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  1. thanks!!! it worked! it really cool to be able to listen the great musics of grimfandango! and i can find also the voices! it's great! but there is a way to extract the movies (cutscene) from grimfandango, convert them to a readable format (like avi mov or wmv it doesn't matter) and save them in a folder??? the movies in GF are great! but when, with scummrev, i open a movie lab file (example: MOVIE02.LAB) there is only .snm files (example: eledown.snm) .......... i tryed to make a file dump from this file and open it with windows media player but it don't work...... there is a way (or another program) to do that? or i'm asking something impossible? :confused:
  2. where can i found Scumm Revisited 2? there is a sticky post that give a link, but it doesn't work... do you know a mirror link?
  3. hello! there is a way to extract music from grim fandango?? or can i download them somewhere? it's sooOOOoooOOO cool i want to have them all in my computer!
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