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  1. Don't worry about it. I'm working full time. I have to fix some problems alone because i work on the project alone. You know the project is very large(big) , it's properties are having a scope so there are a lot of errors. I'am alone on this project so these errors takes up time. This month i updated my hardware, and now i'm working faster than before. I think the project is gonna be complete in end of this month.
  2. I'am working.Not yet finished Merry christmas Final release date: 2004 January.
  3. KNIGHTS OF THE FORCE TC Mod Preview video : CLUMSY KYLE !! Lucas Files Download Link !! !! Xvid Video Codec Download Link !! 300kb
  4. nearby... By the way I did some chage so the game work with two mod jk2 and jk3.Also I work on to add new episode for jk3. new start screen,loading screen,menu screen,cd menu... for jk3
  5. I agree with you. However I don’t think there is no need to add new character in the package. There are many original starwars characters in the package.
  6. Sincere confession: My English is not enough, i'm still a student. I understand very hard what you're saying. A friend of mine is writing these sentences for me. This is the reason for the rejection from the authors. I can surpass this with your help. Author list is above. These mods' readme files are available in the Total Conversion. I think that I'm serving to the Star Wars community. My goal isn't theft or something else. If you have studied the mod carefully, you can understand that this mod is not an ordinary map pack. Let's unite and create a better and entertaining Jedi Knight mode to the Star Wars fans. Thanks to everyone who claimed to help and send e-mail to me.I receive many e-mails, telling me to deliver the mod for money but this is not my purpose. If this package becomes online on http://www.fileplanet.com (still working on english help and setup) you will be able to receive it on a cd, without downloading it.
  7. -------------------------CREDITS-------------------------------- SKIN CREATORS * Kit Fisto "Toonces " Toonces@drivingcatstudios.com * Mace Windu "Toonces, Arco " Toonces@drivingcatstudios.com * Obi Wan Kenobi "Toonces, Tex360, Arco, Mars " Toonces@drivingcatstudios.com * Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine Toonces,Sithlord,GraFox,Psynex Toonces@drivingcatstudios.com * Episode I Obi-Wan Kenobi "Toonces, Tex360, Arco, Mars " Toonces@drivingcatstudios.com * Qui-Gon Jinn Tex360, Toonces, Arco, Sithlord Toonces@drivingcatstudios.com * Han Solo "Major Clod " majorclod@hotmail.com * Chewbacca "Major Clod " majorclod@hotmail.com * Tusken Raider "Major Clod " majorclod@hotmail.com * Jar-Jar Binks "Major Clod " majorclod@hotmail.com * Yarael Poof Psyk0Sith, NeoMarz1, Nomad psykopat@geocities.com * Ki-Adi Mundi "Psyk0Sith, Grafox " psykopat@geocities.com * Zam Wesell NeoMarz1 , Moooa neomarz1@sbcglobal.net "* PloKoon " "Mars Marshall " neomarz1@msn.com * Sith Yoda VM Mars Marshall neomarz1@msn.com * QuiGon VM "Mars Marshall " neomarz1@msn.com * Sebulba "Duncan_10158, inbredyokel " duncan_10158@gmx.ch "* Hutt " "Duncan_10158 " duncan_10158@gmx.ch "* Gamorrean " "Duncan_10158 " duncan_10158@gmx.ch * Episode II Obi-Wan model Alphan_Jijua hydargos@virgilio.it * A New Hope Luke Alphan_Jijua hydargos@virgilio.it * Count Dooku / Lord Tyranus Luuke,Garik Loran,Grafox,Toonces Kman@polycount.com * Boba Fett / Jango Fett António "BloodRiot" Perestrelo & Tim "Absath" Buckley BloodRiot@netcabo.pt * Royalguard/Carnor_jax/kir_kanos Eric Landreneau goreld@neo.tamu.edu "* Clones " "Chris (KapnKeg) Gueterman " KapnKeg@aol.com * Vader V2.0 : Cheshire Michael frost_michael@hotmail.com "* Darth Maul " "Adam ""Cheshire"" Lee " madhatt3r@attbi.com * Robeless Maul Andrew "Barge" Pownall barg3@austarnet.com.au * C-3po "Oddjob,t3rror,MacD,Raven Software " oddjob@ateamproductions.com "* Mon_Calamari " "Moooa " moooa_duga@hotmail.com * Padme Amidala "Leo ""Tetsuo"" Kraan " tetsuo@xs4all.nl * Anakine "Quigon007 " Gohan1230@cs.com * Watto v1.0 Hans Moleman h4nsm0l3m4n@hotmail.com "* Jawa " "John {Ronin{Triad} Fisher " JFi7056052@aol.com * mara jade "McFarland 2002 " andrea.chiantore@allnext.it * Leia McFarland andre@ziochianto.it "* Aurra " Tim 'Spacemonkey' Appleby Adam 'Cheshire' Lee bdimonkey@hotmail.com "* ghost yoda " "Icepool ,psynex " Icepool@netzero.net * yoda "Team Yoda,""Arco"" Ferguson,Kurtis ""Kman"" Smith " * pbattledroid Proto "* Aayla Secura " Tetsu "* Old Ben Kenobi " Kevin Coyle MAP CREATORS * Cloud City Landing "NwO Deadlock " jkentmarsh@aol.com "* Mos Eisley Cantina " Tigris Tigris@durahcell.de "* Alzoc Base demo " Raven "* IRG Coruscant " "Fairuz ""GhostBear_74"" Mustaffa " macloud@pacific.net.sg "* Coruscant Promenade " "Starunner " starunner@email.com "* Palace Wars " "Dad*Mad " dadmad@dadmad.de * Duel Of The FatesV2.0 "Shadriss & WhiteShdw " shadriss@hotmail.com * Geonosis Hangar Cur-gan Javaa cur-gan-javaa@t-online.de * Kaminoan Landing Platform "Khaza " "khaza@welho.com " "* KaminoX " "DeTRiTiC-iQ " det@massassi.net "* Emperor's Throne Room " "NwODeadlock " "deadlock@nwo2k.net " * Ewok II Adam,Faceless_Clock * Force Crusaders Academy- Hangar "Alex FC " alex.fc@interia.pl "* Forgotten Rebel Base " "Dash Rendar " "* Naboo Hangar " "Ralph 'ritual' Rademakers " info@rituality.nl * Matrix: Sparring Program "DEADLOCK " jkentmarsh@aol.com "* jedi Council SE " "NwO Deadlock " jkentmarsh@aol.com * Duel Of The Fates LivingDeadJedi philip.thejedi@ntlworld.com * FFA_Sarlacc LivingDeadJedi philip.thejedi@ntlworld.com * Jabba place LivingDeadJedi philip.thejedi@ntlworld.com * Carbon Freeze II "LivingDeadJedi " philip.thejedi@ntlworld.com * Carbon Freeze "LivingDeadJedi " philip.thejedi@ntlworld.com * The Matrix: Subway Station "MultiVitamin " "netzmeister@multivitamin-graphics.de " "* ENTE's PadPadPack " ENTE (Andreas Endres) ENTE.endres@t-online.de * ENTE's PadStation "ENTE (Andreas Endres) " ENTE.endres@t-online.de * platform Jimbob (jdv) jimbuttons@hotmail.com "* Sand Arena 2 " "Jens Ljungblad " jens.ljungblad@swipnet.se "* Tusken Camp " "Javier Rodriguez ""Rodja Mez"" " JediMoves03@yahoo.com "* Wookie Village " "The_Mute " swiftsneaks@hotmail.com "* Echo Base " Karnivore karnivore@comcast.net "* Otoh Gunga " "Chadrick ""ShroomDuck"" Rode " crode2@cogeco.ca * Jedi Council GC Griffinclaw griffinriderx@adelphia.net * Trade Federation Droid Control Breath geoloubo@hotmail.com * Jedi Archives Sevker tylerdurden800@hotmail.com * Endor Landing Platform Belial * Star Destroyer Hangar "Jester-Spaz " Jester@planetquake.com * Sith Temple of Ascension "David ""SatansMaster"" McMullen " "satansmaster@planethalflife.com " * Rock Oasis "TheSnerd " st_reiter@edumail.at * Ge_Arena_x "Xeph " xephar@hotmail.com "* Imperial Duel Bridge " "JumboMonkeyfish " jumbo_monkeyfish@yahoo.com "* Imperial Duel Turbine " "Olof Mörck " dragonland_metal@hotmail.com "* Bespin Pavillion " "Jester-Spaz " Jester@planetquake.com "* Duel_yavin_hangar " "Dea " dearadin@msn.com * Chamber Station T9XT8 Wayne Old wayne.old@blueyonder.co.uk "* CloudShark " "MrCrusher " MOD CREATORS * Tusken Camp Sp Episode II Team Seb(crea) sebcrea1@aol.com * Hoth: Imperial Base Sp THX_TK421 THX_Tk421@hotmail.com "* Bespin_underground " Archer archer9234@yahoo.com "* Blood-effects " "Charmin Deluxe " oliver@mijun.de "* ForceMod II " "Azymn " ibidetalitis@yahoo.com * Azloc Base Raven software "* Gall Spaceport " "GidionTheDead, a.k.a. The CrazyKraut " GidionTheDead@aol.com * Naboo blaster "ALIEN_JL " * jango_pistol "Quigon007 " Gohan1230@cs.com "* Geonosian Hangar sP " "Quigon007 " Gohan1230@cs.com * Episode 3 A Jedi's Worst Fear "Quigon007 " Gohan1230@cs.com * JediPLUS v4.3 BOFH, Darcious, Dest, Nitemare,The Eternal,RenegadeOfPhunk dysfunction@nyc.rr.com "* Ultimate Blood Mod v1.0 " StrWrsXprt and Desann" StrWrsXprt@aol.com " * ObiWan(Startup Page picture) "CybersynapTIK " cybersynaptic@yahoo.com * Movie Battles RenegadeOfPhunk renegadeofphunk@3dactionplanet.com * The Arena Showdown 1.0 "Killer_2000 " * Mission to Mustal 2 "Captain's Shuttle Studios " captain@captainshuttle.com * Naboo N1 Starfighter "Zymotico " zymotica@hotmail.com * The Geonosian Battle Arena "Zeus (GRANT JAMES) and ShadyZ " ultimateZeus@hotmail.com ALL READMES HAVE BEEN INCLUDED THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  8. Durotan : possible Lucas files : Tim, Thank you for sending word about your mod. We can't provide you though with the ftp space requested. Best Regards, Vis ----- Original Message ----- From: "Timfx" <starwars.com.tr.tc@mail.com> To: <info@lucasfiles.com> Sent: Monday, September 22, 2003 6:14 PM Subject: Contact Form File planet :yes, near uploading now text and dialogue in english translate
  9. The package is updated so it can be loaded Jedi Academy. I like to share Knight Of The Force Total Convert ion whit everybody. But I can’t effort 590mb website. I need sponsor that give 590 mb free website. PLEASE SEND YOUR RECOMMENDATION TO starwars.com.tr.tc@mail.com I have no benefit from this package. I just want to create a proper Jedi Knight - mod for starwars and share all starwars community for free.
  10. I like to share Knight Of The Force Total Convert ion whit everybody. But I can’t effort 590mb website. I need sponsor that give 590 mb free website. the package is updated so it can be loaded Jedi Academy
  11. I like to share Knight Of The Force Total Convert ion whit everybody. But I can’t effort 590mb website. I need sponsor that give 590 mb free website. the package is updated so it can be loaded Jedi Academy. Plesae send your recommendation to starwars.com.tr.tc@mail.com
  12. Free FTP(590 megbyte) Need to UPLOAD packege. Plesae send your recommendation to starwars.com.tr.tc@mail.com
  13. Free FTP(590 megbyte) Need to UPLOAD packege. Plesae send your recommendation to starwars.com.tr.tc@mail.com
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