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  1. ever used the google search? http://www.askcheats.com/PC/Star-Wars-Battle-for-Naboo-Cheats-Codes.html http://www.gameburnworld.com/Cheats/pc/pcstarwarsbattlefornaboo.htm
  2. Day of the Tentacle is one "perfect" game.... If you can't afford more than one, i would suggest Day of the Tentacle. Full Throttle is perfect also, but i believe its shortness can take you back (it can last 1 day or 2
  3. The wonderful 2 wing-boys And Lupe They are in my heart
  4. What camed into my mind is this. A Grim Fandango Anime (japanese animation) it would be perfect
  5. it would be a nice idea. But we would also need a "director"
  6. Celebration YEEEE *blows the place up
  7. *falls down from the laughs A "KILL him" would be better
  8. Everytime i see Grim getting such good words from known sites, magazines etc my heart gets so happy...as if grim was my creation... i know i am crazy
  9. It's impossible to really play the game in just 30 minutes, i had plaied the game over a dozen times and it takes somewhere off 5 to 6 hours to truly play it all. The better time is 6 hours.
  10. great idea. No help from here I would sujest to make the story taking place from the time manny has left the 8th underworld. Probably Eva or another trying to "wipe" out all the rest "bad people" from el marrow and then travelling to the other cities to help there also...
  11. Definitely Number 2. One of the best atmospheres in the whole world...I wanted to play that part for ever if i could. I never wanted it to end. When i saw the end of year 2 i really felt i was leaving behind something wonderful and part of my life.... Ok i think i got a little hype over here
  12. found the thread and the site of Qui-gon but the links don't work
  13. Hello...(new here also )
  14. you must know i am not 5 year old. Anyway your saying could have been easily misread...Your new explanations where better, well done. em....there are also books? ... and there are far more thinks in sex, that you never even dreamed about it. Sex isn't just insert object "A" in slot "B", that's a piece of cake, even for animals. The think is to understand your partner, not only phycically but also with the mind. And that's where the "knowers" give their knowledge more...to the mind aspect. and it's pleto..what the heck with the "y" nope, thank goodness i know these things. Just ask some other people who don't even know the problems to their marriage is the fault of their sexual life, or they see their child locked to him/herself... and then you will see who is frustated.. lol ( and also the needs of men) too bad that's true, we are living in a very Taboo society Ijust try to know and understand human soul as best as i can...i am obsessed with far more objects than sex...sex is just ONE of the many thinks out there to know...
  15. Read carefully and it is. Sex and its problems affects people to a high degree that has define their life. example : there cannot be a happy marriage without a healthy sexual connection. example 2 : a teen who has problems defying it's sexuality can become so frustated that he won't be never happy in his life. well you should have great respect...or you are never gonna fulfill a woman's needs ever and about the possibilities in gaming. I believa a "good" game for gays would be a simple one where the hero is gay without being stereotypical. Just that...T he "gay gamer" could feel better the connection between him and the game... Simple things...as when woman's feel more warm in a game where the hero is a heroine... Yes....don't laugh. What if, in the game, max was gay and they killed his Partner and their adobted child.... Yep
  16. Dear yoda, i think the drugs has cassed eye-problems --------------- i choosed Qui-Gon, why? I prefered him very much from the film, and in the game i love the Mos Espa level where you use him
  17. YEEES. Cheers Hey i don't want to leave from this place
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