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  1. WOW, that is a great website....very helpful
  2. They are in your pocket in mini size. how cool.....
  3. I agree, that response had nothing to do with this thread. Some people like to be able to experience all aspects of the game and have a well rounded character to start off with, it is more fun to be able to be valuable in a hunting group then an annoyance. I know where he is coming from........Oh, about the programs, I have no idea about them
  4. Alright guys, got a question for you. It is actually two fold. What faction (imperial or rebel) seem to Role-Play more on the Starsider server? With that faction, which PAs are very active in RPing?? About choice of profession. What seems to be the easiest to accel in at this point? I am thinking that being a sniper as a rifleman would be cool, but there is no one shot one kill is there? Also, what about combat medic.....what type of weapon do you wield? I am intrested in using a rifle or carbine, not a pistol man myself. Well, tell me what you guys can advise! P.S: I am not worried about making money, so don't include that in your decision, I just like to have fun, money will come. Thanks!
  5. The reason I want to buy faction points is because of how long they take to get! I am not someone who can sit around the computer for hours on end. I want to be able to play and have fun with the game. This is a question of saving my time, not want.
  6. FSCS? I will settle for 50k Faction Points as well.....just as many as I can get!!! Thanks.
  7. I rather not earn them. I like to play SWG, but I don't have the time to train for hours upon hours....I just want to play the role I want....thanks anyways...
  8. Nobody wants to sell faction points?!?! I will pay good price!
  9. those are static vehicles! Everyone knows there are speeders and such sitting around and not moveable, we are all waiting on the ones that we can actually drive!
  10. Anyone wanna sell me about 100k Rebel or Imperial Faction points? I will pay 15 credits per point on the starsider server. Anyone intrested? I will negotiate!!!
  11. Lost me. did you read my first post? I just want to know about Braxis....is it a big city? Has Role-Players? Well organized? Is it a PA or seperate and just a place to live that is imperial? Just want some info from players...
  12. Uhhhhhhhh........OK.....But what about Braxis? lol
  13. Anyone know anything about the city of Braxis? They have a nice webpage. I am wondering if the people who live there are good Role-Players are they? I am intrested in knowing if it is actually a big city and soon to have banks and such....yes? no? maybe so?
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