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  1. I prefer to keep Mon Mothma at Yavin 4 and have every type of factory on the ground, and a highest-level space station. Yavin 4 is in a safe rear area, and I just build everything there at a discount then move them where they are needed. I put lots of mining facilities on the planets that produce the most credits, except if they are on the border near Imperial planets.
  2. To win offensive space battles I have found that a mix of forces works well. I have at least one of each capital ship, 4 squadrons of X-wings, 4 squadrons of Y-wings, and 2 Fleet Commanders because they give bonuses to all ships. I have all of the fleet attack the strongest enemy ship first, targeting the ship's shield generator or engines first, then the turbo lasers, hangar, laser cannons, etc. until the ship is destroyed. Then have the whole fleet attack the next strongest ship next, and so on. To win space battles when attacked, the key as a Rebel is to have 2 Ion Cannons on the planet, the strongest possible space station, and again a mix of forces. Having 2 Ion Cannons means it takes half as long for the next ion blast to be available. As soon as the enemy fleet appears, use an Ion Cannon blast to disable the closest, biggest enemy ship. Move your fleet close to the enemy and have the whole fleet attack the biggest non-disabled ship that is closest to the space station. Attack the ship's shield generator, engines, turbo lasers, hanger, etc. Another ion shot should be available by now, so disable the biggest non-disabled enemy ship that is closest to the space station. Repeat. Send your X-wings against enemy TIE fighters and bombers, Y-wings against the disabled capital ships. Keep using ion cannon shots as soon as they become available to disable newly arriving capital ships. The Ion Cannons only disable the ship but don't damage it, so don't waste shots on ships that are already disabled. Try to disable the capital ships to keep them away from your space station. Also, remember to pull in reinforcements if your ship population drops below 25.
  3. http://yodashelpdesk.lucasarts.com/faq.asp?sid=155041050825004018247050&pid=1379&pnm=Star%20Wars%20Jedi%20Knight%20II:%20Jedi%20Outcastâ„¢&seid=3633&pos=Windows%20XP&top=Video&rid=19713 For less than $80 you could get a much much newer video card that wouldn't give you the problems you are complaining about. Also, you will be able to play the latest games, instead of struggling to get a 5 year-old card to play a 3 year-old game.
  4. Telling people to edit their asset files is really bad advice. It will guarantee that they won't be able to connect to pure servers. It's much better to copy the files you want to modify, modify them, duplicate the directory structure\path that the file is normally in, and then make the files into a .pk3 file with a name that starts with b through z. That way the modified files will override the same files in the assets files, creating the same effect but without altering the assets files.
  5. Go to http://www.whatismyip.com to get the external IP address assigned to you by your ISP. That is the IP address your friends should use with the /connect command. Go to http://www.chopshopservers.com/education/ and click on the link "Running a Server from Home".
  6. /amslap (even the name sounds abusive) /amempower is used by admins to give themselves advantages over regular players so they can "own" them. It was toned downed in JA+ 2.3 from ridiculously unfair to just unfair (especially on no-Force servers). /amsleep is used for more than "time-out". DruggedSith was winning a saber-only FFA on a clan server fair and square. They said "We can't let this noob win" so they used /amsleep on him to keep him from scoring any more points, then laughed at him and said "pwned!" And to clear up a misstatement, you can refuse to be teleported in JA+ 2.3 but you don't have to "give permission" to be teleported. With JA+ 2.3 you will mostly avoid being teleported into lava, but you can still be teleported into a locked room full of rancors or wampas (unless they use the /amrefuseTele command, which most people don't know about). It's not good that Red Slushie has abuse-prone commands, but let's be real. The fact that you can count the number of servers running Red Slushie on one hand means any theoretical abuse that happens (if it happens) is nothing compared to the abuse that has occured and continues to occur on hundreds of JA+ servers. Remember, many refuse to use version 2.3, so there is still ampunishing, amslaying, and amtele-into-lava occuring on JA+ servers, besides the amslapping, amsleeping, and amempowering going on in JA+ 2.3. Yes, it's not good that Red Slushie has those commands. On that we agree. Yes, it's good that slider removed the two worst commands, created the Alternate Dimension, and modified some of the other commands, and resisted all the whining to change things back (which I do respect). On that we agree. It's a pity that many JA+ servers won't use it, or use it but disable the Alternate Dimension. But you can't change history. No matter what happens with Red Slushie in the future, nothing will ever change the fact that virtually every Jedi Academy player who was ever abused (and is being abused) by ampunish, amslay, amslap, amtele-into-lava, amempower, amsleep, etc. was abused (and is being abused) on a JA+ server. And anyone associated with JA+ lecturing a modder about abuse commands, given JA+'s history, is...well...I better not say it, so I won't get flamed again.
  7. http://www.escapedturkey.com http://www.mammothgames.com http://www.newboyzgaming.com/
  8. Windows Start Button -> Run... -> dxdiag.exe. On the Display tab, Device box, what is the Name and Manufacturer of your video chip? If it's not NVIDIA or ATI you're going to have problems because you need OpenGL support. You might be able to use SciTech GLDirect 5.0 to provide OpenGL through DirectX http://www.scitechsoft.com/products/ent/gld_home.php If you can't get it to work, try KOTOR I or Galactic Battlegrounds for entertainment, both have been discounted.
  9. I think it would be a good idea as a general rule that if a moderator of any type has a high level of personal involvement with the subject being discussed in a thread they should then recuse themselves from behaving as a moderator in that particular thread. Otherwise, the conflict of interest is obvious and might lead them to behave differently then they would otherwise. There are always other moderators, super moderators, and administrators available if necessary. It's just impossible for any human being to remain fair and objective in that situation. I think that this is a good universal principle in general for all forums and moderators, and it isn't directed at any particular individual. Just my two cents.
  10. Yeah, I went back through the thread from the beginning, and now I see what you mean about things getting out of hand, like this guy for example: Thanks for the warning, that's really really really really good advice, and I hope everyone follows it. (P.S. I saved the complete text of that person's original post just in case it gets "revised" or accidentally deleted)
  11. VaderR's post was originally a separate thread about the same topic. I posted that link to show him we had just covered that question. Some moderator or admin combined the two threads into one after I posted that. But I'll go back and edit out the link if it confuses you
  12. To slider's credit, he did make the Alternate Dimension the default entering dimension when JA+ 2.3 final was released (as I mentioned above, this thread is three months old). Server operators can change it to make the Primary Dimension the entering dimension, or completely disable the Alternate Dimension, and some have done exactly that. Some installed 2.3 obviously without reading any of the documentation, then asked "how come I can't get the grapple to work"? They had entered the Alternate Dimension by default, where the grapple is disabled, and either didn't realize it or didn't understand the properties of the dimensions. Instead of just using /amaltdim as soon as they entered the server, they reversed the default behavior or disabled the Alternate Dimension completely instead.
  13. You have a corrupted file, you should uninstall with Windows Add\Remove Programs, then reinstall. After you do that you need to download the 1.01 patch and update your game.
  14. Protocol 25 is Jedi Academy 1.00. Protocol 26 is Jedi Academy 1.01. About 30 servers are using protocol 25. About 500 servers are using protocol 26.
  15. C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData Within GameData there should be a "base" folder, and a folder for each mod you have installed or that was running on a server you joined. So in addition to "base" there might be folders named "japlus", "reload", "ForceMod_III", etc. Also within GameData are the game executable files: jasp.exe, jamp.exe, and supporting .dll files. Within the "base" folder are your assets?.pk3 files and various .cfg files, .dll files, along with any downloaded .pk3 files that you added.
  16. Um, this thread is more than 3 months old. Kurgan made 2 posts to revive it, I made one short post telling him about a more recent thread. Is it me or Kurgan who should be "watching ourselves"? What are you so worried about happening in a 3 month old thread?
  17. *cough* talk about reviving old threads Kurgan, we're having a nice polite conversation about "what might have been" over here http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=150582
  18. I think the scripting for the every-24 hour shutdown and restart doesn't restart the server in 15 minutes because that's when another script compresses and archives the server's log. I haven't timed it because I wasn't usually around when it happened. You can ask Escaped Turkey how long it is scripted for, and if it can be shortened if you think it's too long. Or, you can just disable it and remember to reboot your server manually every day or two, which is what JediServers.com recommended as they didn't offer the daily routine auto-reboot scripting. But the server should restart (if it can) 15 minutes after a (non-scheduled) crash. If it doesn't it's a problem that requires a manual restart.
  19. No, I understood you. If you look at the config file in Usermin that you use to launch your game and mod ################ # Jedi Academy # ################ server_exec="linuxjampded" game_directory="ja" server_mod_directory="base" server_port="29070" rcon_password="yourpassword" server_log_name="games.log" server_vm="" server_dedicated="2" server_ip="YOUR SERVER'S IP ADDRESS" server_com_hunkmegs="64" server_sv_maxclients="24" server_logfile="2" server_sv_pure="0" # server_sv_punkbuster="1" server_config1="server.cfg" server_config2="" [b]restart_time="0400"[/b] username="yourusername" See the line restart_time="0400"? That sets the time on a 24-hour system U.S. Central Time that the server will shutdown and restart. 0400 (4AM Central Time) is the default value. You can set it to 0300 or 0500 or 2300 or whatever if you want it to happen at a different time. If you put a # in front of the line or set the value at "" (blank) the auto-shutdown is deactivated. If you prefer to manually shutdown and restart your server at different times, then deactivate the auto-shutdown-restart. But if you forget to do that for a few days and your server hasn't crashed, everyone will have 999 pings at some point. The server is scripted to restart 15 minutes after a routine crash. The 15 minute value was selected to keep a misconfigured server from continually crashing and restarting every few minutes, which can affect the other servers running on the same box. If it doesn't restart within 15 minutes, then it wasn't a routine crash. JediServers.com was the same but less than 15 minutes, but I often had to manually restart my jediservers.com servers manually because the auto-restart didn't work, usually because there was a problem with the server configuration.
  20. If you have a firewall or router you need to tell the firewall to allow the jamp.exe program to connect to the Internet. You might need to open or forward ports 29060-29062 and 29070-29081 through your router if you can't see any servers. Just start the multiplayer game, click Play -> Join a Game. You will see a server browser window. Make sure Source is set to Internet, Game: All, Type: N/A, View Empty: Yes, View Full: Yes, Data Rate: LAN/Cable (if you have a DSL or cable broadband connection). You will see categories: Server Name, Map Name, Plyrs (Players), Type, Ping. Clicking on the category name will sort the servers according to that category. The most important categories are Ping and Plyrs. Ping measures the time it takes for information packets to travel between you and the server. You want Ping to be as low as possible to minimize "lag". Most knowledgeable players sort servers by Ping and play on the servers with the lowest ping. You can also sort servers by Plyrs to find the busiest servers and then pick the busiest server with the lowest ping. Many "newbies" don't know about sorting servers by Ping or Plyrs. They leave the list sorted alphabetically, which is why so many servers are named "...........": they are trying to be at the "top of the list" alphabetically Type tells you what type of game the server is running: Duel, Capture the Flag, Siege, etc. Read the manual to learn the official rules of those games. However, in Jedi Academy almost every "FFA" (Free For All) server is not playing according to the official rules. They have "converted" (some would say "perverted" is more like it) the "Free For All" gametype into something else: chatting, playacting, and dueling parlors with all kinds of extra rules and rituals. Many of them are run by cruel, sadistic, unfair, abusive "admins" who will "punish" you and call you names ("lamer") if you break or simply don't know about their unwritten, unofficial "rules" and rituals. Some people have even been "punished" because the "admin" didn't like the name that the player was using! Some might tell you "well, then just find another server, there are plenty of others", but most "FFA" servers are run the same way, so your chance of finding a good one is very low and looking for the rare exception is a waste of time. I strongly recommend that you avoid "FFA" servers entirely, or at least join as a "Spectator" (click "Spectate" instead of "Join Game" after you enter the server) to check it out and see if that's how you want to spend (waste) your time. Capture The Flag, Siege, and Duel (and most Team Free for All) servers play the "normal" way according to the ofiicial rules, so you are generally safe there. Also, download ForceMod III http://www.lucasfiles.com/?s=&action=file&id=658 and its 1.01 patch http://www.lucasfiles.com/?s=&action=file&id=876 for Windows, http://www.lucasfiles.com/?s=&action=file&id=877 for Mac for a really cool expansion of the game with multiple "classes" (you can play as a Droideka or Gungan or Mandalorian bounty hunter complete with jetpack) and the Movie Battles II mod http://www.moviebattles.com for an expansion of the Siege gametype. If you ignore my advice and go to "FFA" servers anyway, the JA+ client plug-in http://www.lucasfiles.com/?s=&action=file&id=1053 is nice to have. Good luck, you'll need it!
  21. Not true. The auto-shutdown and restart every 24 hours is strongly recommended but it can be disabled if desired. It turns out that the JA Linux dedicated server has a memory leak. The longer it runs without a restart (or crash and restart) the more memory the server uses. It runs out of the physical memory available to it and it starts using more virtual memory, which increases disk access and CPU usage. CPU usage keeps increasing until after a few days CPU-induced lag becomes unbearable. I actually first discovered this when most of my servers were with JediServers.com. After a few days of continuous running (basejka) at some points pings would shoot up and everyone would become frozen. They could chat but couldn't\didn't move (much like what you see normally on most JA+ FFA servers [lots of chatting but no moving, but I digress]). I would have to restart the server to fix it. I figured it out by watching CPU usage on the one escapedturkey.com server I had, and they analyzed the cause. You don't have to restart your JA server every 24 hours, but it prevents the total-server lag from occuring. The restart time can be set to occur at any time using the Web control panel, or it can be disabled if you want and enjoy lag. I believe there is a script that broadcasts to the players on the server that the server will be shutting down and restarting. As far as I know, the JK2 Linux dedicated server doesn't have the same problem. Also, the servers are scripted to restart 15 minutes after a routine crash (not 4:15 AM). OJP doesn't have flipkicks, and flipkicks are necessary for the type of server Rumor told me he wants to run (full-Force saber-only Duel and TFFA). The latest (last) versions of xmod2 have improved saber-tracing and hit-detection. If mediablitz wasn't banned he would also vote for JK2 over JA for the same reasons Rad stated.
  22. As far as I know, retail copies of JA have been 1.01 for some time, so it is very possible he has a legitimate (but defective) retail copy. Maybe the reason someone traded it in was because that copy is defective. Try to trade it in for another copy where you got it.
  23. If you go with http://www.escapedturkey.com, not only will you pay only $25 a month for a 26-player server with no limit on sv_maxrate, but you can install ANY or ALL of the following games, and switch between them anytime and as often as you like with a Web-based control panel: Battlefield 2 Battlefield 1942 Battlefield Vietnam Call of Duty Call of Duty: United Offensive Counter-Strike Counter-Strike: Source Doom 3 Doom 3 ROE Half-Life Half-Life 2: MP Jedi Knight 2 (1.04) Jedi Academy Medal of Honor Allied Assault Quake 2 Quake 3 Arena Return to Castle Wolfenstein RTCW: Enemy Territory Soldier of Fortune 2 Unreal Tournament Unreal Tournament 2k4 As to JK2 or JA for full-Force duels, there are actually quite of few people doing FF dueling in JA, but unfortunately most of it is on g_forceregentime 0 gripkick-spam-fest JA+ servers.
  24. If you go here http://forums.filefront.com/forumdisplay.php?f=528 and here http://www.pcgamemods.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=2 you will see there is a lot of interest in various types of modding on other boards. The whole point of consolidating and making it more user-friendly is to bring some of that activity back here.
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