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  1. Wow... the world of darkness is really filling up.
  2. Osirus

    For Sale

    Poor nemires suicide letter. A a letter from one quirky Calamarian scientist following his decline into insanity. A glimpse into the mind of a brilliant maniac... Priceless.
  3. Guild leader title: "First Among Equals"
  4. I remember that tournament... *Puts hand to eye remembering nasty shiner* *Glares at Ryxx*
  5. I'm leaving galaxies. Thanks for the Companionship, laughs and good times all. Game just doesnt have what i need from an mmog. Besides the good companions. but, I will definitely be doing EQ II, or World of Warcraft... yeah. Big hulking bloodlusted Orc Warrior! **Brandishes Wicked Axe and Lets loose a roar of RAGE!** -ahem- take care all, ill keep tabs through Jackrabbit Suriso, signing out. -------------------------------- Suriso Starstrider Starsider -=Associates=-
  6. I would like in on sunday... hopefully i will be free. I've been so soo busy lately. ARGH! - suriso
  7. Savage HL - Counterstrike (lots of counterstrike) HL - Vampire Slayer HL - The Specialists HL - Team Fortress Classic HL - Day of Defeat HL - Earth Special Forces MOHAA Freespace 2 ARMY Ops Quake II Age of Empires Homeworld Everquest Dark Age of Camelot Battlefield 1942 Warcraft II Warcraft III + Frozen Throne Star Craft Viet Cong Mechwarrior 2 Mechwarrior 3 Mechwarrior 4 Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries Mech Commander Unreal Tournament Unreal Tournament 2k3 (mostly at Lan parties, a little online) RtCW Starwars Jedi Knight II Outcast + Academy Played Tron but it didnt gripped me... never played it online. Played Halo for PC but not online. Recomendation: Buy Half life. Even though the engine is outdated this title will be alive long after HL2 releases. You get tons of mods. People who cant handle HL2 will still be playing this, and its only 25 bucks.
  8. well on top of all that stuff grask researched... its just windows 98. This stuff happens because with windows Me and earlier (includes 98) There is no HAL. (Hardware Abstraction Layer) Which, though its a pain for a hardware interface devolper, its really beneficial for a standard user because it doesnt let the operating system or the user directly interface with the hardware. That makes these sort of conflicts go away for the most part. So yes, best solution would be to Buy or get your hands on a copy of 2000 or XP. Suggestion: If thats not possible format and reinstall windows. Unless you recently added a device or changed a driver for something right before this started happening. In which case remove it. Otherwise thats a long list of possibilities and alot of it you wont be able to test or fix easily... and 95/98 has always just been... "quirky".
  9. ill do it. city name, loc, and who to contact please.
  10. before formatting or reloading windows describe the problem in detail. im a pc tech by trade and i might be able to help...
  11. Osirus

    Run in with TIO

    I seek no further resolution for the matter. I was served... and then i served funny thing is that at that last moment i knew if i failed to defeat them right there i would be at their mercy for hours, I was so adrenaline pumped that i totally forgot to drink my tat sunburns and slap on my shield belt. In the end i gave better than i got. Still a raid for fun some time might be in order...
  12. kind of how i imagined it but i really wish it had like 10 x the item content and customization. Thats where its at... Its the frigin galaxy should be a lot more weapons choices. id like to see more hats. screw continuity... to a certain extent.
  13. very cool... though engineering 4 would make more sense i can understand moving it to master artisan... a little less market flooding. Hopefully there will be big differences in product depending on material composition.
  14. Irresponsible use of militia powers on both sides. Fire both. Or at least a good suspension. We should brook no nonsense. ------------------------------------ Suriso
  15. shady meadow... sounds like a dark old-folks home where they use seniors for forced slave labor to make your spice!
  16. Osirus

    Run in with TIO

    The part that irked me was how they abused their militia status and continued to attack after my first death there. Fine it was my own mistaken curiosity the first time but... i was facing a perpetual death thing if they would have won the second fight and then however many more times they wanted to kill me. And im sorry but i dont have time to read every guilds posts at all the sites... the only ones i check are ours. The rest of the time id rather play. and yeah i wouldnt mind raiding them |= )
  17. At the launch of Player city shuttleports i went on a big shopping spree on naboo... found some good deals 2 t21's for 5k each and a jawa ion rifle for 1k all good quality, but anyway... i end up in Thalnax or whatever its called which is the Player city for <The Imperial Order>. I do some shopping and am about to leave and i see an interesting structure on a hill near the city... wondering if it was some new city feature i went closer. too close as it was an imperial base and a covert faction ddetector picked me up. I ran for my life down the hill from 2 turrets a storm trooper and 2 TIO members, one a master pistoleer, the other i dont know what he was but he had more HAM or defenses. So im incapped, they are walking up to me and i ask them please not to DB me as i was just spending credits in their town and not looking for trouble. Well you can guess what they said... some bad immature taunts and something about not going up their hill. So i respawn in their base... pissed about the wounds and 5% decay on my 200k set of armor and just wanted to leave. They were waiting for me and both were militia members. I stand up and already have a 30 second timer counting down to get out of town. I start running and they say well "i guess your not gonna be shopping here anymore" and other such taunts. I just want out of here so i dont reply. Then they start shooting and pursue me with one of them mounted and the other using some sort of Merek Spider. I cant burst run because im tired and im dying so i ask again for them to let me go. Still taunting they pursued. Now at this point im extremely frustrated. And thinking i was way outclassed i said **** it, turned around, shot up with pixie, and hoped to take at least one out. I knew for certain i was dead. In short They both died, their spider pet and the dewback one of them was riding. i stood there shocked told the one guy thanks for the hospitality and strode out of town rather satisfied with myself
  18. Sweet, whats the probability of some of these suits trickling down eventually...
  19. Osirus

    Decent Quests

    Im sorry, but if there is no recognition for the quests, no reward or variable to be stored that at least recognizes the accomplishment... and the only thing you can get out of the whole thing is hours of running and maybe something to decorate a house with that no-body but you ever or very rarely looks at... thats pretty ******* lame man.
  20. Osirus

    Decent Quests

    Does any one know of any good quests? I've been going through Allakhazam for over an hour now and the rewards just plain suck. It's pathetic. Nothing is worth doing. I wish they'd add some content...
  21. I think Jaegar is the best Bang for the Buck, but not the very best Bang. Still high quality though.
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