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  1. seta sv_master1 "masterjk3.ravensoft.com" seta sv_master2 "master.qtracker.com" seta sv_master3 "" seta sv_master4 "" seta sv_master5 "clanservers.net" seta sv_master6 "master0.gamespy.com"
  2. A change in g_gametype does not take effect until the next map. So you have to specify the gametype in the preceeding line. For example, if I wanted a rotation where the first map was FFA, the second TFFA, and the third CTF, then repeat, it would be as follows: seta g_automapcycle "0" seta g_gametype "0" //sets the gametype for the first map set m1 "map mp/ffa3;set g_gametype "6";set nextmap vstr m2" set m2 "map mp/ffa5;set g_gametype "8";set nextmap vstr m3" set m3 "map mp/ctf4;set g_gametype "0";set nextmap vstr m1" vstr m1 // // // Also, the restart of the map to switch teams is considered a map restart (like rounds on a Duel server) so it is tricky to make a change in gametype in a rotation with with the Duel, Power Duel, or Siege gametypes. Same thing happens if g_dowarmup is "1" and is working on the mod (it doesn't in basejka). Warmup has to be disabled in the line preceeding the line with a change in gametype.
  3. There are over 300 Jedi Outcast servers with hundreds of people playing 24/7: Your game has a built-in browser to find the servers on the Internet, or you can use other browsers like the All Seeing Eye in the picture above.
  4. I think there is a rail that the tram is on that has insulated areas that won't electrocute you. You have to hop from one safe area to the next. Save the game after each succesful hop.
  5. I am guessing they removed flipkicks because it interfered with wallrunning. When earlier versions of xmod and JA+ came out with both wall running and flipkicks, the CTF gunners on my server complained a lot about the change in wallrunning vs. basejka. It was subtle but it bothered a lot of them. Hex looked at the code and made a change in later versions of xmod so the same speed of double-tap jump against a person did a flipkick, while against a wall it let you wallrun. It seemed to fix it because players didn't complain about it after that change was made. slider has announced that he has "fixed" wallrunning in the newest version of JA+ as well, and I haven't heard any complaints about wallrunning from people who play on his server as well as mine and Refresh\PickUpGamez. I am guessing that Raven probably found the same thing during their testing and they decided to drop flipkicks in favor of wall running.
  6. To use the cutomizable single-player skins in multiplayer, go to Profile, Character Model, click the Custom square on the right, and customize your skin as in single-player. Using the Hoth clothes requires a mod that adds them, like my Human Female Skin Expansion Pack. Other mods add them for other species.
  7. You can run jampded.exe, minimize it, and hardly notice that it is there. It hardly uses any resources if no one is on the server.
  8. That's one way to do it: run the jampded.exe for the server, and run jamp.exe when you want to play on it. That way you can leave the server running without running the client. A better solution is a LAN with one computer running jampded.exe and the other running the jamp.exe client.
  9. When you say "set up my game", what did you do? Did you set it up to be a LAN server? The other computer will see it in the Local section of the server browser.
  10. It would help if you explained what you meant by "lazy chat".
  11. Should have been posted in Clans Forum
  12. Read this http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=141455
  13. Broken? What did you do, drop it on the floor? Uninstall and reinstall. The only way the game files can be "broken" is if the disk is defective. LucasArts will replace a defective original disk for $5 if you return it to them. That is assuming of course that you have an original disk to return *cough*
  14. If you are taliking about the CL_ParsePacketEntities error, 99% of the time that error means you are using an illegal\pirated version of the game or a no-CD crack. Legal copies of Jedi Outcast are available for $10-20. Don't use stolen-pirated-illegal software and you won't get that error.
  15. This should be posted in the Technical Support Forum. Make sure you have the latest drivers from http://www.ati.com.
  16. Go to spectator and you can "fly" anywhere in the map. Bind a key to "cg_draw2d !" (/bind key1 "cg_draw2d !"). It will toggle off and on your HUD and text on the screen. Bind another key (/bind key2 "screenshot silent") to take the screenshot.
  17. This should have been posted in the Technical Help Forum I believe assets3.pk3 is part of the 1.01 patch. If you have an original release of Jedi Academy from 2003 you need to download the 1.01 patch.
  18. You probably have too many downloaded .pk3 files (maps, vehicles, skins, etc.) in your base folder. The game loads the shaders in them and you are hitting some kind of limit. Get rid of the ones you never use.
  19. Raven made Jedi Outcast, an undeniably great game. They also made Star Trek Voyager Elite Force (which I have but never installed) and I have heard that it is a great game as well.
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