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  1. Thanks, hagstrumpa, I appreciate that . The thing is, I bought a German copy of Runaway some time ago, because I couldn't wait any longer for the English release . Actually, it's not too bad, although I usually always go for English copies when I get the chance . Oh, and I heard some completely unconfirmed rumours about a possible development of a sequel to Runaway over at http://www.aventuraycia.com (the article is in Spanish only). If I understood it correctly (which is always doubtful ), they claim that reliable sources told them the sequel would be officially announced soon, and could see release by X-Mas 2004. Neither Pendulo Studios nor FX Interactive were available for a statement at the time being. Not too excited? I'm neither, considering that Runaway still has to be distributed in the UK and USA. Well, let's wait and see .
  2. Um, if it's any help, my copy (German version) runs smoothly except for some graphical errors which appear to occur randomly during cutscenes. Haven't encountered any other bugs so far.
  3. LOL, good point . Well, some of us might be named "goo" which is certainly an equally terrific name to have in life .
  4. No, but the way gamespot put it was correct. Gina tells Brian that she's a lounge singer after he brought her to hospital. Might not be true, though ;) . I'm afraid they're also right in what they say about the puzzles. It can get very frustrating if you have the right idea on how to solve a puzzle and Brian just refuses to execute your plan just because there's a tiny thing missing, like examining an item again. Doesn't happen all of the time, though, and I could live through it .
  5. I'll definitely purchase the PC version, because I don't own a next generation console either. Broken Sword 3 will be my first BS game, I just hope there won't be too many references to its predecessors so I'll be able to understand the storyline .
  6. Hey, this is absolutely not true... I object to this... I've never played stuff like Insaniquarium ! Yep, gamers are very sociable, the forums being a good example in my opinion. By the way, I came across a recent survey which claims that US females are more interested in the internet and PC/video game playing than European females. Maybe this helps to explain the different figures...
  7. http://www.gamesdomain.com/demos/demo/1511.html for example. But it's not really a demo, read curacao's post: And you still need True Motion Codec (for download at GamersHell.com) in order to get it to work, as Firefoot already mentioned. Still want to try it out ? Read Homoludens' Runaway thread for info on the demo at GamersHell.com (seems to be a different one but pretty lame according to him).
  8. Alright, the story of this game is set in the USA, if that's what you meant. Satisfied ?
  9. I've played Fate of Atlantis and I liked it as well. The various locations and the option to play through the game in 3 different ways were really neat. Actually there are two fan-made followups to the older Indy games in production, one being a direct sequel to Fate of Atlantis. You might want to visit the homepages of Fate of Atlantis 2 and Fountain of Youth . Both are stated as freeware games.
  10. Now, at last you'll get to play that terrific game . Even though some strange facts about its production may remain unknown *plays x-files intro music* . I'm replaying Runaway at the moment, it's just that I still remember most of the puzzles *sob*.
  11. I agree with you then, amishler, those legal affairs are very likely to cause such a holdup. After thinking about that, it also explains why an English version was produced in the first place, because if Pendulo didn't have any publishers in the UK & the US they wouldn't bother investing money in an english-language project.
  12. Firefoot, why the complete English version hasn't been released yet is beyond me either. I just guess it's more a financial issue than a technical because they must have already made the English voice-overs as an English version with Dutch subtitles is available like you and others stated. I could imagine that Pendulo Studios has some troubles in finding a publisher for Runaway in the UK. Don't know if I'm right, but I think Pendulo had financial problems like this before so at first it was not clear whether they could release Runaway at all.
  13. You can also preorder the US version of Runaway for 08/2003 at http://www.chipsbits.com . The price is $28.95, costs for shipment not included. So the total price will probably match that of the English version with dutch subtitles, ysbreker spotted at intertoys (45 euro).
  14. This puts me at ease . Thanks, and it's good to hear (read) that you get some more joy out of it now, too.
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