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  1. i know the swamp isnt the only place you all hang out. what other forums do you hang out at and what are your names there mine are: SF Fandom(The Cheat) MKKBB(FlipperTohans) SpaceStation K7(The Cheat) CBn(TheCheat)
  2. i was just saying its on the dvd in case somebody that has the dvd and didnt know it was on the dvd could watch it on a larger screen (AKA a television) so it will look better then it does in the link, the link still does it justice though
  3. thats some pretty crazy ****. looks pretty kool, but i think i would get tired of it after a short period of time.
  4. looks much better then the version on the website
  5. its an easter egg, disc 1 of the extended edition, go to select a scene, go to 29-30, highlight 30, click down, ring should appear, click enter
  6. I SIGNED IT:D Tarantino could seriously do so much to help the Bond series, and Brosnan really needs a good one to go out on. Heck they could make 2 at the same time, this one with Brosnan, and another one with the new Bond (Jackman!)
  7. while i like duel of the fates, and i also like the rotj music, the best would have to be the music from the empire strikes back, its just classic, cant beat the imperial march
  8. very interesting, i think ive seen something from those guys before
  9. awesome, this movie just looks better and better, cant wait for june 30th
  10. listen to this man, he is very wise myself, i just ask girls to marry me, sometimes they say yes, sometimes i have to get in a line, and sometimes i get a polite no(with a hug)
  11. Clemme the ladies man, good luck mate
  12. i put mine in a large magic waste disposal container
  13. the ewok definitly, just shows so much emotion
  14. "Where the **** you been?" -Yen (Ocean's 11)
  15. i was talking to someone and they said that they heard sati was in the animatrix. i dont have that dvd to check but i was wondering if any of you know if she was in one of the short films. i dont remember seeing her in it but i may be wrong.
  16. i could always use a little smurfette. just a hot blonde that will get down and dirty like smurfette does. thats why papa smurf made her, the other smurfs were all getting to horny (except vanity, he was a homosexual). then papa smurf would tape the gang bang and beat off to it later
  17. yours didnt work for me http://www.starwars.com/episode-iii/bts/production/news20040405.html but thanks for the update
  18. it was ok, my favorites would be the chaouteu and the final fight, the other ones were pretty lame imo. the archetect one was alright. the spoon one was just messed up and the rave party, nah.
  19. that new batmobile looks pretty badass. it would definitly scare the **** out of me if i ever saw it coming at me, much more threatening then the one that was based around a corvettes frame
  20. n64! cant beat the classic feel of goldeneye. that game was just way to awesome and still is
  21. http://movies.yahoo.com/dvd/news/df/20040401/108083880000.html who would spend almost $800 on a dvd let alone a dvd of a season of some soap opera?! specs for star wars dvds sound pretty good so far though. commentary by george, carrie and some other guys? ill take it
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