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  1. Oh dear god I didnt think I'd see this sort of crudity in these forums.
  2. This is a stupid pointless thread that only SMEG HEADS would post thier comments on. Do you wanna know why??? Because... I dont wanna hear the pillow anymore because it tastes crap. If I haer anymore insanity I will GIVE TOAST TO A BEAR. By the way heres some useful advice you should follow. Never ever ever try to smoke toast. Its bad for you. If you did then your voice would change dramatically and your left eye ball would bulge out of the eye socket before nasty purple coloured pus comes oozing out of it. It would feel like something inside your head is trying to get out, only much worse. And for some strange reason today smells like pee-pee.
  3. Which version of Monkey Island 4 is better? The PC version... Or the PS2 version? Tell me the differences between the two. The advantages and the disadvantages of them both.
  4. I saw an Adventure Game called "Kingdom o' Magic" for a fiver. Do you think I should buy it? (It'd probably be easier if you've played the game first before giving me your suggestion)
  5. I just checked out the boxed game section and the only fully boxed Adventure game out of those that I have is Flight of the Amazon Queen (amazongly, it was my first ever adventure game }:¬)
  6. Well I tried it with a condom (twice) and I can confirm it doesnt work.
  7. Tomorrow is Jakes birthday (or today, depends on when you read this) so lets all wish him a happy birthday... Erm... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE }:¬)
  8. Dwayne or John Hancock if youre talking about the past character. (I wonder if theres any future versions of Thomas Jefferson) (I also wonder who Red Edison's wife was. Maybe the irish maid??)
  9. Is there any way a condom can be stretched enough to fit over an entire human? I want to try it at a Halloween party and make myself look like a tentacle (of some sort)
  10. I only played a little bit of BASS but I think the background style is very similar to Space Quest 4
  11. Heres an idea. How about an ex-Sierra employee takes over LucasArts then we would see more adventure games coming our way }:¬)
  12. January 26th 1986 was when I was born Aparrantly that was also the day that some space shuttle crashed, killing several people.
  13. YOU BASTARD That makes me jealous.
  14. I think you should go hunt a copy down. It'll be worth it.
  15. "Uh I guess theres been rumours that I've taken down Mixnmojo so they couldnt show my interview. Uh, my attourney's asked me NOT to comment on that. Thank You." Then a message turns up saying "Dont blame us, Blame Dan Pettit" I hope that answers your question.
  16. Give Ed the dead hamster (assuming you have Syd or Razor with you)
  17. I scratched my Grim Fandango disks a couple of years ago by spinning them around in the plastic case too much and the game would always screw up when I got to the 4th year in the game. Thankfully I fixed the little dilemma by getting the Entertainment Pack and giving away the scratched copy to my school.
  18. Thats about as funny as a screen door in a battleship.
  19. Im actually in danger of losing this oppurtunity to get it. The place I saw it at was in a shopping centre at another town that I can only visit on mondays because thats when I walk up to the college thats next to it (I go to it every monday afternoon and I walk up to it from school) and before my class starts I go looking around in the shopping centre. So anyway I dont have any money with me and I see Dark Forces there for a fiver and so I decide to save up for it. Luckily I just went on a school trip today and therefore I went and got some money out of my bank account a few days ago. I didnt spend much (never got the chance) and so I thought "Heres my ticket to getting it". Unfortunately it just happens to be a school holiday on friday and monday and that also means no college. I had realised that when I had got back to school (from the trip) I could've gone to the shop and bought the game (because the bus had stopped near the college and because I didnt buy anything from said trip) and I told that to my teacher (he had played DF before) but thankfully before I said it was DF I quickly said Wing Commander 3 (because I saw that as well) and hoped he wouldnt catch on. If Im lucky, it'll still be there but 10 days is a bit of a long wait. By the way It looks like theres a neat argument starting off between you two. Keep up the good work }:¬)
  20. I just saw Dark Forces for 5 pounds, should I go and buy it?
  21. That actually may be of some use to me (although that depends on wheter it can run the games on a 166mhz processor with windows 95)
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