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  1. ((Two things... 1) Sorry for the lack of being here. That's gonna continue for at least a short while longer. Have had a very rough year and it ain't over yet. 2) You kinda ignored the entire ongoing Cantina plot in favor of a plot centered completely around your characters. Might this not be better for a side story? Rather than a 'full' Cantina chapter? Y'know, not everyone is actually here and usually we agree on ending a chapter and starting a new one... and it's Deac who starts... etc.))
  2. I'm pretty sure ANY computer would run the game now. Barring technical glitches that is. (I hope. >.>)
  3. I've.... no idea. o.O I still remember that my trainers worked fine. Huh. I did have to open the game and then alt-tab out of it, though... Why doesn't alt-tab work for you? <.<
  4. For the record I'd love to see this. >.>
  5. (Somehow missed this thread.) Huh. I honestly don't know this one. Call me a softie, but I never tried to continue with the game after mercilessly slaughtering everything on Tatooine. I always reloaded. (Doesn't mean I didn't do it at all, though... I mean why would they put those turrets there if they didn't plan for them to be used?!)
  6. Well, I haven't told them yet, but I imagine they will be excited that their son could now potentially be a daddy and a mommy. It's like two for the price of one! Not enough pranks on this forum for an April Fool's Day. Not nearly enough. >.>
  7. That's hardly a boring epiphany! Ray: Are you offering?
  8. I walk into the Senate Chambers for the first time in forever, and the first thread I see isn't even a debate thread? I found the dynamics of the last presidential election fascinating, and followed them in depth. I know what's meant here by "game-changer", and it's ridiculous. Obama's alleged ties to ACORN were completely irrelevant to the election, whether or not they should have been, as were many other things that perhaps should have mattered, did not, and would still have not with slight tweaking such as this. This story, even if 100% true, would have made ultimately zero difference. Incidentally, that's a very good reason to believe Mrs. Heidelbaugh is simply lying. That's besides her obvious motivations to do so. I find it hard to believe that the NYT believed something like this would be a "game-changer". Even if she is telling the truth, it just means the NYT were foolish. But this thread doesn't appear to be about that. It appears to be making an argument that this would have actually altered the outcome of the last election. No offense to the thread-maker or anything, but... Really?
  9. I haven't posted in a while. There are many reasons. I needed... time. Time to think about what I'm about to tell you. I have a confession to make. I'm a guy. Male. XY chromosomes, external genitalia, uncomfortable family jewels, all of that. However, I spent much of my formative Internet years on this forum. During this, my first foray into the Internet, I kept secret almost every bit of personal information about myself that there was. My name, my state, my home country, even my gender. I was just a little paranoid. Everyone here quickly got used to my ambiguity. Some people even turned it into a guessing game. I think some people were even disappointed when they eventually discovered my gender. Not necessarily by what gender it was, but because the confusion was gone. And somewhere along the line... I grew to like the ambiguity. I started to glory in it. To feast on it. To splash in it like rain puddles. Some other inappropriate metaphors as well. So... I made a choice. A significant one. I'm getting a sex change. It was a hard decision, one that was a long time coming. But I'm not becoming female. Oh no. (After all, I wouldn't want to be a chromosomally inferior version of leXX.) I'm becoming a hermaphrodite. I'm sure I can count on all of your support during this difficult time.
  10. I'm ****ing Matt Damon! I'm sorry but it's true. I'm ****ing Matt Damon! I'm not imagining it's you.
  11. Lynk is all about the buzzkill today. I don't think this'll work - primarily because no one with access to such an editor cares enough to release it to us. But of course I'll sign.
  12. XD ...What do you MEAN my post is too short?!
  13. That's a bleeding transport ship with a fast hyperdrive for smuggling. Not a fighter! A-Wing wins. Sure, crappy shields, but you can't kill what you can't catch. Or hit.
  14. We are the Village Green Preservation Society God save Donald Duck Vaudeville and Variety
  15. o_O Good. I hate you. HAET. Whaaaaat? Don't worry, you'll always have a special place in my... I dunno, in wherever I keep my special places. >_> NOOB. Oh please, like Aresen has ever really been anti-outsiders. P.S. Yay The Doctor. XD asdfghjk O_O Uh-oh. *snerk* YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. P.S. I'll bake your goods. Interesting word choices there, Kjo. XD Pfft - this is Aresen, we welcome any and all, if you can survive the sanity drain upon entering the forum. XD Velcome! Words to live by. Oh dear god. I see your grammatical skills haven't changed either. Also, hi Admiral!
  16. You know, thinking back on this forum's history, it's kind of eerie that Lynk and I of all people outrank you. You must hate us. You must really hate us.
  17. ((A month later: Sorry guys, I got horribly sick and then I got swamped with the business classes I'm taking coz I can't get a job with a DEGREE FROM UC BERKELEY in this economy. Should be able to do this soon, though. SORRY SORRY SORRY. XD P. S. I'm also trying to get you guys the shiny "Roleplayer" award that shows under my name. ))
  18. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Well, maybe. But there's also his motivations, which are better than anyone else's could've been. And also, I liked him before he got completely crushed by everything's that happened to him. Holy oh my god Roslin was made of awesome last ep, tho. "I AM COMING FOR ALL OF YOU!" I got chills.
  19. Indeed. (On the subject of which, does this forum actually have spoiler tags? Okay, I guess they do. Or should I just use the 'hidden' tag... Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) YOU CAN'T SEE ME! ) Anyway. >.> As I was going to say, Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) poor Gaeta. . Oh, and maverick, your icon is great too. XD (I need to catch up on House...)
  20. While I appreciate your sexual fluidity... DOWN, BOY. XD (And I don't mean your pants. More.) And I've never seen that movie, but from that scene, it looks frightening. XD
  21. Craaaaaaaaaaaacken. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacken. Bloody British!
  22. Wouldn't you like to know. You smell funny. LEEEEEMU! XD! (I almost forgot you changed yer name like that...) And: Right there with ya. :x HOLY **** IT'S CORRAN/JENOS/9! Welcome back! There's another face I didn't expect to see Remember all the insanity of the RP board when it first started? The "Messeges" threads? How we actually tried for continuity in those ridiculous wars? How have you been? XD Very true. Funny how influential this weird little forum community has ended up being, outside its borders. XD
  23. Hey, Luka! What a great old familiar face to see! Nope, no communications nor science; I'm more on the writing / art / psychology / analysis and now the business side of things. TK-421 had his forum name changed to his real name - Jared - and has his own thread here. He's doing pretty well. (By the way, I accidentally clicked the 'Edit' button instead of 'Quote' on your post - don't worry, I didn't change anything. XD) How are you doing? What are you up to these days?
  24. Ellen is the final Cylon, confirmed everywhere including in last night's episode's preview.... o_O;; I woulda liked Gaeta being the Fifth myself, since I liked him, though. :x Who or what is Kara Thrace? No idea. o_O Oh, and: Hi, y'all. XD
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