takes along time so they can get away easily. Mayeb speeding up its animation and drasticaly lowering the height(so he basically spins on hi toes). Same with the purple one(or did you chaneg that, I know with 2 sabers it was ike yellows) lower the jump height so you can make alot more hits. Finally, could you enable the greens single saber attack( the spinning one) with the twin sabres, its just so much better then yellows special when using two sabers, just look at omnimod. ALMOST FORGOT, you start with no blaster ammo, meaning your stuck with a disruptor and a stun batton only for a while. Speaking of stun batton, its gay, mercs should use fists, feet and maybe their head. Just to show that melee really is a last resort. All in all, theres not many bugs I found, just weapons being destroyed not going away and people becoming invulnerable, plus all bots use saber and gun style, if you could chaneg that I reckon it'd be much better, only kyle and luke should use guns AND sabers, everyone else should be one way or the other. Sorry about rambling so much i just do that, great job by the way, aside form the bugs this is AWESOME! can wait for ti to be fixed up! dont take that offensively
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