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  1. Hmm...I'm afraid stories about poop and dog urination aren't my sister's favorite form of humor. So while I am looking for something funny, and thankful for your suggestions, I think she'd prefer something a little different.
  2. Hey everyone...I need some help from people who have any ability as a writer. My sister's birthday is tomorrow, and I'm putting together a book of original short stories to give her. I'm a little behind, and I need some people who have talent to write some quick ones and post them in a reply. I'll be so grateful! Thanks, Sam
  3. Andy, I'd be glad to have your help. I'm mostly looking for artists. My email address is above. Send me some sample pictures as an attachment.
  4. I'm no good at that...but it's a great idea. Anyone who already knows how to do it, please email me or post. Thanks.
  5. Well, I found a musician willing to compose the soundtrack. This is one big step for the game, but I'm still looking for artists, and it would be great if someone could help. By the way, thank you for all the name suggestions. This is coming along wonderfully, and as long as everything doesn't go wrong when I least expect it, (as it tends to) I can finish this game smoothly.
  6. I'll stick with it until it's finished...as long as I get enough help.
  7. Well, basically it's just the old LeChuck's back and he wants you dead story again. But I was thinking maybe he should have most of the sidekicks from the previous games (Largo, Pegnose Pete, etc.) with him. I'll tell more to the people who help out, mostly because I'll have to, in order for them to set the right mood. I know I didn't say much here, but any suggestions are still welcomed. I'm also trying to think of a good title, and at this point pretty much anything would work, so please post any that you think of, or email them to me. Thanks.
  8. I've started working on a Monkey Island 5 Fan Game...not trying to ruin the series, just something to do for fun. But I'm having a little trouble. If anyone's interested in helping out, I need people for the following areas: Music: I want some great original music for this, as well as remakes of some of the classic themes. Background and Character Art: If you have any artistic talent at all, and some time to spare, please think about doing some of this. Jokes, Humor, and Story Suggestions: I already have a basic plotline, but I'd really appreciate some tips and ideas. Thanks alot, everyone. If you'd like to help, e-mail me at Brazznight625@aol.com or post below.
  9. I find it very interesting that Lemonhead remembers the "chaos" teenage Guybrush caused in Monkey Island 3, which he hasn't yet experienced. Also that teenage LeChuck's beard is already firey, even though he doesn't even become a ghost until he's a pirate. And that teenage Guybrush recognizes teenage Elaine's face before he's even met her.
  10. Hey, I'm Sam Brasley, and I'm holding a Monkey Island Fan Music Contest. If you would like to enter a song, send it to brazznight625@aol.com as an attachment to an e-mail with "Fan Music" under the subject line. In your e-mail, inculde the song's name, the song's time length, and your name. EVERYONE who enters will be sent a free copy of a CD made from the top 20 songs entered. The top song will be chosen by myself and two judges, and it's writer will be sent a work of Monkey Island Fan Fiction and some fan art. Any kind of fan music is fine. The contest deadline is April 20th. You will be notified when I get your submission and if your submission is one of the top 20. Thanks, -Sam P.S. Send questions to brazznight625@aol.com with "Fan Music Questions" under the subject line.
  11. Okay, Monkey Island 1 was called The Secret of Monkey Island, alright? NOT Elaine's Revenge. And it is not fun to slap Guybrush. It is unkind and rude.
  12. It's true. Monkey Island 400 is official. All of my previous names were incorrect. The actual name will be The Chocolate-Covered Ostrich of Monkey Island. The release date is not yet determined, but in a recent interview, the writer (his name escapes me at the moment) promised that there would be many returning characters, and hinted that we might be introduced to a new one, possibly Guybrush's brother maybe, named Toothbrush. The writer then began to make fun of the interviewer's large head, and was shot in the shoulder moments later. Anyway, hopefully we won't be waiting too much longer. I'll be sure to report further updates.
  13. After the wonderful Monkey Island 399: Wally's Disease, I have reason to believe LucasArts Entertainment Company is planning a Monkey Island 400, under the possible names of: The Prostitute of Monkey Island The Evil Mutant Cheese Pancake of Monkey Island Monkey Island 400: The Unpredictable Return of LeChuck If you have any rumors about this long-awaited episode of the series, please post them below. Because I like to read rumors. It gives me pleasure.
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