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  1. lol say that you have homophobia on this forum http://www.brickfilms.com They will flame you and even ban you.
  2. there is a #of ticks options in online options. Max is 30 but u only get 30fps if you host the game. Does not make a diff when u join a game u will still get 20fps even its set to 30 ticks. battlefront is a good game but the coding just sucks ass
  3. is there a command that shows fps? I dont want to use fraps cuz it decreases performance
  4. the wierd server brower and the mp framerate cap should be fixed. Sometimes, no servers show up at all and mp is so slow. Other than that the game is good
  5. im having the same prob. In sp i get framerate in the 100s. In mp its capped at 20 fps! I know its not my system cuz my vid card is good. the developers must be stupid and set a low frame cap in mp. Hope its changed in a patch
  6. how do u see ur fps besides using fraps?
  7. i have t1 connection. specs are 2800+, 512 pc3200, 9800 pro 128mb. Is there a command that shows fps?
  8. it has nothing to do with my settings. For some reason i think 20fps is the max u can get in mp. my pc surpasses the sys req.
  9. come on 77 views and no reply? I use fraps to see fps and its dumb that i can only play with 20fps online.
  10. in single player my fps is in the 100s. But in mp its capped at 20. Whats going on? Can some1 tell me how to fix this?
  11. I plan to get a athlon 3500 system. Right now i have 2800+, 512ddr400, and 9800 pro 128mb. Can i just settle for 1gig of normal ddr400 ram like crucial? Or do i need expensive performance ram like cosair xms etc? I do not overclock but i still want good peformance in games. I heard that more ram only effects load speed and not fps. So is really expensive ram necessary? If i upgrade now it will cost almost $1250 for a 3500, abit mobo, 1gig of cosair xms, 6800 GT, and a 120gb hd. I dont want to spend too much so can i cut back on my ram?
  12. is there a deathstar map from a newhope and ROTJ? I hope so because those would be the best aircombat experience
  13. in the sys req, this game needs a direct x9c compatiple sound card. I have onboard sound(integrated) will i still be able to play it? My pc played doom 3 fine so i dont know.
  14. its been a while since i played siege but i noticed the cloaking effect was a little different. I own a 9800 pro and the cloaking used to look like a cool predator effect. But now, after reformating my hd and installing JA again, the cloak looks flat. Is it suppose to look like this? I use the 1.01 patch btw.
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