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  1. Hey guys, just thought I come by see how things are going. The fourms look good. heh, I've heard the game is good glad your all still having fun. I START School tomorrow will be the first time I've been to public school since 2nd grade. I'm now working on Eagle scout as well. Well have fun with that canada thing Xan, and the job. Sounds like a good deal :-D. Later all
  2. awesome!!! May 5th was my dad and little brothers birthday too. I got my brother Episode III the game and he plays that alot Go may birthdays!
  3. HAHAHA OH MY GOSH THAT WAS GREAT!!! Lol hahaha awesome! Lol awesome I remember him from back in the early days. P.S. - I would have posted sooner but We've been busy moving and I just got the internet up today...but May 9th was my 15th B-day! I got ep. III the videogame for my b-day :-D it's a great game. LUV Y'ALL LOTS!!! hope to eventually get in game mabye once I get some actual cash flow. -_-
  5. hehe here's that old saying "Don't count your chickens till they hatch" Ya I read it too, I've never really liked those fourms unless the Devs post cause they are really the only ones who give actual news and stuff that I find can be confirmed upon well heh I'm making a big move and soon I'll have DSL (right now I have cable) and since I'll have my own guest house I might actually buy Jump to Lightspeed and Rage of the wookies cause damn that really got me excited to see Rage of the Wookies and Kashyyyk! Which as I remember they said wouldn't be in the game cause it was too hard to code and create. guess not. Well sooo all I have to say is, When's Corosant? now that would be one laggy planet. I REALLY can't wait though to see!!! and mabye hopefully once a few things are in order that I get back in.
  6. Ya X'ero I know what you mean with the Entertainer buff system they have going for them...I really don't like it at all and I mean what purpose do the entertainers have anymore?! I was thinking of coming back all I need to do is run and get a game card >.> might have to start a new charecter, but oh well. Only if this buff thing DOES go live, I really don't see any point. Except for all you guys.
  7. haha awesome that would seem so odd I think...well meeting a good friend from SWG and hanging out in RL. KEEP HAVING FUN!
  8. No not all the charectaristics came from the trainer Walon Vau. Jango Fett and Walon Vau encouraged the commandos to take on personallities to differentiate themselfs and become more like brothers. You can find all this stuff on the official site...They found personalities in some clones and called it the "H factor".
  10. awww look what you did Iwok. I just wish there weren't as many female twi'leks in the cantinas. That's always kind of bugged me, but otherwise I've loved twi'leks. I had a mon cal once too didn't stay with him long though cause I just didn't like using him, i had grown too fond of Jatari Bazrak but it was cool.
  11. Wow so it finally happened... heh holy crap I've been so busy that I haven't been able to do anything otherwise I would have bought a gamecard to play. I don't even have time to watch TV anymore, and I've been so busy with School (and ex's) and Scouts. Life's been crazy too. Wish I could play again but I doubt I ever will :( Next school year I won't have DSL which is even worse considering my computer is a piece of crap. GAH I miss you guys all so much. The -A- wasn't a guild we can all agree it was a family and will always remain so. Even with everyone going they're seprate ways.
  12. Ok ya Jek sorry, lol I've been away from the game...saved up money and I've been so busy with school and scouts and family buisness...lol like just last night I was elected SPL of our troop...which is the biggest troop in the Tucson area, lol and ya it's crazy but it'll be fun.
  13. lol nice well book those tickets in advance. And YAY! lots of B-day's in May lol (((must be a good month)))
  14. lol woha talk about late...HAPPY BIRTHDAY -or new years, whatever. lol
  15. hehe congrats man, though you'll never be prepared for the nights of endless screaming...and diapers needing changed left and right, and when teething comes around *cringes* OOOHHH and you'll never forget pottytraining, lol hehe. NO I don't have any of my own...I just take care of my little brothers and sisters while my mom works full time...so ya lol oh try being as cooperative and supportive of your wife at all times. (she's your wife right??? ) Heh but what do I know I'm only 14 hehehe P.S.-let the mom name the kid lol in general us guys don't have the best of names for the kids. (((My B-DAY is in MAY too lol mines 9th...SW ep.III comes out in MAY TOOO!!!!!!)))
  16. hey grask in that quick start manuel lol (I know I know) it should talk about the group commands and one of the turns on or turns off the split reward so you can get all your money instead of it being split amoungst the group. though I believe the group leader has to type it in...not sure.
  17. WOW that's cool I thought it was really over with what I kept hearing on the fourms and everyone moving over to WoW...I was really getting sad cause of all the great memories. Just wish I could play again....if only if only.
  18. Oh My Gosh YES I remember it all!!!!!! WOW!!! *sighs* I can't believe how long it's been...and just wow. great video Corzip...so is it really, over?
  19. Can't wait for when it hits Arizona.
  20. lol I have no idea if I'll even be able to get it. Heck first I need my game card. So that I can actually start playing, I hope to get it some time cause I'd love to fly (plus I know I qualify for that personal yatch) not sure I spelt yatch right...ANYWAY yeah it would be awesome for me to even GET IN THE GAME again lol, though with school and other things I do (talk to friends till early hours in the morning) I don't know when I'll be able to get in.
  21. lol wow I can't believe it. JLT is out and I actually have enough money...need to get game card first much make mom get me to store NOW!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHIIIIIIIPPPPPSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!SPPPPPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm gonna go insane -_-. must get in soon.
  22. lol I bet he's a droid and can't take off his helmet...lol but that was funny.
  23. niiice that would be sweat, well it looks like I won't be playing for a while... heh but in ten days I think I did pretty good...got to 0-2-4-2 TK and 500k in profit...hmm yeah I'd say I did pretty good. It was great seeing you guys who I got to talk to...and great hunting with a tokalar (if you ever come by the site) Oh and X'ero I went I left I put enought to last a month in the cantina...2-3 days ago lol. So most likely it won't be out of matience when you get back. and until I get that game card (YEAH MOM WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT?!?!?!) I won't be playing for a while. Can't wait for the ships to come out, and that would be awesome to have RP events on the ship and now they have new emotes for JTL lol those will come in handy. lol.
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