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  1. Influnace: Doom: When me and my brothers had accompany my dad to his work at weekends we had an entire IT floor to our selves, all networked and all with doom. Those were great days, filled with fragging, swivl chair races and a free drink machine. Doom, the game that problay started all PC gaming for me. Red faction: Place called Computer Exchange in the city where I live had a upper floor with 20 or so PC that had a load of games installed on them, again networked up. Me and my frieneds would go down there most saturdays and play red faction for hours on end. Tiburun sun: The first game i realy played online. And by that i mean The first game i ever played online. Monkey Island 1-2: 2 was mainly my thing but me and my brother would sit for hours trying to figure out puzzles. Sonic 1-3 +(S+K): What do i have to say expect God Bless sega! These were the shinnzle y'all. Super mario world 1 (and Up to and inculding the first wario one to a lesser extent): I would play these at my grandmas on the orignal game boy, when that was the hight of technolgy Rainbow Island: Ah the amiga. Old days for me. The last boss was unkillable! Recently picked it up and finaly completed it removing some (But not much of the magic) Almost any 64 game: nuff said, opened me up to so many differnet genres Bomerman on the Snes: We used to go round to our neighbores and realy play that game Extras that havent changed my life but i love Dawn of war (And WA) Total war series Half life and its comerical mods (Mainly CS) Red alert series Golden Eye (The funnist game ever) Perfect dark (The most perfect FPS ever and wont be topped in my book for a long time i reacon)
  2. For Kamir Sarin. Sorry its a bit poor but i just need something to kill time beofe i fall asleep Edit: oh and this is something WIP, opinions?
  3. Had a laptop stolen and some christmas gifts
  4. The hamster looks like a dust ball
  5. Would be a little diffcult i reacon. Love the sig BTW
  6. Amazing album. finaly went out and bought this after scounging up cash and this Book wise i got and all a good read\listening
  7. morning...wait a minatue i rember you. Vaugley. Ish
  8. Thats what you think Good look trying to police me in a nother country.This is one of the most stupid thing ever dubya has ever done. And that includes breathing. And who decides what counts as an insult now?
  9. ther ya go, thou to me me it just looks a bit off if you know what i mean
  10. I'll have a go at it tommrow if you like
  11. That is a fine resolution that i may steal And as i reacon im preaty late now.....merry christmas! Oh and a happy new year
  12. System win it for me, with opeth and ghost revires coming a close second with rosenrot ending up third
  13. Just remind me what the max size of an av is
  14. Yes i can, because system of a down are awsome. So very very awsome
  15. pretty much all of S. kings collection some books of poertey Some Cd's Some films some t-shirts (I no longer have reason to wander round topless ) SOme Concert tickets And the first 12 of my driving leasons!
  16. Bless, i finaly got added 1. Nicest swampie: StormHammer 2. Funniest swampie: Astro 3. Most well-behaved swampie: mike windu 4. Swampie who starts the best threads: Darth Groovy 5. Swampie who posts the most often: BongoBob 6. Swampie with best custom title*: Insane Sith 7. Weirdest swampie**: Pie - but in a good leather gothy way 8. Personal favorite swampie: Astro 9. Personal rival swampie: I have no rival's, im far, far worse then you all 10. Swampie with the best avatar/sig: Zeeman
  17. Merry christmas you crazy, crazy people
  18. Screw the car i want to take the driver for a ride. *Ahem* As i wait for a provinaol licance i have no car yet
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