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  1. Not to take away from the hilarity of this thread but I'm actually mojo-er from Australia! I live in Newcastle... So yeah!
  2. Speaking of which... Skadi is one of the most delightful web comics running at the moment: http://dummcomics.com/index?sid=286 There's another example of appealingly exaggerated cartoony ladies for you. Why isn't the Monkey Island special edition using a resurrected Preston Blair zombie and Katie Rice as their art team?
  3. Those aren't the same deformed proportions though, are they? That's a really well done drawing with the proportions being exaggerated with a much more masterful intention and appeal. Here's another good example of doing it right: http://www.animationarchive.org/pics/pbanimation30-big.jpg
  4. Her forearm is huge compared to her upper arm in that side on view.
  5. New Elaine's face is too symmetrical (looks like someone just flipped it for the other half of her face) and her eyes are too close together. Her left arm is completely messed up, it looks like it's just extremely short. They really should have made it as long as they other one with a bend in it. Crappy MS painting what I mean (the thing in the top left is how she looks with a totally symmetrical face): Her other arm isn't much better really, it's more noticeable from the side but her arms really look like they need extending. Also totally agree with SyntheticGerbil, the reason the animations look so stiff is definitely because they have been drawn stiff. Bill Plympton is a great example of fantastic animation on a low frame rate.
  6. I actually think one of the biggest problems with the new poster is the awful garish colours. The original colour scheme was very well thought out and incredibly pleasing to the eye, the new one is full of terrible amped up garish, bright primary colours. Blahh!
  7. But apparently several scenes were cut so that it would fit on the appropriate amount of floppies. Maybe the closeups were also cut due to the sheer ambition in the size of the rest of the game.
  8. Thank goodness both of you were wrong: http://www.telltalegames.com/community/blogs/id-360
  9. Ooh, around 180mb and illegal even if you do own the floppy version. It's not that big a deal but you know those law type people.
  10. Yeah, it was kinda supposed to look like that...
  11. What the hell do you mean too low in detail Do you mean resoloution or what? cause 2D graphics don't get much better than CMI.
  12. That sure fits in with the dicussion on these stupid shirts.
  13. http://www.cdaccess.com/html/quick/monkeyispj.htm
  14. Sigh, look at Sam & Max, Monkey Island has no future
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