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  1. As the loyal Star Wars fan I am I imediately bought episode 3 once the dvd had been released (after the checking I had money in my account and humming the imperial death march until my friends and neighbours wanted to death grip me). anyway was very happy to find jump to lightspeed trial enclosed, after activating my account i thought great, now where do i download it from, i need a solution!!!! (ps. George Lucas went way off the top with making it look "subtly like frankenstein".)
  2. You might find a format is in order cause it sounds like its in a state where its likely to blow up from the touch of a wookies fur.
  3. yeah i thought the change in his face was ok, except for the stupid klingon forehead Nah overall it was a great movie with a few cheesy parts, probably the second best star wars movie in my opinion beaten only by jedi (yeah im the only one that doenst like empire very much)
  4. I am 3 hours away from the start of episode 3, can not wait!!! I want it now damn it!!! whoohoooooo (if you cant tell im slightly overexcited) "darth vader?" "yes master?" "rise." whoohooo
  5. I've been thinking lately about the MPAA shutting down alot of websites, and similar goings on with the music industry. I was pondering whether filesharing of copyrighted material could ever be justified. On one hand I have a life time of upbringing telling me that anything you create you have the exclusive right to sell for a profit, this is probably one of the most important aspects of our culture now I think about it. On the other hand I have my gut feeling which says that no matter how hard you try if someone is involved in a creative processes with the aim in mind of making money (even if it is only in part), then it takes something away from the artistic creation. In all of this I dont think anyone has considered that maybe you shouldn't have the exclusive right to sell something you create. I think you should certainly always be credit for your work, and you should be able to stop others from making money from your work. In the end I think I feel a comprimise is probably best, a low quality (reduce resolution picture, video or reduced bitrate sound for example) version could be provided for free (or at the cost of the production). Where as a significantly higher quality version, or being able to see it earlier (ie at the cinema) could be provided at a price. I recognise not everyone is going to share my views, but I think this is the first time I've found my views severly differing from modern culture. I was wondering what everyone elses view on this was, and do you find yourself usually agreeing or disagreeing with modern culture?
  6. spam? wheres the spam? *cough*
  7. yeah my post count is still lacking atleast a thousand posts, dont worry they never give them back to you. Oh and i want a custom title of some sort to! /* starts a tempertantrum on the floor */ oh wait, milkshake, thats your area of expertise.
  8. I might be able to help, whats the sprite you need and how big?
  9. what?! christmas is supposed to be about family and friends? Never thought of that, just thought it was about getting stuff for me ok well i guess its nice seeing my family, even if they are as ugly as me.
  10. merry christmas all! What are you getting/did you get for Christmas? me? I'm getting stargate season 4, deep space nine season 5 and a digital camcorder (think its about 3rd hand though)
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