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  1. Most Walmarts carry Saga, which includes both the game and the expansion pack for less than ten bucks.
  2. A good idea, but too complicated.
  3. I wouldn't want to destroy a planet. That takes away the fun of invading and conquering it.
  4. I think Sithmaster hit the nail on the head.
  5. Maybe a bit, but I'm concentrateing on Empire at War in the mean time. I can't wait till it comes out.
  6. I want to be able to crash massive ships into the ground battle below as sort of a last resort option.
  7. well, just kill the locals. i think locals add a hint of realism.
  8. I'd liek to be able to name ships too. I would also like to be able to rename the other players ship if you take control of it. This might not be an option because the ships just might be destroyed, but if it could be captured, I'd give it a name that incrimenates my opponent. Nothing vulugar just something like "Rebel Crusher". I think it would be cool to attack the Rebels with thier own ship renamed to taunt them and vice versa. Might want to put a filter on the the naming though...
  9. I tink there should be some kind of melee units cause from the screenshots, the environments seem to be able to be manipulated. For example, your stormtroopers are in a blaster fight with the Rebel soldiers. Your melee unit (whatever that may be) swings around the back end of the Rebel line. The confusion allows the stormies to march in and trap the Rebels. Sound good?
  10. I voted yes. I think that the native units should be allied, hostile or willing to make truces with your army.
  11. How can you engage in battles on more than one planet at a time. Does each battle freeze while you do your thing elsewhere, and then return to action was you put your attention back? Does it alll happen in real time so if you fight on too many fronts you're screwed?
  12. I want to see massive trooper wars...
  13. When playing against you in GB, I eventually started building nothing but Anti-Air units. Good for nothin bombers...
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