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  1. It has been about 2 years, but if anyone has located any of these mods I mentioned at that time, please let me know. Thanks! My mod requests made in October 2011
  2. from Sourceforge, and no one knows why, they're going to be looking into it. In the meantime, I have come to the rescue with two alternate download links for the files; I am also going to be backing them up on my own private file page, just in case. Jedi Outcast source code Jedi Academy source code
  3. No joy on finding most of your requests, Aku, but I did find two of them: DarthHaHa's Items Jedi Investigator's Robes I have no idea where The Hunt For Bastila and Jolee's Hut are. I requested those myself over a year ago and even I can't get my hands on them. Sorry I couldn't find more.
  4. Yes, this is the only one. There's one I know of that isn't yet linked to this one, the Kashyyyk Upper Shadowlands restoration mod on Filefront. Hopefully and eventually the final version will be released that has everything restored. At this point, it's a matter of the members having the free time to work on it, real life does factor in after all.
  5. Zerimar, Check post #60 above, VP's. The link is there. I like it, I've been using it in my current game. It's become my favorite one.
  6. Thanks, Canderis!! Duh! That was dumb. :S Thank you very, very much, Sith Holocron!! And VP and all of the people attached to the project!
  7. I hope he returns sometime as I would love to see this canonical representation of the face of Revan.
  8. What exactly is holding it up from being released, anyway? Just release the thing and be done with it, for god's sake!!
  9. Thanks for the PM, ChAiNz! I did get the one you mentioned. As for the other ones, no joy there. So, the next step is is that I am going to try to contact the authors who made them to see if they possibly still have them. Thank you so much for your response! To Jonathan7: check your inbox, I replied to your PM, thanks.
  10. I was hesistant about posting my requests here because I felt embarassed, but I read about the following Kotor 1 new planet and side quest module mods; I have checked ALL of the mod pages out there including the ones in the Where to Find Mods thread and NONE of them has these and the links are all dead; if someone has these, please PM me links, please. I have included the threads I read about them at to describe them, just in case. I'm looking for: Jolee's Hut - http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=204608 The Words Of Power - http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2658123#post2658123 Legion Of The Deadeye v0.99 - http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=191202 More Sith in KotOR - http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=192493 Deleted Echani Mercenary on Manaan restored - http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=193949 Pingag The Duros Chapter II: The Real Truth - http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=186108 New Planet Shola (final version posted 8/5/07) - http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=180335 The Hunt For Bastila - http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=171031 Thanks in advance to whomever can help.
  11. I think it has something to do with the way the graphics are rendered. Why so many people are beginning to have this error, I have no idea, I wish I knew why it has affected so many people's copies of their game. But try it, it will correct the problem.
  12. Now that's really strange, Kurgan. Because I just went and tried it out in my copy of the game, and it works just fine. Do you have the game patched to 1.01? Maybe that's why it doesn't work. Beyond that...I have no idea why it screws up on yours. I stuck it in base, I haven't tried it out with the mod just yet, but I would think it would work in tandem with it anyway in the mod folder, I would think. If not, stick it in base and see if that corrects the problem.
  13. Try WinRar, that will open it.
  14. I have Nemesis Of Katarn on my file page at Filefront, been there since last April, sorry about that!! Nemesis Of Katarn As for the problem with the Mustal mod, I'll look into it and get back to you with the answer. EDIT: Okay, I found where you found this one at (JK II Classic Files). I read the readme. No wonder you were confused. The person who wrote it didn't double-check what he wrote. Put the folder that was in the .zip file in the GameData folder only, not in GameData/base. And then click on the .bat file that is inside the folder. If it still refuses to load up, put the .bat file in GameData instead and it should start up (I hope). Let me know if you get it working.
  15. Well, the downside with that dismemberment file is that since the dismemberment setting is hard-coded into the game, I presume the game automatically resets the setting. I do have a workaround file that I am going to give you a link to that will let you set the dismemberment level to your liking and let it stay at that, and I think it will be mostly like JK2's; it's cvars that are in the Setup submenu, you can cycle through them to the level of dismemberment you want. Originally created by Open Jedi Project, I give them entire credit for it. Try it out and see if it's any good for you. Saber_Realism_Menus.pk3 Yes, the MOTS mod is still going, slowly but surely. Most of the board activity you don't see is in the team's private boards, where we post feedback and/or shots, etc. of the stuff going on. Sorry we haven't had a lot of activity in the public boards. Generally a lot of us get bogged down with real life and it drains out all of our energy for a good long while in even wanting to even look at or work on anything relating to the mod (myself included, I got so frustrated with trying to figure out lines of dialogue out of the old COG scripts from the game that I thought I was literally going to pull my hair out!!!; I am about ready to go full throttle back into the sound work and finish it ALL up, start to finish) . But don't give up hope. This will come out in some shape or form eventually.
  16. You are quite welcome. I found one other little file, but this is something more like copying text from a text file and pasting and replacing text in your Jedi Academy configuration file that the game generates, but, you might be interested in it. Basically it gives you a way to have dismemberment like Jedi Outcast has in Jedi Academy. JK3 Dismemberment
  17. There is a mod that lets you put Jedi Outcast into Jedi Academy, there's two versions of it, both done 5 years ago by obXI AKA obi1138, excellent, excellent mod, here's the download links for it: JO_JA Mod Version 2.0 JO_JA Mod Version 3.1 Do read the readmes that are on the download pages for these, as they tell what's in them. Something he didn't have, and I do, is a Jedi Outcast HUD for Jedi Academy that I came across on a website one time, and I have it saved on a disc and i also have it uploaded, here: JK2 HUD.pk3 Here's a few other files that put things from Jedi Outcast into Jedi Academy as well: I can't remember at the moment if obi put the lightsaber cursor in his mod or not; in case he didn't, here's a file that has it and in different colors: Jedi Outcast Saber Cursors And here's two animation mods that puts Jedi Outcast animations back into Jedi Academy: JK2 Animations JK2 Walk for JK3 Jedi Outcast lightning in Jedi Academy: JK2_Lightning I think you'll want this one as I remember obi replaced some of these missing npcs with other things in his mod, so this file would let you restore the originals: Classic_NPCs One other file, you might like to try out this higher quality Kyle Katarn lightsaber hilt by Trauma Sensei, maybe: Kyle Katarn's Saber If I think of any other files or come across any that you could put in jedi Academy, I'll let you know. Do be sure to read the installation instructions for the mod, very, very important. You will need to copy all of the assets from Jedi Outcast and rename them as the instructions say to do and put them in Jedi Academy's base folder for the mod to work.
  18. Well, thanks for trying to help me. I don't know what's wrong with it, i have tried everything, so I guess it's permanently screwed up. With the kind of day I have had today, it's one of many things that went wrong today, so, the hell with it. Thanks for the help in any case. UPDATE: some nice guy over at Filefront helped me solve this, didz93, and here's what he said to fix it, I never even knew about this, this would be a good stickied ref for anyone else who ever has the problem I did:
  19. I think they are up to date; just in case, I have DirectX 9.0c and my graphics drivers/card is a Nvidia GeForce4 MX 420, and I installed ForceWare Release 90 Version 93.71 WHQL (installed both last night). Now, are either of these things good enough to run the game anymore, or is there newer versions of either thing that would fix the problem, or, do I need to maybe get older Nvidia drivers? After downloading both, I still had the same issues, so it didn't work. I've also tried uninstalling and doing fresh re-installs of the game a few times, and that didn't fix it, either. This appears to only plague the character and saber selection screens and only the Yavin levels (the rest of them are fine). Let me know what you think. Thanks for the help, nizwiz, I do appreciate it.
  20. I am having the same kind of graphics problem that a couple of people had in the past, but I don't think a definitive answer was reached, but, i need help if someone can. Firstly, my characters at the selection menu only show half of them, and then, there's all of this as well: As you can see in that first pic, my character looks like she is sinking into the ground! That should not be happening at all. And then there's this: The creek is high up instead of down at Jaden's feet where it should be, and i don't see the ship or Rosh for that matter either. And this problem appears to probably only plague the Yavin maps, as I tried ones like Korriban and t2_trip and they were fine, it's just the Yavin maps that are completely screwed up. Please, someone let me know what to do to fix this!!
  21. http://www.filefront.com/14617841/MOTS-Game-Music.zip/ There.
  22. Well then we are back to the original problem. I don't believe the game is going to detect what track needs to be played with the level that is loaded, regardless of whether you made yourself a new CD of the game or not with music included or not, it just simply won't detect the tracks, I believe. I could be wrong, but that's my theory. If the music won't work on my comp, then more than likely it won't work on your Linux setup either. So I need to ask you again: do you want the zip file I made that has the tracks rearranged in actual gameplay order? As I said, I found out what the tracks for the first ten levels are thanks to popkraz97's YouTube walkthrough vids. I have no idea how he got the music to play; either he has a comp with Windows 95 and/or old equipment to run the game with music, or, he recorded his walkthroughs years ago and finally uploaded them after all of these years. I am just glad his has the music in there as that was an invaluable resource to know what the music tracks were. I just wish he had the walkthroughs up for the last four levels so that I would know what they are. I did find on opening my copy of the game in Windows Media Player that the second track is for level 12, and I also already know which track is used for the end credits. The only ones I am not sure about are for levels 11, 13, and 14, and I haven't included them in that zip I made, at least not yet. So, let me know what you want. I will be more than happy to upload the original zip I made that puts the tracks in gameplay order and I can include the level 12 and end credits music tracks if you want them as well. When that guy puts up the walkthroughs for the final levels I will definitely update the file.
  23. Well, okay then. I'll pack them up in the original order then. But just in case what you're wanting to do doesn't work I'll upload the other one at a later time.
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