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  1. (OOC:thank god, i dont think i could take a ssj:D ) Still grining Kaildor hosleters his gun"the force wont work on me" he says Quicklky breaking into a run kaildor lepts over JOhn turns and trys to impale him on his sword
  2. very funny, true genius. hell they should have done that instead of the movie they made
  3. kaildor snarled and turned. Making anthor run with his sword held one handed kaildor chaged at john. Just before impact kaildor drew a bladed pistol (OOC:you know what i mean if youve seen blade 2) fired at john and slashed at his chest
  4. Hearing the sound behind him Kaildor turns and grins Kaildor: Thats what you think, I need your head to get my payment.. *pulling a long blade out of a scabared on his back and leaps at john, his processer already planing his next option and scaning for possible hostails*
  5. Name: Kaildor (Cyborg Name: Planet killer) Age: 20 Occoupation: Bounty Hunter Race: Human Cyborg (this detail is known to only a few) Weapons:Slienced Sniper rifel with Pyro, knockout, hallgunic and armour piecing bullets, 2 custum blasters with added blades on gun barrel, Mines, Titanum sword. Apperance: Long black hair, Piercing blue eyes and a sarcstic grin Clothes: Black tank top, black trousers and black trench coat Hieght: 6'5 Home world: (believed to be) Prothos Little is know of kalidors early years exept in the highset secruity dat bank in the empire. Only 14 people in the empire have accsess to the files concering him. What is know of his early life is that he was a sadistic killer having no corcen for anyone, responsble for massicare such as the destruction of 4 major cities of the planet of Rentos. After this incendent Kalidor disspered from space. Many believed him to be locked up or dead. Far from it. Kalidor had indeed been caputered by a man named Inventus on Orders from the empire. He was taken away to a secert reserch world and 'Welded' and used as an assassin with codes stoping him turning on his new masters. Eventualy through luck and chance Kaildor manged to accesess his codes and over ride them. After killing everone that had done this to him kaildor went to serch for the man who had turned him sparing no-one and killing all who oppeses him. Due to his Cybernetic enhancement Kaildor can go weeks without food, Jump up to 20 ft, lift up to 4 tonnes, process danger instanly and ignore wounds that would kill a normal man. Unfortantlysome of his command codes remain and he must bow to its will if someone has the necessary codes. And it is rummered the empire has sent some one after him...
  6. Prothos Prothos is a volcanic planet wih few livable locations. It is inhabbated by hummans alone and there a but a few that surive in the harsh conditions. It is rummoured the bounty hunter Kalidor comes from here. There are only 3 small villages that are known of on this world but there arfe probaly more.
  7. kaildor returns with a slilenced sniper rifle slung over bck, 2 holsted,bladed pistols on either leg and one very long sword Kaildor: when do we land?
  8. *Kaildor grins at the sound of violance * Kalidor:(chuckeling) fun for all the family *Laughing, goes to findhis prefered weapon of choice, The now groiwing laugh echoing round the ship*
  9. seeing john enter the room kalidor readys his rifel aims and shoots at johns head
  10. *kalidor turns glamces at renfro and walks into the docking bay without a word*
  11. Kalidor:fine im in, but no funny stuff. And if you find a man Inventus leave him for me
  12. Kalidor: what percent do i get of the loot?
  13. Kalidor:cause i need passage to Inthenkar. I'll work for passage
  14. kalidor steps off his small hover car onto the roof of the buliding oppiste the jedi counsel. From under his seat he draws a custem pulse laser with extended barrel and silencer, and waits for his target to show
  15. Name:Kalidor niknomi Age:29 Race:human cyborg Force Sensitive: slightly has a weak power(due to processer in his head:D ) Allignment: bad best skill: marksman Occupation: bounty hunter\asssassian
  16. * seeing Ijo turn, Kalidor rolls off a smirk and quickins hes pace untill he is level with Ijo* Kalidor: you the guy from the holoadd?
  17. Name : kalidor Age : 20 Bio: A shifty bounty hunter with little known history except he has a grudge against a man called inventus, But other then nothing is known. *gets up from table after listing to the words said by Ijo, Pulls a hevey cloak on and walks out the bar towards docking bay 657 with a small smile drawn on his face*
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