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    Boba is my name, Hunting is my game.
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    Warhammer 40,000, Need For Speed, Star Wars, Creativity, Lamborghinis
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    Bounty Hunter

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  1. Who are you? Edit: I'm related to no one here that I know of.
  2. which one's which? The one one the lefts eye thingys are too far away from that line circling his head. Plus, the eyes are a bit too grey. I like the one on the right better. But if the one on the left is HapSlashs' then all he's done is make it look worse. Sorry, HapSlash! Edit: I preferred it how it was when you took the screenie of the headless shadow one.
  3. What are you guys on about? Some raven guy confirmed that there will not be an X-Wing in JA? JA's out, and there is an X-Wing! Seriously! Uggghhhh...
  4. lol the brokenstaff mod isn't it! It's some sort of cheat code that lucasarts know. Ask them.
  5. I tried to kill a rancor on god mode and everything, but it just ate me, but you don't die inside it, so I used rocket launchers to blow myself out, and eventually, noclip.
  6. just cheat and type in the console: setforcex 2 (x is any force power, for example: setforcelightning 2). It works even though you're not actually on a mission.
  7. Sith use red sith synethetic crystals that when powered by the energies of the dark side, the lightsaber blade is stronger, and can occasionally break the blade. (AS demonstrated by Vader in ANH) The saber staff is not a "sith weapon". The only reason Maul used it in EP1 was because it would be more powerful and he had spent years training with it. Jedi only used single blades normally because they don't escpect to find a sabre weilding enemy and is therefore inappropriate.
  8. Kel Dorians are powreful creatures (like wookies) that have to where breath masks because compared to what they're used to most air from planets that aren't their home planet Dorin is toxic. Plo Koon's lightsaber is a mystery, as it changes colour almost all the time. But I guess, like Mace Windu's, it changed from Ep1 to Ep2. Since they're so cool, i guess lucasarts wanted to add them as a playable species because of their popularity. They are just cool!
  9. Now, this is a cool way to have bots in siege. Well, it's not totally siege, but you can give it a go. I'll call you the server. You set up a ctf or team ffa map. Then, bring down the console and type "devmapall mp/siege_x" (x stands for whatever map, for example: mp/siege_hoth) Then, you can add bots normaly (problem is that most of them get put in places they can't get out of) OR do this. type in the console (cheats should be enabled) "cmd npc spawn x" (whatever for "x", for example: cmd npc spawn snowtrooper) The imperials will shoot all rebels like in SP this way. You can also bring down the console to write "npc spawn vehicle x_vehicle" (x for anything, for example: npc spawn vehicle atst_vehicle" or "npc spawn vehicle tauntaun" (i'm not sure whether you need "_vehicle" after this one)) So you can spawn "npc spawn vehicle rancor_vehicle" and have your own siege map with bots and players while riding rancors. Plus, if you get stuck in a place where you can't get out of do "noclip". Also, "give all" gives you a jetpack!
  10. Unfortunately I have to say this is very possible, as I have been given two reasons to think that JA is finished.
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