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  1. Im being booted from the chat channel when I log in. Says that launch pad has preformed and illegal operation then freezes the screen. Anyone else with the same problem and if so what can be done to correct it?
  2. does that mean im finally in ?
  3. Im selling the above while we wait im sure Ill make a killing P
  4. IVe heard alot of BS about the game from Beta users, and I bought the game at 10 am today to see the game for myself, but after all of this Crap im not impressed not one bit ,, makes u think if the beta people were telling us the truth ( One very disappointed Star Wars Fan And dont give me the BS about other games like eq daoc sb because I bought those the same day they came out without incident!
  5. still not in ( its 6p m est I just hope bruce banner isnt playing SWG or some poor soul will be out of a house P (
  6. just put in my credit info X 2 now ,,,first i got an error message and now im looking at a grey screen. Anyone know if im close to finally getting in the dam game already? Just hope they dont bill me twice dammit ,,, DAmmmit
  7. I dont know how much longer I can hold it back but i think im getting closer to my climax. I got as far as accepting the agreement then POOF ,,closer and closer yet still nothing ...219 EST P
  8. Thought Id type this fast while we all wait patiently for SWG to let us in. I was playing my lvl 20 monk last night in Everquest when I received a /tell from an officer in my guild. Keep in mind I was only a member in this new guild for a day or two..anyway... The officer confronted me about cursing to others in the game, and alot of other BS. Someone in the zone had basically lied on me for whatever reason unknown, so I removed myself from the newb guild. The officers in my guild, and the person who claimed I was training(leading mobs to her camp) tried to use there lvls as a way to intimidate me, and boss me around via chat. Little did they know lol this lvl 20 monk was my ALT toon and I have two lvl 65 toons on the server with alot of "juice" with the high end guilds. Anyway its funny how tables are turned when people find out you have higher lvl toons in the game, and what people will do with alts(ninja looting, training, other bs ingame). Thats why SWG will rock with the one toon per server rule since people will have to watch what they say closely and keep there reputation. Only thing that pissed me off is that even though Im lvl 65 theres not much a person can do in the event you want to get back at someone,,,Ok sure I told my ubah friends not to tag this jerk into their guilds when they reach the lvl min, but dam I sure wish in SWG we can hire bounty hunters to go and kill the future *******s in this game... and we all know there will be jerks in SWG. Anyone know if we can hire bounty hunters to kill PC in SWG? Id like to know before the servers are up because Id sure like to blast an Ass for alittle cash. )
  9. 1 3 6 months then POOF again lol
  10. then poof ,,,but im getting closer )
  11. SAme probems here 149 pm est )
  12. After I attempt to activate my account Im getting error messages anyone else with same issue?
  13. Can bounty hunters kill PC? Example someone has a beef with another person in the game and they hire me to go and kill them? Thx
  14. Ok now that Im finally ontop of the roof How The F do I get down since I cant fall in this game either? help P
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