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  1. I'm a master CH Pets I recommend include: * Quenker from Dant. CL 22, light armor, 40% resists to all stats except cold, decent ham, decent attack very fast and very small. * Gronda from Corellia. CL 18, light armor, 50% resist to kinetic, + misc resistances to other stats, decent ham, decent attack. * Kliknik defender from Yavin IV. CL 24, light armor, 30% kinetic resist, high ham, decent attack. Has intimidate special attack that GREATLY reduces the damage output of a creature who is intimidated. * Grand Wrix from Corellia. CL 23??, light armor, good resists, fast, high ham, high resists, good posture down attack. I would recommend these pets over greater sludge panthers any day of the week, their light armor combined with resists and special attacks makes them great performers for day to day CH activities. - Pahbi
  2. I'm a CH and I exploit my pets to gain massive amounts of cash and exp, and here is a screenshot of how I do it. Do *NOT* click if you feel you could be offended. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! http://members.cox.net/lockjaw/bobo.jpg - Pahbi
  3. Here is a updated SWG relevant action shot of what oracle is telling the SWG guys so they can get the servers back on! http://www.siegeguild.com/misc/oracle_on.jpg The servers should be online soon now! - Pahbi
  4. http://www.siegeguild.com/misc/oracle_on.jpg - Pahbi
  5. http://www.siegeguild.com/misc/screen0.jpg http://www.siegeguild.com/misc/screen1.jpg Oh well, maybe tommorow - Pahbi
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