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  1. I love these guys This might be a little much... if only for that milk part. O_o ~IG-64 As laid back and fun loving as ever
  2. Why don't you just google the cheats for level-skipping? At least put some effort into being lazy
  3. ...gotta be worth returning to the fold for. "Heavier than a bag of anvils" - NME "The best thing to come out of Eastbourne since the road to London" - Melody Maker "S**t sandwich" - Kerrang
  4. OMGz, BB's left the pop alone long enough to post a message! ...as have I
  5. Cyclic Redundancy Check usually means the disc is physically damaged and the drive can't retrieve the data because of a scratch (or crack, as happened with my first JKO ) So I just bought another one from Ebay Best bet by far.
  6. Got to admit, I've never heard of that problem before Other than a JKA-Reinstall, I don't know what to suggest. [shrugs]
  7. Are you using a different operating system this time round? I've heard that Vista likes giving people a hard time
  8. That's the kind of thing one of the FanForce chapters could work on, if[/i] they have the neccessary skills/resources/time-&-inclination of course Good observation, though
  9. How very unfortunate. Use Google No-CD cracks violate the EULA so won't be given out/discussed here.
  10. Light_Jigi, have you made any maps before?
  11. Jammy I like! I wanted to run it on my PSP, but it turns out I'll run the risk of turning my machine into a paperweight (It's a PSP Slim) :| So I'll wait until there's a more 'secure' method. That's looking good though mate, I'm actually quite jealous! Edit: Oh, and this belongs >here<, really
  12. Do you mean Kotor maps and characters to play in Jedi Academy, or mods for KoTOR?
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