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  1. my sis has a 5200 and trust me, you will want more power then that. i would suggest the 5700 from nvidia or the 9600 from radeon because they are both really good cards and will not put too big of a hole in your wallet
  2. have to go with resident evil on this one because thats the only one of them i have played
  3. i dont remember this being in the forums, its great http://www.ebaumsworld.com/bubbrubb.html make sure you check the song too
  4. major spoilers in there guys, just a warning for those who want to wait for the movie to see all this
  5. met a girl at a state competition last friday for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and we really hit it off. she actually broke up with her boyfriend when she got home. guess nobody measures up to the cheat. we will hopefully be going to prom together but she lives like an hour away, as long as it is ok with her mom she will go with me:D (oh and what is real cool is that we were both there for the Accounting I event and I got first and she got second so we will both get to go to the national competition in Denver)
  6. i still need to see pitch black, i heard that was real good, i will have to check that out
  7. i havnt played any of those so i will just say enemy territory
  8. awesome, cant wait to see this one released
  9. wow that game is fun. and i learned a lot while playing it but i will have to verify that the physics of the explosions in that game are true to the real world:p
  10. looks very sweet, add to the other great trilogies in my collection of dvds -the godfather -indiana jones -back to the future --now STAR WARS (the holy grail of dvd) -(and lord of the rings and the matrix when revolutions and rotk come out)
  11. welcome back sam, i was just beginning to get used to the forums without you
  12. happy st patricks day! looks at title oops wrong thread, ok happy bday zappa
  13. girl next door looks awesome, cant wait for that to come out:D i dont mind the ads, without them LF would probably not exist
  14. 8587.7!!! love that one where it keeps going, at first i thought it would never stop. the blood one with mines is pretty cool too
  15. Happy Birthday Lindsey Here is to you:cheers:
  16. thanks guys, i really appreciate it. that made my day to see a happy bday thread just for me. you guys are the best heres to me and another great year at lucasforums:cheers:
  17. im gonna get this one and the extended release, i am so damn impatient
  18. windvd came with my dvd-rom drive, it works great for screens, i have so many shots from films, especially when somebody disagrees with me about something in a film
  19. OK I have gone through two dvd players and both have had problems where during a movie the disc would skip. do any of you have a dvd player to recommend that does not really have this problem with discs. My new one does not do it nearly as much as my previous one but i still have problems with it from time to time
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