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  1. Oh dear, it broke continuity with some of the times you played through the original game. Damn them! I played through Kotor as differently each time as I was able. Hoping for a sequel to match all of those changes is rediculous. The discussion with Atton is already cringeworthy. Who cares what was (and what ended up)between Revan's legs in KOTOR? Its not a big deal. Think about what you want more from a game. One that is extraordinarly interactive and responsive to your actions _NOW_ while you're playing it, or one that is rather static and unresponsive because the developer has to remember each change you make, and somehow incorporate it into all successive games seamlessly. I really can't see what's wrong with a writer deciding what Revan was and what they did, and writing a stronger story because of it. I enjoyed my time playing as Revan but I'm capable of letting them go in the interests of better stories and more 'now' interaction in any subsequent games.
  2. Cipher (cypher) can mean zero, or nonentity. Its often implied or directly spoken that 'the force' exists in all things (like in Yoda's speech to a young Luke in A New Hope) and likewise, everything is subject to the force. In TSL there are special dark side assassins that can sense individuals strong in the force. The surviving, hiding council members speak of how they avoided detection. A common ploy being to hide on worlds teaming with life/the force so as not to stand out (even Yoda did this). But what about the exile? Years wandering alone while all other jedi are hunted to near extinction and none of the assassins finds the exile (see the comments made when first encountering them on the Harbinger). Even Kreia admits to some extent how hard and lucky it was for her to finally track the exile down. The exile somehow withdrew themself not just from being able to lift rocks and shoot lightning from their fingertips... but from being influenced by (and detected through) the force its self. A nonentity. Religious people in the real world feel that people who don't believe in the divine (or the correct divine) are still subject to divine influence and rules. That everyone faces judgement/is measured (and placed back on the wheel perhaps) and that right and wrong are intrinsic. There are strong parallels to this in Star Wars. Throughout TSL Kreia is continually asking the exile to question the nature of right and wrong and in particular the influence of the Force on perceptions of right and wrong. Bastila also covers it a little in KOTOR when discussing the justifications those influenced by the dark side create for their actions. I'm inclined to believe Kreia's lines about destroying the force was a bit of mad outburst/pipe dream. A more attainable goal would be for her to make use of both of the exile's extraordinary talents. Use the force bond ability to draw the remaining force sensitives to the exile, and the cipher ability to switch them 'off' from the force. At least then she eliminates the existing dogma and training associated with the force (which would seem to be necessary on occasion if you view the movies in a particular way) and her revenge on those who betrayed her is so much more personal. Given that in the ending of TSL where the big bomb is set off once again, one has to wonder if in any sequel we actually will play as the exile once more. Was it the great loss of life at Malachor V the first time that triggered the exile's cipher ability or something else? Revan embraced both extremes of the force to be prepared for what was in the unknown regions, a feat clearly not possible for the majority of jedi. Being able to switch yourself off from the force would seem the next best thing. An aid perhaps in slipping deep inside the enemy lines of a force sensitive race? Only to hook up with Revan and rebuild your force abilities (as with Kreia) for whatever mission of daring do the writers come up with? Wishful thinking on my part I'm sure.
  3. I felt Kotor 2 did the better job in handling NPCs than the original. I found the NPC snippets rather frustrating in the original Kotor precisely because they where so separate from the main story line. This was amplified because when it came down to it, you could't progress these separate NPC quests without progressing further in the main plot (gaining experience). So you're performig one unrelated task in order to further another. Didn't you find it at all upsetting to continually get the 'we've spoken enough, lets wait till you get more XP before I give you another tiny bit of dialogue' response?. With Kotor 2, most of the NPC background was able to be discovered at your own discretion. You could not only talk their ears off, but get different reactions from just about all of them based on if they where with you when you did key things in the main plot. The influence meter was an excellent means of drawing out their stories by making you do things in the game world (that they respond to) rather than waiting till the experience meter hit the next magical number. Likewise it was more gratifying to shift their perspective to your own (to varying degrees and with differing difficulty) or antagonise them. How you further the main plot, changed their story... thats engaging. I felt Kotor 2's NPCs where more directly tied to the main plot(s) (Visas and the Handmaiden for example). I found this a strength rather than a weakness. In dealing with them, you where still dealing with the main story. One progressed the other. I would much rather delve into an NPC's motivations for adventuring with you and to hear their take on the main plot (this is what they're risking their lives over!) than hear edited, read from a script snippets about a traumatic childhood/defining moment in their past. Understandably Bastilla kept pretty mum about why she was there for the ride in Kotor. I didn't really buy Carth's Saul Carath routine though. Why would sticking with a couple of novice Jedi *running* from the sith and trying to stay under the radar be the best way for him to get back at Saul? Even when you confront him he won't nick off. Who knows why Canderous sticks around in the cargo hold, unpaid and unused. Ultimately though I love Kotor II not for its main plot, but for what it gives back to the original Kotor. The biggest mystery in kotor is never addressed in kotor. Star forge carrots aside, as soon as you get 'the twist' wouldn't the first thing on your mind be what was Revan (me) thinking before I got amnesia? Especially if you're playing as a light side character. Revan's motivation, Revan's agenda, its not even looked at. Its just alluded to that as soon as Revan 'fell' to (made use of!) the dark side they became a stupid cliche badie. Kotor II at least hints at deeper meaning and thought behind Revan's actions. The idea is frequently explored that the *stronger* individuals make their own decisions, not let the force dictate their actions (see Kreia's motivation for playing along).
  4. A lot of threads so far are understandably focused on what we want in any possible sequel... with people throwing ideas forward based on the assumption that they way they played Kotor, and Kotor 2 was 'the best' or that we all did it the same way!... I'd love to hear a little about everyones best runs through of KI and KII, as a lead in to KIII... I can't be the only one who's played through the games many different ways but to start the ball rolling: In Kotor, I really enjoyed playing Revan as female. Ambitious, a bit ruthless and unforgiving but still light side aligned. I certainly *didnt* romance Carth, he was carrying far too much baggage still for anything mutually enjoyable to occur. I saved Bastilla, but only for practical reasons (the republic will need her BM power) though I sorely wanted to help her reach the natural conclusion for her weakness. In Kotor II I preferred playing the Exile as Male, focusing on chasing down information about Revan in order to follow her, rather than the lackluster threat of hungry-vampire-jedi. I stayed light side aligned and saw in The Last Handmaiden and particularly Visas, a reflection of my naive hero worship for Revan (so no nookie there either). I resolved to follow Revan to the Unknown Reasons both to aid her as I will always (she's a genius after all) and to wonder if I'll ever be worthy of more personal attention from her. How did you play I & II?
  5. Expand the class options to allow non jedi that can finish the game... and still not be a jedi. I'd love to play as a droid mechanic or a out and out rogue with a Jedi or two in my party rather than having to be the one holding everyone's hands all the time. I've always felt there was so much more to the Star Wars universe than mystical powers and lightsabers. If you must stll have giant sith battles you could just party manage to deal with them. This would also mean an end to cliche one on one battle's at the climax.
  6. http://www.mobygames.com/game/covers/gameCoverId,418/gameId,223/
  7. Number 1 ! At least it gives a suggestion of character and story elements. Rather than some obscure logo. You're all just die hard adventure fanatics afraid to let newbies into the club! Not that I really care what box turns up on our game shelves, the only time a box ever influenced my purchase was when I saw better screenshots on the back of one when deciding between two choices.
  8. Maybe due to a certain Ben Affleck movie. I don't like the adventure company one at all, it looks quite amateur. The space on a game box is limited, it seems a waste to shrink the characters down so, stick them right in the middle and remove all trace of characterisation. There is entirely too much writing for a cover too, perhaps it would work better as the inside image on those flip case boxes. It lacks personality. People relate to a face so much more, why do you think the layout is so frequently used in movie posters? Rarely do you see movie posters that present the major characters so diminutively. I don't see how you can think the close up of their faces will attract the wrong type of gamer? Is there a wrong type?
  9. Now, the world don't move to the beat of just one drum, What might be right for you, may not be right for some. A man is born, he's a man of means. Then along come two, they got nothing but their jeans. But they got, Diff'rent Strokes. It takes, Diff'rent Strokes. It takes, Diff'rent Strokes to move the world. Everybody's got a special kind of story Everybody finds a way to shine, It don't matter that you got, not alot, So what, They'll have theirs, and you'll have yours, and I'll have mine. And together we'll be fine.... Because it takes, Diff'rent Strokes to move the world. Yes it does. It takes, Diff'rent Strokes to move the world. The news of little houses with bookcases seems to address the 'hey girls drop that Sims expansion pack and come over here!' issue. But seriously... Competition (and playing with doll houses) is part of life, Uru would be mad to avoid using competition as a point of interest, even if they try to avoid it, it'll happen anyway. I know women who enjoy violent fps games, and mindless hack and slash 'rpgs', its a bit silly to claim the mere lack of those elements will make it more enticing to women. Certainly marketing and character design are things that need to be worked on though, I'm in agreement with you there.
  10. = the major reason this is going to be a hard sell. If it requires a subscription fee, even more so. It'll be harder to avoid spoilers than solve the actual puzzles. How do you attract new players months after release? How will long time players mix with newer players? New content is the lifeblood of online games, and adding content for Uru is going to be that much harder than it is for rpgs like Everquest or Lineage where new content is just some re-coloured monster and a new cave or 3 to walk through. Where the focus is on character development (and boringly limited to it in a lot of cases... I'm looking in diablo's direction). Uru could push the boundaries of online content but with it comes a lot of obstacles I have no idea how they'll avoid or deal with. The avatar is Bad Bob from the Aardman animation series 'Rex the Runt'. Great show.
  11. may, may, might, may, might... I thought this game was nearly finished, talk about vague. What are these 'pub' environments they're trying to avoid? Are they afraid of a 2 drink minimum or something?
  12. Does he use bullet time during the love scenes? If they're going for film noir romance then they just basically told you the plot, Sachs/sax must emotionally castrate Max and frame him for a crime she committed. I wonder if they'll let her get away with it like Wendy Kroy (Linda Fiorentino *drool*) in "The Last Seduction" or go with the traditional hollywood ending where the strong independent woman with the means and moxy to take advantage of the 'hero' is brought to heel by closing credits.
  13. Serves him right, fancy marrying his sister! crazy greeks (Yes, yes I know)
  14. Fable isn't out till spring '04 either. http://www.gamepro.com/microsoft/xbox/games/news/30406.shtml
  15. Pfft cancer, the guy who came 4th completed most of the tour with a broken collar bone. Can you imagine riding up and down mountains through that? An Aussie won the green!
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