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  1. I loved Galactic Battlegrounds. I just wish I waited till I could've bought the Saga... Just have the first one. Map editing was quite fun. I actually submitted one to swgb.heavengames.com. It's called The Colonel Campaign Part 1. It's complete with voices and stuff. That was my first map in fact, so I could still tweak a few things here and there. It's still whooping awesome though. Whoever is reading this: D/L it and review it please!
  2. Hmm... Well, it's good to know that we have an active mod forum as well!
  3. Does anyone know how active these mods are-- DF, JK, MOTS? I'm pretty sure the Dark Forces Mod is going slowly but surely. The JK Mod... I really don't know how hard at work they are. Seems like they've slowed down quite a bit. The MOTS Mod I sadly think isn't going anywhere until the DF and JK Mods are complete. Anybody have the facts?
  4. Excellent Yun saber hilt. The only thing I saw was that the top shouldn't be so curvy, but rather flattened when the curve goes up on both sides (according to the [large] cutscene picture). I always figured Kyle used this saber in Mots... Anyway, I can't wait to see the mod in action and hope things aren't slowing down. I'm a huge fan of both JK and MOTS. Keep up the good work. Also, I have some mapping and scripting experience, so if you need help I would be willing.
  5. I have a cat, Mr. Jinx (like on Meet the Parents), and a dog, Lucky. My family saved him from being gased to death. Anybody know how to train a dog to do simple tricks? I can't even get mine to sit.
  6. That's frickin hilarious! Very nice post, Arreat.
  7. That's rockin' insane! I had no idea a program like this even existed.
  8. Wally, I just figured this out just a few days ago, but watch the clip after the credits of the first movie. It actually shows Jack the monkey taking a piece of the Aztec gold. Neat huh? Sorry, SWP. Guess I missed the delete button when I edited it. I'm still quite new to the forums. Somehow I remembered this username's password from 3 years ago just last week. For those who haven't seen the new movie yet, if you wanna see a little extra clip, then stay after the credits.
  9. Dude there is no way... unless the boat was heavier than buoyancy exertion. But then if that was the case, then the boat wouldn't even float in the first place. The further beneath the surface, the greater the water pressure, compressing the air in its container. With a large air pocket like that trapped inside a wooden boat 100ft beneath the surface, there is no physically possible way to achieve it with two men. Not even two Buddhas. So if you were using a boat that doesn't float in the first place, I believe you. Or you may be just talking about hiding under an upside boat floating at the surface.
  10. Guys, guys, guys. I mentioned that I liked scifi in addition to "believable" movies (that don't mess with physics and maintain the same laws of the world IF they are in our world.) In the Matrix, they explained everything...who, what, why, when, where, how. Now, let's stay on topic. What makes you think that's air under that boat when you see that shot anyway? They could've easily added visual effects god knows what. And the shot with them inside talking, could've actually been taken at the surface of water with the boat on top of them. I really don't know how they filmed that one, I'm just guessing. Keep that in mind. OK, someone said they've actually tried this. Will someone else find a boat and pull it underwater for me in their own pool?
  11. It depends... If I'm feelin: Rock: Tell Me Baby-Red Hot Chili Peppers Make A Move-Incubus Rap: We Ready-Archie I'm A Playa-Tech N9ne Jazz: Anything Coltrane, not lyrical, just good ol' swingin jazz Country: Honkytonk Badonkadonk-Trace Adkins Save a Horse-Big & Rich A Capella: My Choir CD (we went to Carnegie Hall a month ago) or Rockapella Alright.. I really need to go to bed. It's 1:34 AM and I can't pull myself away. Gnight yall.
  12. Captain Jack Sparrow's goals haven't changed. Yes, he's always looked out for numero uno, but his character, Depp's perception of the character, I believe has changed. He is trying to hard to be funny now. Instead, of the more enjoyable witty humor we loved from Sparrow in the first movie, we saw it turn into stupid humor in DMC. Yet, he's still cool. I just hope I see more of the old Sparrow in the third sequel...
  13. Yes, like I said in the spoiler: They were once human. Yes it's my preference, but they didn't do good enough this time IMO. Watch not to give anything more away. Use the spoiler vBcode "[ spoiler ] Type spoiler here. [ /spoiler ] without spaces between the brackets.
  14. Majin Raven, you sound just like me... Are you sure you aren't my schizophrenic alter ego or something?
  15. There is no way to pull a boat like that underwater. Have you ever tried to hold a beach ball underwater? It comes up due to the force of water pushing the less dense air to the top. The principle is the same with this boat. It would probably take a 2 ton man with uncanny strength to hold that boat that far underwater. And for the ghost ship, for anything, they have to make it believable. Disney did a good job in Curse of the Black Pearl with a story that didn't make the living undead sound stupid.
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