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  1. I've tried all the ports everyones suggested. 3658, 3659, on UDP, TCP and/or Both. No one can connect to any of the servers I've setup, I've used different firewalls, different servers. I've also tried all the ports for the gamespy stuff, nothings worked. Anyone know the exact ports and which protocol(s) they use? Please this information would be really helpful, I can't believe LA hasn't released this crap with the game for gods sake.
  2. That is a huge letdown. I don't know why these gaming companies don't include that kind of play anymore, its almost like adding another whole element to the game. Thanks for the info though.
  3. russ go back and read his post carefully, at the bottom is "April Fools!"
  4. Someone has probably already posted this question, if so I apologize, I hadn't noticed it yet. MY QUESTION: PLEASE TELL ME JK3 WILL HAVE COOPERATIVE PLAY THROUGH THE ACTUAL GAME????? IMHO this is one major PLUS to any kind of FPS. Take DOOM, part of the reason DOOM, and DUKE3D ruled is b/c you could play them over and over with friends or get new maps and play them together. Not the total nonstop chaotic deathmatch all the time. If this is not being considered I would hope at some point it would be, this doubles the coolness factor of the game. In fact I'd almost prefer to play a game in COOP vs SP. Maybe if it's to hard to work out COOP with how the environment reacts to character actions, you could limit COOP to a MAX of 5 players or something. This way you would have limited character actions that affect environment to deal with. At any rate I have been anticipating a modern day kicka$$ game to come out that includes this functionality like the original gaming GREATS, such as DOOM. JK3 would be all the more awesome if it had this, maybe it could kick off a trend to start spurring more programmers to start including this type of gameplay in their games. Just my 2cents. -= · eLiTeMaN · =-
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