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  1. Its Awesome! i can't wait till it comes out!..
  2. Great model i recomend this to most of you.. unless you guys are looking forward to seeing toonces shaak ti.. anyways i just fixed my game probs and now i can play it yay
  3. I almost hurled dude.. that sucked i still feel sick
  4. Hey jedi_salvation, uh do you play on the zone? cause i think i have seen you.. does this ring a bell? _Solusar_DS_ ? if not then o wells
  5. Im with ya all the way, *crossesfingers
  6. Well its been a long time since i have posted in these forums but heck.. Plo has come a long way now.. almost a year already! since you guys started to make it.. Well im still waiting patiently for this model and i can't wait for it to be released!
  7. OMG Kevin i thought you died!.. anyways. nice hair and a can't wait for the model to come out dude.. its gonna pwn!
  9. Well hello guys.. im getting kinda left out. ive asked some1 to make me a different signature. D: but i guess no one wants to do mine D: well if your up to it plze tell me ... cause i reall want a new sig
  10. Coupes.. I need your help ;D.. i need a new av and sig. plze... um im looking for any bounty hunter on sig and av.. I don't care who.. maybe make like Jango, Boba, Zuckuss, Uh,, Bosk etc.. greedo.. or make a lot of peeps on sig.. Thx coupes long time no see.
  11. Well i guess i thought of a new signature and avatar, its goin to be based on Star wars, i want one just like coupes except, its green and has Boba Fett on instead. and somewhere on it has my name... Thanks
  12. Hmm thats a very good question, Well I am sorta tired of my matrix sig/av I was kinda looking for something more catchy, but im not sure what i really want to have. Ill think about it more.
  13. ROFL, LMAO! Fat kid trying to hard.. hilarious.
  14. Well i dont think that Tupac will come back... hes dead, long gone, kicked the bucket etc, well dont' get your hopes up
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