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  1. i saw Ben Harper live. simply amazing. saw BigWig (with Captain Everything, and a few other punk bands i can't remember the names) i often go see my friend who plays in a band. i also got an other group of friends starting up their own band. saw ModestMouse live. they were great. i am gonna go see Muse soon. Frustrated that I never saw BrokenSocialScene live. I keep missing them. I saw Alexisonfire and BillyTalent. they played at a local university.
  2. http://www.emogame.com/bushgame.html if you don't agree with its message then just play it. it's pretty well made. all pixel art.
  3. buy the least expensive one. probebly the US version since you dont have to import it. and then download a free blood patch. there are really good user made patches out there. all you need to do is look around.
  4. i worship my iPod. I have the 3rd gen iPodand I like it more then the 4th gen iPod because i dont have to press down on anything. it is especially usefull when I'm driving around in my car. I don't really need to pay attention to pressing any buttons. however, i do wish i had the bigger hard drive that comes with the 4th generation. oh and don't get those mini iPod. 4gs is NOT ENOUGH. I only have about 820 songs (3.3gigs) but i also it my iPod as a portable hard drive for college. so that shoots up the used memory space by at least 10 gigs.
  5. i have a rotating wallpaper with a bunch of different art or photographs from my favorite artists/photographers. here's the one i have right now. CLINT EASTWOOD BABY! and here are reduced size examples of what i have in the rotation list. it changes every 5 minutes. oh. and before someone says anything. my desktop isn't a mess. the top folder is info about an university I'm interrested of going to after i'm done college this year. the top most pile to the right is research for a design contract I'm working on. the middle left pile is my research for a tatoo I'm desinging for myself. and the bottom pile is basicly my photography .jpgs I need to upload to my portfolio.
  6. http://syaj.deviantart.com/ i post some of my pictures on DeviantArt.
  7. My brother told me something very funny today. He told me this after he saw Farenheit 9/11.
  8. I saw the movie. The movie is good. The sad thing though is that most of the hard facts against the government shown in the movie, I allready knew. But that is because I'm an informed canadian citizen. And since this movie is out in the general public, hopefully a bunch of people who aren't as informed as I am will get to see it and actually see the stuff FoxNews, CNN and co. don't cover. The best example is probebly one of the first scenes of the movie. The florida election "scandal". The fact that hundreds of visible minorities (notebly african americans) complained to the Senate about the unfair screening of voters. Thousands of signatures were collected in Florida to stop Bush from getting in the White House and doing a recount. All they needed was ONE signature from a Senator. ONE! And nobody would give it to them. Anyways, go see the movie. Then form an opinion about it. Don't do like some Anti-Left and blindly assault Moore on being a liar. (like this guy here who goes on and on that the movie is full of lies, yet doesn't take the time to really proove they are lies.)
  9. GET A MAC!!! I use my Apple PowerMac G4 for EVERYTHING. Stable as hell. The best part of Macintosh is the fact that when I'm on the internet I don't have to worry about those stupid Pop-ups, virus and spyware/adware crap. i still have my PC thought. no problem porformance wise with the games. only problem is the opersating system itself. its garbage. it's just terrible that you need to HAVE a second hand software like Norton Antivirus (or whatever other Norton products there are) to make sure your operating system is working at least like its supposed to!
  10. i made it over the wall quite a lot of times... but i only landed like 5 times in total. its intertaining. especially the Crash and Burn map. my goal is to get at the bottom. i only go there ONCE. (and by get there i mean it in any way possible )
  11. I'm sure most of you has played the Motorcross java game. Here's an other one. http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~van/sssjava/javademo.html
  12. for some reason i think of a little kid clutching a toy chewbacca.
  13. hahah, I love that Mom Instinct! i'm 19 (20 soon) and one of my best friends (24) is married and has two kids. God I love her. She's the best. And I find it halarious because she is one of the gang and every now and then that mom instinct kicks in. and of course i love her kids. sorry having an other bliss happyness moment again. Man this march break of mine is great! nothing but good times and good memories. and once again I'm off subject.... right-o
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