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  1. First you'll have to customize a button the three buttons that you can customize are the X button the white button and the black button. You can customize these buttons to use force powers or to select a weapon. Now you need to customize the light saber to one of the buttons to do this you need to have the light saber icon selected on the mini menu that comes up on the bottom of the screen and the mini menu must still be on the screen now hold down one of the buttons that can be customized untill you hear a sound. now just have the light saber on and press the button you used.
  2. You can't play siege unless you have online. As for the stances I belive you'll get them as the game goes on.
  3. If your at where i think you are you need to use force sense then use push on the yellow symbol in the middle of the door.
  4. There is no noclip code for xbox the only code for xbox that could help him is the level skip code.
  5. I've had the same thing happen to me, I think it's a xbox glitch. I was replaying the level so I just cheated to the next level but restarting the level should work.
  6. For me I have to say the simpsons and futurama.
  7. Batdroid's answer: I do not care why this chicken crossed the road but care about why the other chicken's did not.
  8. I don't really care about it i've never seen any differences between the two.
  9. Welcome to LF enjoy your stay.
  10. http://www.cyborgname.com/cybimages/B/handyvac-BATDROID.jpg Intensive destruction I'm happy.
  11. reality tv shows stink. All you need is futurama.
  12. That stinks what are the public schools coming to. I'm just glad I'm home schooled.
  13. I use red for saber fights and yellow for the other guys.
  14. You are on the right track, Now what you need to do is go the the turret in the back of the room and fire that at the wall.
  15. Force morph would be cool if you could morph in to any of the people in level that you have seen.
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