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  1. I don't think the forum is named after the actual title. It's just a descriptor for "MMO that takes place in the old republic." (I could be wrong though) It just so happens that the game is actually called: The Old Republic. I'm not sure why the forum isn't just called that.
  2. The Wii is getting the same dumbed down port the PS2 is. There's no question whether a PC can handle THAT version, and even the real version could run on high end PCs. I don't think that's the reason that TFU isn't coming out for PC, because like you say, that's ridiculous. Give me a quote of an official statement that PC's couldn't handle TFU before you claim bull****.
  3. It'll be a port of PS2 version, which is already a dumbed down port of the real version. Since Krome is making so many varying versions of the game, I doubt they'll have time to focus on the Wii specifically, meaning the motion control (which will be the entire appeal of that version) won't be all that great. (Krome has only ever made one other Wii title and it's not even out yet, so they don't even have that much experience with the system). Port of port with tacked on motion controls = very meh. Basically, even if I did have a Wii, I wouldn't be too excited about this announcement. Nevertheless, I guess it will still be pretty cool, especially the new duel mode. I just hope this doesn't dissuade Lucasarts from making a legitimate, good, one to one control Lightsaber game in the immediate future.
  4. I don't dismiss the possibility of a LS ending, but that quote doesn't really imply to me that there might be one. I interpret that phrase as "greater than a servant," as in not the pawn, but the master (eventually). I don't think that "greater" means "more good" in this case.
  5. It's stupid to release true current-gen titles on the PS2, because that means that you either have a last gen game, or you're "dumbing down" the game anyways so that the PS2 can handle it. But financially, it's still beneficial to release games on the PS2, because it has such high saturation, and plenty of people still don't have any current gen consoles. It's especially beneficial to release on the PS2 when you have weight to throw around. What I mean by that is money and a name. Star Wars is a franchise that will sell so well no matter what, that they can be pretty much guaranteed to make a profit on whatever system they sell it for, so naturally they try to sell it for as many systems as possible. Look at Lego Star Wars II, that came out on practically every system imaginable. Less secure names, and companies that can't afford to spend that much can't really afford to spend/risk time or money on lesser platforms. But don't worry about the quality of the real versions on account of the other versions. The other versions, including the PS2 one, are being developed by an entirely different company. Those versions will be limited, but the real ones won't be making those sacrifices.
  6. That's true. I'm sure that hype will ramp up significantly in the coming months. We'll see if they overdo it. But so far, none of my excitement for the game has come from propaganda or media exposure. The facts are what are getting me pumped.
  7. Who said anything about lifting? A Star Destroyer, flying low through the atmosphere for some reason, has got to be already straining to stay up. First shot at pulling it down, although impressive, didn't work. Just pull the nose down, though, and Mr. Engines, Madame Gravity, and Senor Wind Resistance will do the rest. Still absolutely remarkable, but he's not exactly juggling Death Stars. Regardless of realism, I agree that it still looks damn kickass. Unfortunately (for you), that's the entire concept of the game. Take that out and you have Jedi Knight 14: The Same Thing Again! Don't get me wrong, I honestly wouldn't mind another Jedi Knight game made for next-gen. Leave out the plot for all I care. But this game is more than that, and that's what's going to make it a great game instead of another game. And how was the ROTS game over the top? You have an extremely strict and un-game-friendly view of "the top," if it was over it, unless there's something extraordinary I'm not remembering from the game.
  8. One thing I find funny is that both taking down a star destroyer and the look of the main character have already been known for a while, but apparently the trailer makes it matter. (granted, the Star Destroyer thing was concept art, and not necessarily going to be in game. That pic is my background btw, so awesome.) About his appearance: What were you expecting? Yoda's black nephew? Face it pal, most people in SW are generic white guys. That's just the way it goes in Star Wars. Go ahead and complain, but complain about the franchise. Also, please realize that character is not defined by race or appearance. Try giving the person a chance, and find out about the story before you criticize him for his appearance, racist. EDIT: That sounded ruder than I intended and I apologize. That was meant in a light-hearted way. Just trying to get a rise out of you. About his power: FYI, that's the point. There would be no game if Force Powers weren't over the top. I can understand you being unsettled by it though, but realize that there are explanations. The over the top power in physical manipulation, that's what makes the secret apprentice special. Vader wouldn't pick Mr. Bob Von-Everyjedi to be his secret apprentice. Also, he was presumably chosen early and kept very captive and secretly by Vader. He was abused and controlled. The character has no social understanding of the world. Vader conditioned him to not be a threat to him, not for a long while, at least.
  9. Woo! The real official site has launched. It has some more bits of information about the story. The character information was most interesting to me. But most importantly, there's a real trailer ! Yes! I assume this site launch/trailer release was meant to coincide with the Entertainment Tonight showing. http://www.lucasarts.com/games/theforceunleashed/
  10. I'm excited for this game because it looks like it's going to be amazing. Not because it's overhyped. This game has frankly received very little attention. There's no real media buzz about it. No commercials, nothing even at E3, yet. We're still scarce on information. Granted, there is almost a year to go, but at this point, they're barely hyping this game at all, (to my dismay, even), and we're the ones who are doing all the excitedness. It doesn't appear that they're using marketing to polish a turd or anything, that's what I'm saying. So I'm not too scared of disappointment.
  11. The PS2 version WILL undoubtedly be inferior to the PS3 and 360 versions. Not probably: definitely. And if TFU does come out for the Wii, then it will almost definitely be like the PS2 version. Quite simply, only the hardware of the PS3, the 360, and the PC can support TFU in all its glory. Two reasons: One, Sony sucks. They've made a bunch of PR blunders, and have sort of been caught with their pants down. That just shakes faith in the system a little. Two, No games. PS3 still has yet to get very many games, and hardly any that are considered really good. And they have maybe 2 important system exclusives in the foreseeable future.
  12. Anyone who spams thermal detonators long enough.
  13. From the Lucasarts Website I'd heard of this "Knights of the Old Republic" game that sounded strange (long before the release). As more information came out, I got more interested. Star Wars, long time ago, RPG, cool. By the time it got delayed, I was upset to have to wait even longer. Finally it was released for Xbox... and I had to wait several more months for it to come out on PC so I could play it, but I was even more anxious because everyone thought it was so great. Right when it came out on PC I got it, played it, and loved it forever.
  14. Nice choices! That's one of the two Male Revan heads I use, and pretty much the only female head I ever use, with the exception of that Asian one later in the thread on occasion.
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