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  1. Where would it be? Probably in the hands of people who say "pwnz" as though it's a good word to use... I vote JA, it got me hooked the most, probably because if it looks good I instantly love it...yeah I'm a visual gamer
  2. Aren't the sandworms one of those NPC's that crash JAMP?
  3. Hey, leave Enya alone! She's damn good! I love a lot of celtic music, most of it is so soothing, superb to destress with.
  4. I've been told they work well and give you a cool gaming experience.
  5. Or coding, modelling, skinning. Just because the gameplay seems boring doesn't mean the game should be! As for gameplay, you can do FFA, CTF, Siege, Racing, Flying. You can't be bored of them all, surely!
  6. I voted full because I think "half empty" sounds grammatically bad (it's not technically but it sounds more logical to say half full). (perfectionist)
  7. It's a custom mod by the looks of it, that or you've somehow deleted the uix86.dll file (that's the name of it in JA right someone?). Try removing recent mods, failing that re-install JA.
  8. I'm with 'The_One'...the most mis-understood part of the PC, the motherboard; get yourself a good motherboard and watch global system performance increase. For an example, I recently got an Abit NF7-S 2.0 (revision 2 not 1 you see!) and as a result I got SATA which has given me 20-30mb/s increase in read/write speed, memory bandwidth has gone up more than I realised it could; graphics performance has gone up and it has allowed me to overclock both my memory and CPU to much higher speeds without crashing.
  9. One thing about forums like this, you can't risk condoning any kind of illegal activity however AFAIK discussion of it without linking or hinting as to how to get them (saying P2P and so on doesn't count, it's in the news) is fine. Yes it is illegal, you're sharing stuff they expect you to buy in stores but when it comes down to numbers I'm going to believe the sales figures mentioned above and the fact that overall their 'loss' is minor and they're still quite happy in the money. The RIAA can get purely evil and try and fine people excessively but until the courts rule in their favour fully I will continue to download music and if I like it I'll go buy an album. To bring up an old comparison, we've had this before when video cassettes were created or when you could first record from the radio. The industry hated the idea because it allowed you to record films and music and then keep them without having to pay for them directly. Now they realise it's helpful to them and don't argue. In the end, as warped as it seems this is the same thing going on just in a more modern way.
  10. I must admit I've used P2P for a long time (yes I admit it) but man has it made me spend money! It's like I downloaded Love Spit Love - How soon is Now (theme to Charmed)...next thing I know I'm buying Smiths albums and Love Spit Love albums! Wonder when they realise the bigger a deal they make of it the worse it will get?
  11. "But isnt there always something to wait for? if you always look at it that way you would never upgrade." No...you wait for something new to come out (say a 64-bit CPU) and then when it becomes mainstream, buy it then. Even though just as it becomes mainstream something new will come out the new thing will NOT be mainstream. So you buy stuff once they become the norm, if you buy it when it's brand new you're gonna get the bad side of it all, little support, little benefit and a bigger hole in your bank account than you needed to.
  12. I'm on the FX5200 cuz I was in town, had the money and saw one, so I bought it! I of course went straight to overclocking it from stock 250/400 to a more worthy 300/470 and it plays games fine for me. It also lets me use 3D Studio Max smoothly with my gate mesh loaded so I'm more than happy with it.
  13. Except this admin publicly insulted me (and the general gay population) which defies what you're saying - how can you defend someone who'll go that far on the very forums he's supposed to control? On top of that how can I fight privately when as you say you'll defend your team... I HAVE to do it publicly because it takes an entire army to make a difference to GF, a small group can do nothing, but a large group, that has a chance. Chances are it will die down eventually but I won't let it die down without leaving a mark so in the future when he slips up this will be in the back of their minds. No war has been won by saying "they're powerful"; be it a war of aggression or a war for rights; to make a difference you must stand up and face the people who would otherwise put you down, no matter how trivial or absurd some may see it. - Oh and to those who say 'it's just a forum'...a newspaper is just a forum in effect is it not? Except online you can actually reply to the topics and they can be just as important.
  14. In other words "I can't argue against you because I'm not too sure myself but to say one of my admins is wrong would hurt GF too much so I'd rather ignore you completely" Sounds spot on n0e The argument of uncertainty is the "not dignifying it with a response" reply because the only argument you have is "admins are always right and never start anything".
  15. Anyone else get a cold shiver if you quote the line to yourself - I swear if I thought about it too much it'd be tearfest again!
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