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  1. There's a Dark Forces mod for Jedi Academy that is pretty amazing to say the least. It only has the first 4 levels or something but they are great. I don't know if today's LucasArts can be depended on to make a good game period. If you want a remake of the old SNES games, that's just what The Force Unleashed reminded me of actually. Don't pay more than $5 for it though.
  2. #1 it will run too fast #2 it uses an old school fog system that has been dropped from 3D cards for many years now. Fog will be missing and that will make it look quite off. I actually built a PC that runs Win98 and has a Voodoo5. I use it to run games from before 2000. You need a CPU around the speed of a Pentium II 300 MHz or the game runs too fast. It actually speeds up and slows down depending on what you're looking at (how complex the scene is). I'd say you could run the N64 version in an emulator but the game is kinda quirky in emulators.
  3. Windows Media Player will see CD audio tracks. So will ImgBurn. For the game to play music the drive with the CD has to be the lowest drive letter of all other optical drives.
  4. A year ago or so, I decided to put together an organized soundtrack of Dark Forces for myself and my bro. I used my X-Fi and its fantastic MIDI capabilities along with the infinitely wonderful DosBox to record the music as it played from the game itself. This allowed me to get a much more authentic recording than with extracted MIDIs, I think. I recorded each game mission, tried to determine loop points, and arranged the results. Was kinda tricky but I think it turned out really well. Anyway, I decided to upload it and let you guys have access to it. Anything for the DF community! It's encoded to MP3 with LAME's "extreme" preset. Enjoy. http://rapidshare.com/files/283266360/Swaaye_s_Star_Wars_Dark_Forces_soundtrack_compilation.zip 50MB zip file
  5. haha lol http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=968421 "lost the source code" Well isn't that special. As expected, JK on Steam is a quick cash-in jobber. They've ripped their own games off CD, rigged up some nocd cracks, and released them hoping they work well enough not to cause a riot. Oh and of course there's no music because it was all in CD audio and they couldn't be bothered to fix up the game to read OGGs or some such. I dont understand why people who already own these games would buy them again.
  6. $20 for a package with every single game from DF to JA. That's quite a decent price. That is, if you don't still have all of them on CD. However, they havent fixed problems with modern systems: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=968064
  7. I had this prob with a 8800GTX too. The game only works well with pre DX10 cards.
  8. All of the games are linear. Only Jedi Academy brings in a semblance of non-linear play with its "choose your own adventure" mission choice system. Dark Forces was really exciting for me at the time. I was a teenager back then and a total Star Wars nut and the game really nailed the Star Wars intrigue factor. The same with JK1. I think JK1 is my fav of the series because of how expansive the levels were and how much variety there was. JK2 improved everything else (I was so thrilled when I saw the previews for the first time) but lost this aspect. JA brings in the best Jedi power/saber combat system of any Star Wars game. Forget that Forced Unleashed garbage. The entire series is great.
  9. Over on the DF21 forum, I found a great post with a link to a post mortem about Shadows of the Empire. It's just loaded with interesting info about the development of the game. http://www.gamesetwatch.com/2009/04/postmortem_star_wars_shadows_o.php Really was a bleeding edge showcase of N64. They had a ton of problems to deal with. And it's interesting to read about how their decision to make so much variety in the gameplay lead to the need to make basically a bunch of different game engines for one game. So I guess that means that SotE is unique from DF and JK. Not much in the way of engine tech sharing, unless JK uses a refined version of SotE's shooter engine (doesn't really feel that way.)
  10. Jedi Knight 2 and Jedi Academy really did it better though. I just did not like TFU's gameplay or controls. I'm glad I don't own it. Played a friend's copy. TFU actually reminded me a lot of the Super Star Wars games. It has similar missions really, and gameplay mechanics in many ways. I'm not really looking for more of that kind of shallow arcade-like play. I greatly preferred the Jedi Knight games to what TFU offers. Would much rather have seen LucasArts make Imperial Commando. Too bad it would've been more prequel era stuff though.
  11. JK Readme: Min texture size was a way to get around a limitation on older cards with, you guessed it, minimum texture size. 3D cards in the mid/late '90s had lots of quirks. A usenet search found info about old Riva 128 cards needing this to be set to 4 to fix texturing problems, for example.
  12. Interesting. Well you do have to remember that PS1 has a very wimpy MIPS R3000 CPU at a whole 33 MHz. That CPU basically has less guts than 486, and it's at a low clock. Porting a DOS game that was designed for mid/high end 486s is going to take its toll unless the game gets reworked for PS1's other hardware abilities. Sounds like they didn't bother much.
  13. I liked Kyle the most when he was just an ex-imperial soldier with no force power stuff at all. I thought that Dark Forces gave a look into Star Wars that was more visceral and more "real" than the later games. You were just a merc going on missions for the Rebel military. There were no force powers (magic), just you and your guns and the bad guys. This is a portrayal of events that do happen in the SW universe, but it isn't portrayed much because the force-bearers are the "cool" bunch. In fact, it's only something you really see in the most original Star Wars game era in the early to mid '90s (IMO). Well, I suppose I'm ignoring Republic Commando but I didn't really think that game was super great. For one, it's not my favorite Star Wars era and it kinda didn't feel Star Wars enough to me as a result. It was decent though. I wish we'd seen Imperial Commando. LucasArts went down the tubes as a company and dropped it apparently.
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