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  1. Huh. I suppose I should ask the obvious: Anyone interested in continuing? I am, but only if a majority of the old players are... I was supposed to spin up an apocalypse in this thread. I'm sure I can still oblige. (And, if anyone's interested in helping out with it, we could do that too! A co-apocalypse?) (Yes, I know that I should be talking about this in the discussion thread, but that's silly if we don't end up starting the thread again. And with my magical mod powers of magicalness, I can always move it there.)
  2. I dunno about Conan or God of War since I haven't been able to play those, but I did notice something of a Fable-esque sheen to the proceedings. I'm only in the second level, though. (First started playing the game last night!) I was briefly bothered by the lightsaber not-instakilling, but if the lightsaber DID instakill, the game would be - I think - much less fun. (Too easy, and no room for Force powers...) So far I've been very entertained, and I don't even have that many powers yet!
  3. ((You know, all these months I never realized it was MY TURN. It's now been one year. Anyone interested in continuing this? I've still got all my bloody notes and everything.))
  4. Lotsa people got stuck at that crappy Otoh Gunga jumping puzzle. In subsequent playthroughs of the game, I used a cheatcode to get past it. I haven't played the game in years, since I got a Mac. :x But I certainly plan to go back and play it again someday.
  5. I sense drama... yes, much drama under the surface... Anyway, I'd love a port of the RS trilogy to, well, anywhere. I haven't played that game in years. ('Course, that's also because I have a Mac and I've no money to get Boot Camp... and also because I have had barely any time for video games these days. )
  6. You can apply to be a mod now? Huh. Shows how much I've missed while I was busy graduating
  7. XD! Welcome back, BD. How's being graduated for you?
  8. leXXy! *glomps* XD At least someone's happy to see me. (Jerks.) Dear lord, I haven't been in here forever. Should I be afraid? :x
  9. Opal wants to know: Will for what? What is he gonna give you?
  10. ((Dear me, I've been dead for a long time. I'm all graduated! Anyone alive in here?))
  11. I did not get married. Jesus, people. IT WAS A MYSPACE JOKE. Hehehehehe. Dear me, my last year at Berkeley kinda killed my brain. Sorry I haven't posted in... oh, forever. :x So, er... hi Aresen?
  12. Better than breaking my face, Ian.
  13. Bwah. Oh, leave Wildstar alone. School keeps kicking me in the face. I've just had two weeks of midterms, and I've got another essay due next week... and I'm actually supposed to be listening to a lecture right now... So I'll try and reply later today. XD
  14. Nope, I don't remember you at all.
  15. ((WTF. I've had problems accessing this website for the past week or so, and when I try it from another computer it works just fine. SIGH. For the record, I've always read it was "Deek". P.S. reply to PtH, Deac! EDIT: Erk, sorry Scar, I'll get to Tatooine ASAP.)) Coruscant, Waste Reclamation Facility Voice: Must 'suck'? You have no idea. What it's like to have no body, you mean. It's been hard to keep the world in focus... no, not world, worlds. Worlds without number. Dizzying. You lose focus. You lose all understanding. Forget how to see, hear, touch, speak. I don't doubt I would've dissolved into a sea of stardust, floating mindlessly around the universe for eternity, if not for... You want to know what I want? Redemption. I want to save the galaxy. And I'm going to use you to do it. Why you? Because you won't - you can't - say no. You are psychologically incapable of refusing to save the galaxy, of turning down the chance to be a champion. That's what I mean when I say I know you, Deac Starkiller. I know you're going to say yes.
  16. Woman: A construct to hold the Protocol? Oh, of course. That is good planning. I had not thought of that. Raschel: *as the woman steps halfway forward* Wait! Marin: *incredulously* Destroy this world? You mean the Aether? Woman: Oh, dear. You did not know that, either? Well, it shouldn't be a problem, yes? Marin: You must be joking. Is this... some kind of test?
  17. ((Ha! See if I can't make that into a post!)) Woman: You have a construct with you? Oh, how quaint. Hello. Guy: *breaking the general silence* Why we are here is information we cannot give out lightly. Woman: Then you are not here to carry out the Protocols? Raschel: We don't know what Protocols you're talking about. Woman: But... that's impossible. How else would you carry the identifying magic? Did the Fifth Icons not lead you here? Marin: The Fifth Icons? Woman: Yes, the Key and the Map. Why else would you have come? Guy: We... do have a key, and a map, and the map did lead us here. K'Warra: I have to say, this is all quite fascinating. Woman: Then you are here for the Protocols. You must be. If you were not here for the Protocols, I would not even know I possessed one of them. It would violate the terms of the pact. Raschel: "The Protocols of the End" - what are they? Woman: I, er, thought the words would be self-explanatory. I suppose I'm out of practice in language... *The woman holds out her hand, and a small, complex grid pattern of light hovers above it, like a hologram.* Woman: This is the Protocol I safekeep. There are seven protocols in all. Each has three duplicates, one for each of the twenty-three who took the pact. Raschel: What do they do? Woman: Oh, that's simple. They destroy this world.
  18. ((Thanks, Wildstar! You beat me to it. Not a bad opening, Deac, but you did forget BD's stuff, as I'm sure he'll point out if he pops his head in here. )) Coruscant, Waste Reclamation Facility Voice: Are you going to attack me? Well... if that's what you want. It won't do you or I much good. Not that much of anything you people does you lots of good. Still, we can't do much to hurt each other. I've long been beyond any being's touch. Except Hers, of course.
  19. ((Excuse me, I've been homeless. DEAC I HOPE YOU'RE STILL AROUND.)) Coruscant *Hours, perhaps longer, Deac arrives at what appears to be an immense garbage dump. Something in the back of his head tells him to stop, at the edge of countless kilometers of the twisted remains of innummerable... things. The voice speaks once again in his head, tiny in timbre, but suddenly crystal clear.* Voice: Are you the only one left? *Something coalsces in the air in front of Deac, shimmering like fog.* Voice: The guardians of peace and justice are turning on each other. While friends parry friends' blows, the world eats itself. Soon now. Too soon. Almost too late to stop. *The pearly mist drifts, one moment appearing almost humanoid, the next switching to a form more indeterminate.* Voice: Once I destroyed planets with a snap of my fingers. Now with you, I will redeem myself. Oh, and I have waited for this, Deac Starkiller. I have waited for a very long time. To Be Continued. ((I got the title in there before I finished! Okay, anyone still alive?))
  20. ((WTF, I totally missed those posts! Guess Deac's gone now, argh. Give me till tomorrow to post... and go post to PtH, jerks! XD))
  21. ((Either way, waiting for a Deac reply. Also, I kinda wanted his approval on the thread-ending thing as well... so where is Deac? ))
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