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  1. I noticed while playing as a Bounty Hunter, I had dual-blasters, and the laster in my left hand was slanted downward in his hand, and it looked really messed up. So please fix this. Thanks!
  2. ForceMod II - The Mercs Strike Back, has now been released on jk2files.com. I don't know if Azymn wanted it there yet, or if he put it there, but it's there.
  3. I haven't posted for a while, so I don't know if this has been said: When you use saberthrow, your model still goes into the defensive stance. Also sometimes when I am blocking laser fire, the player puts his saber into that defensive stance to block fire, I don't stay in the stance, but it gets annoying. Thanks!
  4. I d/l the final beta v2, and whatever I do, I can't use the blue, yellow, and red saber syles! I can use the green and purple stances with single, dual, and twin sabers, but cant get the other styles. (If you fix this, I want to know how to use the green and purple styles in addition to the blue, yellow, and red styles while using a sigle-bladed saber). Thanks! (Waiting dumbfounded, waiting for Azymn to reply) :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  5. I think someone should set up a ForceMod II beta 3 server, to beta test on against real players. So, please someone do that and put the time and date of when it is so we know when. Thanks!
  6. The saber blades for episodes 4, 5, and 6 seem to have the core above where the saber glow stops, so please fix that. But the rest is awsome!
  7. I was wondering if the testers for beta 2 will be on the list for beta 3 testers??? Please notify me soon, thx!
  8. I think you should add a Merc bot for the new Zam Wesell model that just came out at JK2files.com. And make it so she uses the sniper rifle a lot, so if you have the Zam Wesell rifle it will look just like the movies! Thanks!
  9. To Azymn: Please check my post on JK2files.com. Thanks!
  10. I have put together all of my suggestions and things-that-need-to-be-fixed into one picture, so please Azymn take a look and fix them. Thanks! Crap I can't attach a picture, because it isn't a internet picture. So please go the JK2files forums and go to JK2 general. I will have a new thread named: To Azymn. Please take a look. Thanks!
  11. Posted by me earlier: I still think those are good suggestions, but I also noticed that when you lock on to someone with the rocket launcher and fire, it never locks, it just fires straight. I also think you should be able to use the original saber colors, when you choose you thickness, you can turn that off, and use the standard ones.
  12. I think the following: 1. Have the mercs be able to jump a little higher, so they can at least get up a 2-foot wall. (even I can jump even higher, like 3-feet in the air) 2. Fix the grapple's look when it is attached to something, and have it pull you straight towords your target, not drag you on the ground until you jump, ect. 3. Mercs need some way, other than the jetpack, to get the jedi away from them. Add like a simple 1-button push that does like a kick or add a force power that stuns, or blinds the jedi for like 6 seconds so he/she can get away. There you have it.
  13. No, Azymn, that was KaiaSowapit that put his pants back on. And the beta should be released sometime today, according to mariners2001, so that is sweet! Hope it's soon! (Sitting, tapping fingers, waiting for it to come.)
  14. (Slips pants back on and sighs) Thank for putting me on the beta test list, Azymn! But when is the beta going to be released for me to test? And where and/or how do I get it? ..... Please post back soon...
  15. Isn't anyone going to send me the beta? (probobly not :-( ) Please someone, anyone send me the beta, and you will be the ULTIMATE HERO OF THE 21st CENTURY! Thank you! My E-mail is: Bit_Cloud21@yahoo.com
  16. I was wondering if in Forcemod 2.0, if you could be a bounty hunter and a jedi at the same time (use force powers and bounty hunter items at the same time)? If you can't you should be able to, for skins that apply to both (like my custom skin, not released to the public) I like being a person that is an ex-jedi, that is now a bounty hunter. If you can't be both please make it possible. Thnaks. Also can you e-mail me the most recient beta, just to see what it's like. Thanks! My E-mail is: Bit_Cloud21@yahoo.com
  17. I don't care if I am too late to be a beta tester, could you at least send me the beta version so I can try it out? Forcemod is awsome; I don't care if i'm not an official beta tester, I just want to try it.
  18. I was wondering if I could be a beta tester? Before you answer that, I will tell you how obsessed I am with Forcemod. I love Forcemod 1.0 so much I played only that mod since the day it came out! I haven't even d/l any other mods, because Forcemod is the Ultamate! I have prayed for the day 2.0 would come out, I even tried to make my own V2.0, though it ended in disaster, I would do pretty much anything to even beta test it! So please consider me for a beta tester! Thank you. My E-mail: Bit_Cloud21@yahoo.com
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