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  1. Who are you to tell someone what they need and dont need? Isnt that what we call tyranny? And that's what socialism is based in. Dictating what people are allowed to have. That is not freedom. That is not what our country was founded on. Actually, he's right. 1 (or two) more Senators that are democrat, and the democrats *will* have complete control. Because the republicans will not only no longer be capable of fillibustering, but even if every single republican senator votes "no", the bill would still pass. That's generally seen as "Complete Control". Especially with a democrat also in the White House, and the predicted shift in favor of left-wing ideology in the Judicial branch once a few more start retiring. Please use the "Edit" function if you want to add to a post, please don't double post. If you want to quote multiple people you can use the "multi-quote" found in the bottom right hand corner of each post. -- j7
  2. I'm not just talking civilian populations, though thats a part. Foreign leaders were actually putting pressure to elect obama. Except China, ironicly, who seems disturbed that Obama won. I guess that means you dont support the sanctions on North Korea or Iran? You know, negotiations and diplomacy dont always work, especially when the leader says "no" and "Go away" to everything you propose.
  3. It's a sad day when America's sovereignty is usurped by foreign opinion. We have to vote democrat to get foreign aid and respect now? That disgusts me in more ways than one. The EU has just as much influence as the US, but we dont go around telling each memebr nation who to vote for. Dont like what the US is doing? Sanction us, raise tariff's on US export's. Or just deal with the fact we're a sovereign nation and intervene militarily if it's really affecting your nation negatively. But dont try to tell America how to run its own nation. That's just my opinion on the the whole foreign reaction. As far as Obama, well he's president now. It would be stupid to hope for anything but sucess. I hope america becomes stronger under obama, even if i preferred another candidate and party.
  4. I just finished the Campaign for Forces of Corruption. I must say not only was the campaign EXTREMELY FUN, but the story was EXCELLENT. Very well written, fits with canon, everything just falls together excellent. I also quite enjoy the semi-cliffhanger we have at the end with Silri opening up the temple of what appears to be hundreds of Sith Lords frozen in Carbonite. I'm assuming they are sith because it was the Sith Artifact that led her to that location. This gives me the impression that the next EaW game/expansion is going to inolve a conflict between the Zann Consortium and Salri's(I hope i got her name right) new Sith Empire she seems to be starting up. The campain was a pretty good length (One must remember this is an expansion and not a full game, But it sure could fool me!) and again the story was very well written. Because of this, i must now demand a sequel from Petroglyph. Good Job guys, very well done. I am more than impressed.
  5. Most surveys in the United States show that a majority of people still have CD-Rom's instead of DVD's. Obviously your hardcore gamers all have their DvD drives, but everyone else so far hasnt taken the time to upgrade to dvd. As a matter of fact, i myself still use CD-Rom, since when i tried to upgrade to DVD, i kept having problems with it.
  6. ...Will the developers be remaking all of the old non-skirmish maps? You know the planetary maps, as i cant imagine invading a planet with a small space map having a SSD, wouldnt it be too big for that map? I mean, one of the things i hate about EaW (I do love the game though) is that the maps are sooo small, and i think it'd be nice if all the old maps were redone to be bigger. And dont they also have to be remade to accomodate the custome base placement? Or are all the new features just limited to the newer planets/maps.
  7. I thought there was only 1 Phase 3 Darktrooper and that was killed by Kyle Katarn on the Arc Hammer. Although, i suppose there could have been others made...
  8. I dont know if this is just me, but i really think the sequel of Jedi Academy should go off of the Dark Side ending of Jedi Academy. It just seems to me the DS ending in JKA expands more on Kyle's character, and leaves more of a opening for a sequel. As for the whole Jaden customization, all you'd have to do is put on robes similiar to revan's that cover the entire body, and give him an artifical voice, since his face is covered by a mask. I just think a sequel of the Jedi Knight series would be better off if they went with the DS ending of JKA, it really adds to the series and expands on Kyle's character, imo anyways.
  9. Well, just because it doesnt have a lot of evidence behind it doesnt mean it should be disregaurded, they are good theories and they do have quite extensive studies behind them, i think if black holes are to be put into a game, they should atleast use some of the currently exsisting theories instead of just going completely out there with it.
  10. Well, as they say Black Hole's are potentially the most mysterious objects of the entire Universe, and may be the key to unlock the secret's of it. We know what we do through mathematical computations based off what we see. We cant see a black hole, it's impossible (atleast, with light, it does emit other particles) but we CAN see the effects black holes have on their environment. But honestly, there are no truly 100% Solid theories on black holes, and probably never will until we are able to get close to one. I mean we're talking about research that could continue a million years from now should the human race succeed in existing that long (That is one of our long term goals afterall, survival )
  11. Black holes, in a realistic manner, could actually be used in a game as a main subject if done properly, they are very interesting, even in real life. Black Hole's are simple, they are a large amount of mass compressed into a small space, if our sun became a black hole it would have the same gravity as our sun did. However, the process of turning into a black hole would first involve a super novae and then a star emitting extreme amounts of radiation, and not to mention the tidle forces... Any planet within viewing distance of a black hole with life on it is not a possibility. And that's probably an understatement. As to wormholes and time travel, that IS realistic. Time is relative. To you, if you were to go to a black hole near the Event Horizon, time would progress normally and you would seem to be moving fairly quickly, it would take probably a couple hours to skim by the horizon and shoot back out, if you had a ship capable of reaching escape velocity and surviving the tidal forces, that is. However, to an outside observer, it would take you hundreds of years to go in and back out. For you, its been an hour, for the rest of the universe, it's been a couple hundred years - You've traveled into the future. According to relativity, things with a large mass, such as a planet, create a curviture in spacetime. Think of a flat plane, then, where a planet is, imagine a huge whole where space bends around it going inside this whole. The larger a mass, the larger the disturbance, and this has a huge effect on spacetime, but it's a long long explanation as per the effects of that, but just think of the effect of the mass of a black hole all compact into that small area. It's theorized that black hole's could potentially connect to other black hole's, because of their disturbance in spacetime, allowing travel between the two, however, current theories suggest that most black holes would only sustain this connection for short amounts of time, and anything caught in it when it dissapated would *literally* cease to exsist. I dont mean atoms crushing or anything, i mean you literally are wiped from exsistance itself. But let's not even get into the kind of ship you'd need to survive the black hole, let alone getting through the connection through spacetime curvature. There's also the theory of a White hole, this is literally the opposite of a black hole, it spits matter out instead of sucking it in, but this would require negative-Energy (if i recall correctly) which exists only in theory (but has good mathematical models on it, so i trust the theory) but white holes actually existing is pure speculation here, we have no visual evidence (But if they did, they probably would appear white, or atleast very bright, spewing out light and all sort's of other matter, especially anything that came through a sustained connection between it and a black hole, but again here we're relying on a lot of theories being true, but it is a seriously considered possibility by the scientific community.) Also, when getting into this theory of traveling in a black hole, there is the theory of "Baby Universes" Being spawned *inside*, with it's own cosmos, stars and all. But as you can see, black hole's are really cool in real life, i see no need to use fiction regaurding black hole's when there's plenty of cool real life theories, eh, eventually someone will make something good out of it.
  12. I think some developers forget that this kind of stuff actually is VERY important for your game. These kinds of details immerse your player, if your player is not immersed into your game, it will feel stale to him, and it will not have that...flavor to it, and thus kills some of the enjoyment of the game and can take longevity of your title right out. There's a reason most games take the time to make the environment feel and look real.
  13. Well, Gamespot actually arent console bias. I've actually seen a lot of the Gamespot PC Reviewers bitch about consoles..alot. Especially in their newsletter . I trust gamespot more than any other reviewers.
  14. Not necessarily true. Even though there is no friction, there IS gravity. Everything has gravity, asteroids, dirt, a pencil, everything. In EaW we will usually be very close to the orbit of a planet, and large clusters of large asteroids as well. I imagine while a ship would keep going, it would slow a little bit and start changing direction even towards the point of the strongest amount of gravity.
  15. I remember a Mark Hamill Documentary, and he was talking about his Voice Acting career. He's actually worked for quite a few games and Television shows, he's pretty good both in voice and acting imo (Play Wing commander). If i recall, he said he's never actually been approached to do his voice for a Star Wars game.
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