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  1. Ouch. Nice title for the map, by the way.
  2. Dont mean to get off topic here, but I felt I just needed to say this. This game isn't likely to be modded if it uses it's own engine and no editing tools are released, which is probably what will happen. Anyway, the bike and scouttrooper look great! I wish you best of luck on this project
  3. What does that have to do with my last post? On a side note, you haven't seen any of my maps as I have released none to the public.
  4. flame n. Informal. An insulting criticism or remark meant to incite anger, as on a computer network. No flaming, hmm? And my favorite: And that's just a few.
  5. Looks very nice. I especially like the lighting and the fog in the bar, it adds to the atmosphere a great deal.
  6. They most certainly are. I believe that some objects, such as those consoles, were made more "glowy" when JA was released.
  7. It's really, really bright. Also, it could use a few more curves and details, especially in that hall and that tall box of a hallway. That room looks pretty good though, it you turn down the light.
  8. You appear to have solely ambient lighting in your map, and no light sources. Some ceiling lamps could spruce the rooms up a bit.
  9. Yeah, that's perfectly legal. You can use sounds from any Raven game in any other Raven game as long it is noted in the readme file.
  10. Lankyframe, to spawn MP vehicles in a server the server must have cheats enabled. type /NPC Spawn <npcname> for an npc and /npc spawn vehicle <vehiclename> for vehicles.
  11. It's mutant_rancor Readthis thread for more stuff.
  12. You've probably already got this idea, but this is a good rule-of-thumb for all mappers: Any song that has words to it will get old fast. Very fast. Fast enough that after 6 minutes every player will be chewing through the speaker cables to make it stop. I mean, it can be your favorite song, but you still are going to get sick of hearing it constantly.
  13. ... Yeah, back on topic. This seems odd that it would take this long for the game to be sent to stores after it has gone beta. Having beta-tested quite a few games for several different companies, on every other game it has only taken a few days to a week to get it into stores. Exactly what is LA doing, burning several billion CD's? I doubt there will be that many people rushing out to the local electronics store to get it the instant it comes out. The only possible explanation could be the manual... and even with that, someone is wasting time, somewhere... No joke, lol.
  14. Definitely. It's so much more "smooth" in lighting and such.
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