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  1. Ah, then it is Wodehouse. Wodehouse is a genious.
  2. P. G. "Plum" Wodehouse is one of my favourite authors. The stories about Jeeves and Wooster are simply genious. Now Wodehouse also invented the character Hon. Galahad Wodehouse. What I wonder is if Guybrush got his surname as an homage to Wodehouse or if it is uncorrelated?
  3. Still no info on the specs of BS3? I want to know if I will be able to play the game.
  4. I hope you had a fully 3D brithday cake (and I don't mean prerendered here) with billions of polygons, just for your viewing pleasure. Happy Birthday!
  5. It sounds like it has a really farfetched boring story, but then, I haven't played it so I really don't know.
  6. Yes, Syberia is about the most slow-paced game you can buy.
  7. The title song can be found on the official french runaway-site. To be precise it exists here: http://www.runaway-lejeu.com/telechargements/telechargements.htm Look at the bottom, there are three mp3:s with the game music there.
  8. It would be nice if they did something like Neverwinter Nights. NWN just sells one version and lets people download the linux client/engine freely (which is of course rather useless without the actual game) from the net. That would give people the choice to run in the environment they like. The distribution costs for the linux client would be very low that way.
  9. I try a new snapshot about once a week, so I didn't hit the best spot to try it, but from what I saw it looks really good. The only thing I complain about is that my computer is too slow to play in 2xsai-mode and other similar smoothing features.
  10. If someone is interested, the scummvm now lists Broken Sword 2 as completable. I have not been able to do that, the game crashes on me too often while trying to play sounds, but I have been able to play a little in the beginning of the game. Amazing work by the ScummVM team.
  11. This is donw with alpha-channels in the png. The original png is just a white button. This colour is changed using CSS. Normal it is a red button. When you hover over it, it should be blue and when you click on it dark blue. (look in the source code to see).
  12. Yes, another thing is that IE can't handle png:s correctly. Try this site in mozilla and then in IE and see the difference: http://www.pp.htv.fi/hsivone1/css-test/bitmapstyle.html
  13. I actually use opera in linux (mostly), I have galeon, mozilla, firebird and w3m (text-browser) installed too. On windows I use firebird, because it is simple and effective and I don't browse that much on windows. My review site (click link in my signature) looks better in opera/mozilla than in IE (IE is lousy at handling css correct). Another point why everyone *should* switch to a standards-compliant browser is that as a web designer it is a pain in the ass to make it look good in IE while trying to stay standards compliant. I have no will to go around and make my html/css-code look ugly just because IE is crap!
  14. The plan is for mozilla to use Firebird (browser) and Thunderbird (Mail) in the future in the mozilla suite. It will not be for mozilla 1.5 though. Look at this place for info about the 1.5 beta: http://www.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla1.5b/
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