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  1. The board was my family :@ And it cannot be replaced, you guys just don't understand the times we've had together..
  2. Man, I bought this game the first day it came out, I drove around for three hours to find it though, I got the Trilogy so easy, everyone had it.
  3. Hey guys, been a while, for those who don't know who I am, I was on these forums as Mobius Berreta, Tupac, ExodusSnake, and so on and so forth. Anyway, this is going to be stupid, and nothing what you think, It's just really pissing me off, and I feel like crying. Tonight, skateboarding at a skatepark in Barrie(Around my area) I was doing amazingly well for the first day back after 3 weeks, I was pulling off nose stalls, nose slides, crooked grins, and 50-50s. Then, I started moving onto the ledges, the first ledge is the easiest to do, so I heel flipped off it, all good(Heel flip is my proest trick), the second ledge, I varial kickflipped off, and it was all good, I moved onto the third ledge, which is pretty high up, so I just tried standard ollies on it, the first two I bailed, but on my third one, I landed it perfectly, and just as my heart stopped, I heard a snap, I jumped off my board to see what happened, and the nose was completely F'd. I was freaking like no tommorrow, then I tried fixing it, so it was straight, and when I started riding it, it just broke off. I've been depressed all night, and what makes it worst is that I was supposed to call my lovely girlfriend kym tonight, but none of the payphones worked in the area . But anyways... R.I.P Little Josh Thomas July 3rd 2004-september 29th 2004 Man, I told you it would be stupid, but it hurts so much inside, I loved that deck, I learnt everything, and landed so much with it I wanna die.
  4. I think he means for Ps2, and I doubt that that would happen for the ps2.
  5. The Squall EvOLution ps2 Been playing, and I'm best at being a soldier, sniper, and pilot. contact info, just pm me.
  6. Yeah, it sucks....but SP is still fun......
  7. I got it for ps2, and i cant even connect to games, I've connected to like 2, in 4 hours lol, so I'm just raping the hell out of single player, this game is still amazing for SP.
  8. Ok, tonight, I bought the trilogy, and the game, it took me 3 hours to find the game------>sold out everywhere, Anyway, it, frigging owns, who agree's, this game kicks so much ass it's so coooooool thats all i can say, I've been like hyperventalating for like 2 hours.
  9. I'm not exactly sure if you still check these forums, but I havn't been on in awhile, and the other day I was on your site and noticed you took my name off the rosters, and I was wonderying why =/, I'm getting the game tommorrow after school for PS2, although I don't have the External Hard drive, and was wondering if, that would be a problem for the clan, anyways, get back to me as soon as possible. (it won't let me back on the HOD website)
  10. The games are much more superior to the movie..I think they ruined the reputation by creating the movies, but I'm still willing to see this..
  11. You may think it's a rip off of slayer, but I don't listen to Slayer dick-hole. And we're a Punk/Rock/hardcore band. And What's a band Is ingenious.
  12. You're all retarded, shooting up the school was wicked, what's your melfunctions, you already come to this website, society doesnt accept you as it is.
  13. http://sg.bakethecake.com/konane.html Enough said RATED R
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