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  1. I don't know who's in charge here, the four month old news update on the main page implies that it may be someone called DarkStarMojo, who I see you've contacted. I believe that the team does need help, as I think they have only two or three people working on the project. In fact at this point I think the size of the Dark Forces mod and the Jedi Knight mod teams combined is at most five. (I don't think that number would go up too much if we added the MotS mod into the mix.) Of those, I think most are mappers. I don't know if they have any modelers at all. So I'd guess that they do need help, but exactly what help they need or how you get their attention to offer it is something I don't know. - [Added:] Did it really take me more than 18 minutes to write this post? Anyway, hhunter6 clearly has a lot more information than I do.
  2. I remembered someone posting how they thought the MotS story could be improved back when a MotS mod was entirely hypothetical. I thought that I'd dig it up and share it in case it might be helpful to you. Now that I've found it I see there wasn't much there. The relevant part is this: IMHO...they should have made Mara's journey simply a quest for Kyle. The whole thing would have gelled together if she'd been informed early on of Kyle's disappearance - never mind all this 'help the Republic' business. Then it would have made sense grabbing that Holocron...so she could find out the most likely place for Kyle to be. Which you can see in context here. And apparently I posted in that thread, I had no idea. At the time I thought integrating that thinking into an MotS mod "would make it far better" at this point it's been so long since I played MotS that I hardly remember the story and can't speak to how, if at all, it might be improved.
  3. First off it looks great. I wish I could come up with better more expressive words. Second I've been wondering something for a while but had no idea who (oer perhaps "how" is a better word) to ask, since you're working with Dark Forces I figure you might know or know who or how to ask. What's going on with Archangel III? Is it dead or simply slowly on its way?
  4. So far you guys have done better then professional, I wish someone would tweak Academy and Outcast to be up to your standards. I waited three years without Firefly for Serenity, I waited for your second demo, I can keep on waiting till your done. I'm not the only one either. Whenever you release more there will be fans waiting.
  5. I won't. I'm just saying that as a result of this joining of forces the standards I judge it by (when I have seen and played it) will be higher than they would otherwise be.
  6. Are you sure that's a good thing? I mean playing the mod made my standards for everything a bit higher, but knowing that you guys are working with them now means I'll be holding you to their standards, are you sure you want that burden?
  7. I've forgotten something, or perhaps I never knew it in the first place. Are the levels being recreated true to the original or are they being reimagined like the DF mod has done and is doing?
  8. But for how long? I've got no problem waiting, years if need be, because I believe that this will be worth the wait. But from the sound of it there might never be a "this" to be worth the wait. That would be ... well I can't find a word, bad sort of fits. Wish I could help but I lack all skill.
  9. Which is probably why you have never disappointed before, you make sure things are worth it. Keep it up by all means, I'd rather wait ages than get something worse than it should have been. This reminds me, does anyone know of any other mods, be they single missions or ongoing projects, that are on par with this? The second demo has more or less spoiled me and most add ons I get, and indeed the original game, just seem to be let downs. I wish that someone would remake JA, or JO for that matter, with the same level of quality as this mod.
  10. I never said that it did not say Jedi Knight on the CD. I never said it was not a part of the jedi Knight series, I merely said that it was not a Jedi Knight game. It is not a Jedi Knight game because it is not a game. Which brings us to the second part of your sentence: It is, as it says on the CD, COMPANION MISSIONS. Official companion missions yes, but companion missions none the less. It is no more a game than the Dark Forces mod, which is of course a set of unofficial companion missions to JA intended to recreate Dark Forces. (A very good set.)
  11. So I'm childish too, I can't help it. Here goes. No one said that it didn't. It's title is Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith Companion Missions. If you want to give it a title of the form JKX then it would be: JK Compaion Missions or JK CM for short The name of those companion mission is Mysteries of the Sith, just as the name of JKII is Jedi Outcast. Something is or is not something based on what it is or is not. What it feels like is irrelevant. My cat feels like a dog. That does not make her a dog. Various episodes of various TV shows feel like movies, but they remain episodes of TV shows. Actually there is, because it is not. The difference between an expansion pack and a game is small, which is why your total inability to grasp that MotS is part of JK is forgiveable. The difference lies only in whether it is there to expand an existing game or create a new one. While the difference is small anything that is not made to expand an existing game is not, and can not be, "pretty much" an expansion pack. JA created a new game based on technologies and scripts developed in a previous one, very few games do otherwise. The gap between JA and JO differs from the gap between JO and Quake III in degree alone. JA is no more an expansion pack than JO. By that argument it would be an expansion pack for Jedi Knight, not Jedi Outcast. If you are arguing that Jedi Academy is an expansion pack for Jedi Knight we are operating on very different levels here. Which one is a better level I leave to an outside observer to decide.
  12. It's always interesting hearing people argue about things that do not matter, how about we argue about musical accompaniment, I’ve taken to playing Bach’s Brandenburg 5 whenever I start to play JA, someone say that you should only listen to JA’s own music, we’ll get into a fight, and the outcome will probably be more productive than this. On a non productive side note, Mysteries of the Sith is not a Jedi Knight game. As is stated quite clearly in official literature both in public view and packaged with the product Mysteries of the Sith is not a game. It is a set of companion missions. Modus Tollens deductive argument says that if it is not a game it can not be a Jedi Knight game because if something is a Jedi Knight game it must be a game. - In storytelling the trilogy of Jedi Knight (Dark forces can be thought of as a disconnected introduction just as The Hobbit is not part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy) could be seen as complete. In the beginning Kyle was the learner, now he is the master. He’s gone from an outsider to a member of the most elite group in the star wars universe, he’s gone from tortured by emotion to a state of balance. Doesn’t mean I don’t want JK IV. (For those of you who really want to argue why not argue on how to spell it too? The Romans occasionally used IIII to represent four, why not stage a huge debate over whether IIII or IV is more aesthetically pleasing?) - It might be nice to have another dark forces game, that is to say a no force no saber game. But the thread is about the next Jedi Knight game, if ever there is to be one. For the love of a god give us a left-handed Jedi. How is it possible that every Jedi in existence is right-handed? I’m not even left-handed and the one-sidedness is starting to irk me. Other than that I’m not really sure what I want, I can definitely say that I’d like a stronger story tying it all together, or, if it is done like JA I want there to be follow-ups. For example if you went out and got the droid you should also be able to follow up on any information gleaned from it. The distraction factor isn’t all that good either, in the Tram mission you went to the city, found out that there was a strong enough cult presence there to attempt a major terrorist act, and then left without any second thoughts? It felt to me like there should have been a second mission dealing with the rest of the cell. I think story is important in a game, and in a lot of places in JA it was exceedingly weak. - For some reason I think I sound like someone very intent on seeming sophisticated. I think it might be because I have a headache and my word choice is off kilter. Regardless, I am not sophisticated, and I’d really rather not sound that way (sets up too many incorrect expectations.)
  13. Question: Would you be able to use DFII weapons and JA weapons if/when DFII is modded to MP? I mean there are some times when I wish I had my trusty old repeater, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be able to use the heavy repeater too. I like more options when it comes to weapons, and it certainly makes for a more interesting game, in my opinion, when you have to deal with a larger variety of threats and the tactics that come with them.
  14. I am happy for you, it will be out there soon Nor would I, but it is of course more complex than that. The basic point is that it is very low tech. I haven't heard much of it in a long time, but it was pretty interesting as I recall. The way you could start with a simple concept (dirt in bags reinforced with loose dirt) and make it air tight and able to survive anything conceivable on Mars with a bare minimum of technology is amazing. Simplicity is an amazing thing. One of the things in Firefly (and thus Serenity) that I think I forgot to mention is that they don’t use lasers. I think that’s a pretty intelligent idea, I like lasers and all but I think it will be a long time before we make a weapon more useful than a rock propelled down a tube by a contained explosion. Guns will last for quite a while. I liked that in Firefly the crew regarded high tech weapons as crap, and the only working laser (more a novelty gun than anything else), though deadly, proved quite ineffective by running out of power in the middle of a fight.
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