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  1. ^ Should have said a lot more! < Only seen pirates of the Carribean once. Verdict -> 8/10 v Is best friends with this ewok:
  2. You total prick! I Hate you! RRAAARGH! Can i come with you?
  3. No hugs for you! You both frighten and confuse me
  4. in the Zoiks, Walt! video, you click the bit of green slime the to the right of the gang.
  5. /me gives Dark Comet a REALLY big hug. Hope you enjoyed that, comrade
  6. Cant say i know what your talking about, must be early version or something :S
  7. There are enough hidden clips to fill the gaps when you see all the videos at the end. I got them all in the end. Just click around on every video and your bound to find them all eventually.
  8. Well one more thing from me; can someone change the topic title? Its really doing my head in
  9. OMG! No they should not have a baby! Or if they do, they should get into period and it should die minutes after birth so we dont have to suffer with such a crappy storyline.
  10. Hes the sheriff guy lechuck was disguised as. The guy you fight with in the mansion? Who throws you in the sea? Who you first meet in the ally? Who wears blue? Remember him yet?
  11. I thought it was from fester shinetop too. But hey, whatever that guy says goes i guess.
  12. ^ Isnt that the name of, or what the thing of Thundercats said? Im sure it was one of those two things. < I've got a sore throat, sore ears and im tired. v Unsympathetic Narf lover.
  13. ^ Underestimates the power of the tri-headed head-butt. < Is master of the Three Heading Monkey Comabt fighting style. v Was the olympic Judo champion from 1980
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