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  1. That was one of the funniest things I've ever read, since like...the lord of the rings thingie. Anyways, maybe Kyyyshak will be a good thing, you can skin wookies and sell them for a resonable price to the imps. And, whats with the imps on kyyyshak, I thought it was a mainly rebel planet?
  2. I thank corzip and all the founding memebers of -A- for getting me started in this game. Arina originally told me about this game and it fascinated me, I decided to try it out and joined these forums. I joined a month and a half after launch, but people were still grinding and such, but -A- was so helpful, I asked questions and you guys answered. You all helped launch me into this game and get a good footing. I truly believe -A- always stuck to its philosophy of being the "association", where we were just a group of friends playing an inspiring game. I have so many memories built from that game, mostly consisiting of -A-. I remember when this happened. I remember when Murashu did all those hunts. You guys helped me meet some of the coolest and unique people, particularly Grask, Tebra, Corzip, Baboo, Jo, Froobie, Murashu, Jatari and Jan. Infact, I had so many good experiences I might come back to this game...might... Thanks for all the good times. /target -A- /hug
  3. /loot; /ninjaroll; /fadeintodarkness; /chortle
  4. Man, I remember most of that. Even the murashu guild hunts when I was a squad leader and an up and comming rebel. Back when my home was the rebel outpost. And Rorana... And the Guild War ... /tear
  5. Fileshack linky Latham Films Linky (Edit: Hmm, that second link is a fake trailer, didn't notice :blush: ) Edit2: Finally found a decent linky that doesn't require a membership. Yay for google.
  6. Wow, that was really well said, much better than I could do, even with your choppy english (no offense). There is a lot of stuff missing in the game to be really like star wars, but to do it without turning it into a single player game or making it nearly unfunctional and unfun would be near impossible. Once again, very well said.
  7. Have a few Jawa Beers for me, Corz. Happy B-Day.
  8. Happy B day, bud. Have a beer or two for me Edit: Grask right now (Check out the next few)
  9. I could care less that he was superman. He made some great contributions to the stem cell research. Better than most men with 4 fully functional limbs.
  10. /eyebrow /blowkiss /hideindarkness
  11. Good stuff right there. Edit: Actually, the funniest thing there was seeing the Pentium 4 logo with "runs great on" next to it. I think I almost cried...
  12. Wha? Something useful in this game? I deny it.
  13. That movie brings a tear to the eye. It truly does.
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