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  1. Hey i have a question about Dismemberment


    I downloaded Bloody dismemberment and all it does is make the cut red so then i downloaded Blood and gore and i put that in my base but it wont show any blood coming out of the body after i attack them with my lightsaber/blaster(it works with blasters) so can you help me/

  2. Hey Crow, you still around? I'm looking for somebody to play Jedi Academy with this summer... send me an email (kurgan @ qwest.net)

  3. 360, because i dont own any of the other platforms.
  4. And not to mention how much fun it is. I remember when my friend and i were screaming over the berserker when you fight it for the first time. Loads of awesomeness.
  5. That sucks man, i only got to know stage6 for less than half a year and now its gone.
  6. Man that finishing move in the trailer is so cool. I hope we get to do it in the full release.
  7. Some of you might have seen it before, but its so funny that i have to post it Stormtroopers during a parade rehearsal here in singapore Mountain dew yoyo commercial
  8. Somehow im not surprised that bluray won. Oh well, another reason to buy a PS3 in the coming future. Heh, i doubt they'll ever will...
  9. Agreed, unless the PSU that comes with it is from a good brand like cooler master, thermaltake or antec. But you'll never find those that comes bundled with cases. However, in this case i wouldnt mind going with that bundled PSU since you're on a tight budget. Overall seems pretty decent for a budget PC, ive no objections.
  10. heyya man! Long time no see! Ive been gone for a long time too haha, recently came back but not too active. But at least im still around. Anyway, thats still the same good old avatar you still have.
  11. Rap, hip hop, reggae. I rarely listen to those, somehow i dont like them.
  12. Damn, i thought it was an interactive robot that could zap people like in the movies.
  13. lmao, those games made my day.
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